How To Dress For A Wedding (As a Guest)

So, you’ve got a potential wedding that’s coming up. But you’re not too entirely sure What to wear. In this video we’ll be
covering outfits for both men and women. Stay tuned and let’s cut to the intro! HELLOBYE! I’m gonna summon a portal now 🙂 * Shirley Summoning* Oh! You guys are back already? How’d you guys get back here? Oh, Shirley must have summoned the portal. Welcome back. So, the first outfit I’ll be going through will be for mens. Now this outfit is probably the most
sophisticated look that there It includes a tie, a tie bar as well as a
lapel pin. For those of you guys who want to create an extra sharp appearance
about yourselves and create a really good presence? HOHOHO, this is the outfit
for you guys. Let’s check it out. Now plain white shirts are one of my
favorites. It gives it that clean simple look and
provides contrast to whatever you are wearing. Now that leopard right there is
the lapel pin it’s quite a nice finishing touch to this outfit. And I
also forgot to mention that I’m also wearing a pocket square. These are a
great addition for any suit jacket. If you don’t know what to wear with a
jacket, wear a pocket square. Hey! Kind of rhymes. Now a tie bar to hold the tie in
position. And some turtle cuff-links Come on guys –
who doesn’t like turtles? For socks, switch it up with some fun socks. I chose these
dotted ones there’s quite a lot out there so choose what you like. Oh okay
you guys are back already – that’s so fast okay so now onto the second outfit. Now
the difference between the first and the second outfit really is.. first outfit a
tie.. second outfit, a bow tie. The outfits are quite similar but that’s the main
difference between the two. Now this look is for those who don’t really want that
sort of choking feeling that you might be associated when you’re wearing a tie.
So let’s check that out! So as you can see, instead of a tie we
are now wearing a bow tie. The bow tie provides a look of simple elegance. When
wearing these outfits make sure you choose a size that is well tapered to
your body. This adds to the sharp appeal! Most importantly – make sure you feel
comfortable and don’t forget to have some fun okay 🙂 Okay – so if you’ve watched this
far you’re up to the last and final outfit for mens. This one happens to be
my personal favorite and it’s pretty much what I’m wearing right now. But
we’ll be going through some variations of that and obviously I’ll also show you
guys when I’m wearing beneath this particular jacket and shirt as well. With
this particular outfit I’m wearing tassel loafers for the shoes. Let’s check
that out! Okay although I generally switch between the styles of outfits
shown in this video. This look would be my personal favorite. Why? Because not
only does it make me feel very sharp, but it is also extremely comfortable. I
believe that being comfortable allows you to look to be your best. So guys if
you’re not too sure how to dress for a wedding –
hopefully the outfits I’ve shown in this video has given you a bit of a better
idea, on how you could dress for a wedding. At the end of the day you have to find out
what works best for you. Now it’s the ladies turn. I’ll be covering five
different dresses that you may find useful – when it comes to deciding what to
wear as a wedding guest. So let’s have a look of the outfits! The best thing about this first dress, is
that it really matches with my slingback heels from Christian Dior. With the 6.5CM heels. They give me a little bit of extra height and it looks
awesome! This dress compliments my physique. It fits really
well. And I always prefer to wear dresses that are just above the knees. The second
dress is made of silk it’s similar to what I’m wearing right now.iI’s really
comfy and the color is very classy! When I first saw this dress, I was like ‘oh my
god’. It’s not too close to a navy or light blue color. In fact, it is a very
unique blue, you probably like to put your hair into a high ponytail, to match
with your fluffy design on the sleeves. The third and the fourth dress are same
but just in different colors. They’re very elegant because of their mermaid
look at the end of the dress. Let’s have a look a bit! With the top part of this
dress. I’ll strongly suggest to set your hair into a cute bun, and match it with
pretty earrings. If you’re a person that is not into a lot of colors and think that
black might be a bit too boring. This dress is designed for you. Here we go
with the tangerine and orange color. It has a massive contrast difference
compared to the Navy one. But it still looks amazing doesn’t it?
They both look very professional and are suitable for those who are planning to
attend a wedding as a guest. Lucky last dress. It is in floral print – it’s really
adorable and cute. Let’s check it out! This dress is special for its flower
print and length. It is designed as a bit shorter at the front and a little bit
longer at the back. It is literally suitable for any females who are
attending their friends or family’s wedding. I would probably match it with
nude color heels though. By the way! There’s also some other cool accessories that
you can match with the outfit. Such as some cool purses, earrings, necklace and
some braclets! Okay so that summarizes the outfits for this video for both men
and women. Hopefully the suggestions that we
provided, give you a bit of a rough idea about what you could potentially wear
for your next wedding event. Please give it a thumbs up and comment down below, for any suggestions and your thoughts! Be sure to hit the bell notification down below after you’ve hit the subscribe button; to stay up to date with the latest content here at HELLOBYE. Okay you guys are awesome. Thank you guys so much for watching. BYE!! HELLOBYE!!!

Michael Martin

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