How To Build A Friendship That Will Last Forever — 3 Relationship Tips You Need To Know

Are you trying to avoid drama with your
friends? Do you even know if they’re your real friends are not? If you’re stuck in
that rock and a hard place and trying to figure it out we created this video for
you. Because we have benefited from having really good strong friendships
and there’s a couple key points in a really interesting story that we’d like
to share that I think may help so there’s a story of two friends and
they’re walking through the desert. Okay and one of the friends decides that they
want to slap the other friend because they got in a big argument. So when the other
friend got slapped he was so hurt that he decided to bend over sit down in the
sand and write down “my friend slap me in the face”.
Then as they continued on they kept walking moving forward. That same friend
that slapped the other friend in the face saved his life from falling off a
cliff. In that same moment that good friend decided to go down and take a
stone and a sickle and wrote in the stone “my friend saved my life”. The other
friend was confused and said “why did you write this deed in the stone and the
other and sand?”. The friend responded and said “because what you did to me that
hurt me can easily be erased with the wind of forgiveness. But what you did
good for me is gonna last forever”. That’s what friendship is about. And if you
think about it we all need friendship in order to survive this planet. And we are
social creatures and we want to be happy in friendship and cultivating good
friendships is a key aspect of having a good life. So there’s a few points that
are probably very important in order to have strong healthy friendships. One
there has to be a mutual self giving. Sacrifices have to be made on both sides
in order that both parties can benefit from this friendship. Big and
small doing things like giving a ride to somewhere or babysitting for the kids or
even doing something like cleaning their house. It could even be something as
extreme as saving their life. These things add up over time and it builds
the bond between the two people who are in the friendship. So that’s incredibly
important another key point is communication. If you don’t know what you
like and don’t like you definitely don’t draw it out for the people around you
and for the people will you call your friends. It’s gonna cause a lot of
confusion down the road arguments and eventually that person won’t be a friend
anymore. So you have to lay down exactly who you are and what you want. Also being
able to explain what you can give and what you’ll tolerate. It changes the
entire shape of your friendship. It’s like a muscle if you don’t work it out
if you don’t exercise it won’t be strong. So if you don’t communicate your level
understanding of your friendships and the benefit that you get from it it’s
gonna be really weak. Last thing is trust but it’s also the most important thing
and you build trust in little ways over time. First of all you got to be reliable
for one another so if you end up reaching out in need or that person ends
up reaching out and mean to you. If you’re there for them that builds trust.
Also just being honest with who you are your faults, your struggles, your
weaknesses, your losses, failures, hopes, dreams, good and bad. All of it have it
laid out and make sure that the other person knows exactly who they’re dealing
with because if there’s no trust there’s no
foundation and that friendship will be destroyed. Be like the friends in the
desert and find ways to forgive each other. Find ways to build on your
communication, on your self-sacrifice and remember the
good that you do for each other. It’s going to build a relationship that will
last a lifetime.

Michael Martin

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