How to Belly Dance

How to Belly Dance. Okay, so you can shimmy
and you can shake, but you ain’t seen nothin’ until you’ve seen a skilled belly dancer
strut her stuff. Here are a couple of basic belly-dancing moves to awaken your inner Shakira…
You will need Some space—a chunk about six ft. in diameter should do it A large mirror
Privacy—so you’ll feel comfortable letting go An outfit that bares your belly and hips
A few scarves or a shawl to drape around your hips Belly-dancing music and bells or coins
sewn onto clothes to make a sultry jingle. Step 1. Listen to the music and make sure
you can make out the beat. Step 2. Start with your feet parallel and one foot apart. Your
spine should be straight, your abdominal muscles slightly flexed, your knees unlocked, your
shoulders gently pulled back, and your chin raised a bit above its normal level. Step
3. Bend your arms slightly at the elbow, raising them until they are at chest level. Then bend
your wrists, which will raise your hands a bit. Step 4. Allow your hands to be loose,
and lift the little fingers and forefingers. Step 5. Slide your left foot about six inches
forward, then lift your heel as far as you can so you’re on the ball of your left foot.
Over 50 percent of your weight should be on your back leg. Step 6. Now for some hip drops.
Lift your left hip slowly by contracting the abdominal muscles on your right side. Keep
your head held evenly by allowing your right knee to bed a little and your left knee to
straighten a little. Step 7. Hold your lifted hip for two counts. Step 8. For the next two
counts, drop your hip sharply by letting your contracted abdominal muscles release and using
your pelvic muscles to force your hip down lower than it was when you started. Step 9.
Now try it on your right side. Place your feet parallel again, about a foot apart, slide
your right foot forward, then lift your heel so you’re on the ball of your right foot.
Step 10. Now do the hip drop, this time allowing your right hip to raise and drop. Step 11.
Now you’re going to shimmy. Start with your feet side by side, your arms out at chest
level, and your hands in the same position as before. Shimmying works best with music
that has a rapid beat. Step 12. Bend your left knee. Your right hip will lift. Straighten
your left knee. Be sure not to lock your knees at any point during the dance. Step 13. Now
bend your right knee, letting your left hip rise. Then straighten the knee again. The
key to this move is to concentrate on it coming from your knees, not your hips. Step 14. Slowly
alternate bending your knees, allowing your opposite hips to rise, then gradually speed
up until you are doing this as fast as you can. You now know how to shimmy with the best
of them! Did you know When _I Dream of Jeannie_ was on the air in the late 1960s, NBC had
a “No Navel Edict,” so star Barbara Eden’s outfit, exotic as it was, did not show her
belly button.

Michael Martin

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  1. im arabian (from the UAE -middle east-) and half of the girls i know can belly dance. belly dancing isnt just for arabian girls. weather you mexican, american, fillipeno, black or white. u can belly dance… NOW STOP BEING RASIST IN THE COMMENTS !! xD

  2. @helena1818 Exactly. It is just odd to say an entire race is racist. That in itself is racist. Racism is hating an entire culture just because they are different. I am sure you are not this way

  3. @Kamal900 When I am trying to be funny, you will know it. I do not openly lie on the internet. I just find you very ignorant. No, I do not mean stupid. I mean terribly misinformed about the entire human race.

  4. @Kamal900 I highly doubt that every single person in an entire race is evil. Besides, there is no such thing as good or evil. Everyone has both in them. Everyone has a good side and a bad side

  5. Why is it that videos now a days have comments that aren't related to the video. There is religion talk in comments of music videos and now racism talk on a belly dance video. Either watch the video and comment about it, or don't comment at all. It doesn't help when other people comment on the other comments that talk about anything outside of the video. It just makes it worse, plus, people are just feeding the trolls, when they do not realize it. There is something called "messaging" someone.

  6. It is really sad that people cant even go on to a belly dancing how to video with out having to read all the childish bullshit!! Damn i really wish people would grow up!! We come to these videos to learn something or to watch something we are interested in…so damn..grow up people!! who cares if you are black or green!!

  7. @CountessElaintay yes u are! now go back to ur favorite site stormfront u illiterate shit head! i'm really glad that in south africa the blacks are finally getting some revenge on those disgusting whites! Arabian peninsula is for Semites and Hamites! go back to ur disgusting continent called Europe!

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  9. It takes alot of isolation practice, moving hips or upper body just by itself. Moving anything else on your body while isolating hips needs more practice. I'm 11, and I don't have any hips to move yet….oh well. My dance teacher told us about belly dancing though..don't know why

  10. @NunuMarie3000 thats right!!! I hate people who give up :], just keep watching and eventually you can create your own routine. I'm getting better at it.

  11. I learned to belly dance without anyone teaching me. It kinda happens after a while, especially when you dance a lot of Indian music and stuff. The beats really help.

  12. @KatiePie122333 you're using your knees to move your hips ๐Ÿ˜‰ So your pushing your hip up by making a movement with the knees ๐Ÿ˜‰ And bellydancers don't only use hips, they also use arms and chest ๐Ÿ˜›

  13. I would highly recommend that you do not follow this video and instead purchase the latest Rachel Brice dvd.- Serpentine!..

  14. nice video. i'm sorry all my stupi youtube colleagues keep on leaving terrible comments. people are so heartless nowadays ๐Ÿ™

  15. @KatiePie122333 when you straighten your knee and leave the other bent it causes your hips to lean at an angle. alternate the knee bending and watch in a mirror of how your hips move but when you're beginning don't try to make the hips move, they'll do it on their own. when you get good at it you can try it with more force and control the hips more. that's when you can start doing anything, just get the hip thing down and then you can make your own moves and so on. that's when it gets sexy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. @KatiePie122333 oh, and by the way, the more bend you have in your knees, the more your hips will move. which is always a good thing ๐Ÿ˜‰

  17. ooooo this really helped now i can do tifast i am in california i use to be in ks but now here i am i am a famous dancer i <3 dis vid

  18. Please can someone help me? How do you call the last movement that the lady is doing at the end of the video from her back? Thanks!

  19. @Lucero2405 it's called a taxim first lift one hip and slide your hips in the same direction then drop that hip while raising the other hip and slide in the direction you are lifting

  20. u people should just stick to ur hip hop…belly dancw is an art..

  21. The best music to dance to is Egyptian party music. Like this one /watch?v=ebQ69jrrxk4, trust me your hips are going to be shaking automatically while you're listening to it! ๐Ÿ˜€

  22. Seriously people… Just because somebody is white doesn't mean they can't learn to belly dance. And yes, belly dancing is an art. Doesn't mean people can't try to learn it. Isn't the point of art to enjoy what you do and spread the love for it and creativity… So what if somebody doesn't do it exactly right or makes it their own style.. THAT'S THE POINT OF ART!

  23. Some people can and do feel comfortable belly dancing with people watching, providing that those watching want to learn belly dancing or at least playing the rhythms too.

  24. Shes a professional SHE doesn't need the privacy, this is a video teaching people who AREN'T PROFESSIONALS how to belly dance, so therefore the people who are learning need the privacy….would you want to be in front of people belly dancing and you're only a beginner? NOPE!

  25. lol yeah that's what I've been doing for years but that comment is so old hahahah, I don't even remember commenting that lolol

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  29. a question, why do you have to contract the right side muscles when lifting the left hip? it feels more naturel for me to contrect the left side muscles.

  30. I love the video. It goes step by step and I love that and they teach you the basics of the belly dance.๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—๐Ÿค—

  31. Oh my gosh, this video is great! I've been trying to get a good idea as to how to improve my belly dancing for a while now, and this was a great video! I can't wait to use these moves to have a bigger, stronger guy take me to his house and bed me as if I was a woman! Thank you so much, Howcast! You're going to help me so much with men now ๐Ÿ˜‰

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