How to Be Sure Your Engagement Ring is Conflict Free

Hi I’m Abby and I own Abby Sparks
Jewelry. We create rings for couples around their story. One ring, one story
one couple. Today I’m going to share with you a little bit more about conflict
free engagement rings. What is a conflict free engagement ring, why do you need it. maybe why do you not need it. and how do you make that
happen? How do you get one? So what does it mean for a ring to be conflict free? So it’s a bigger definition then I can get into in just a short youtube
video, but basics are two components of a ring. We’ve got your stones and we’ve got
your metals. So conflict-free essentially is your
stone conflict-free or is it more of a Blood Diamond? Most of us have seen that movie, so we can kind of imagine. Was this stone extracted from the earth in
ways that we don’t really support? Either an environmental standpoint or a
human rights standpoint? Or was it, yes, extracted from the earth in ways that we do support. So that’s what that “conflict” means for the stone. Now going
to the metal, same thing, for the metal. Gold comes from the earth. So, was that
gold extracted in a way, into my piece, that did have some conflict around it?
Again, from a human rights perspective or from an environmental perspective. Again,
there is so much more to this. Or, was it not? So really, that very very basic level: the ring you have, did it come into existence from a source of conflict, and
does it matter to you? So what do you need to know and where do you need to
start for stones to know that they’re conflict free? So the very first thing your probably need to be familiar with, is the Kimberley Process. Kimberley process, basically, we put in place, the US put this in place
saying “Hey, we don’t want conflict stones in this country.” So in theory no stones
are in this country if they’ve gone through
the Kimberly Process, they’re Kimberly Process approved, so they don’t have conflict. Being really frank, Kimberley Process leaves some room for some conflict stones
to be in this country. It doesn’t necessarily help consumers
like you to know hey is it or isn’t it? you’re really reliant upon the jeweler or the designer that you work with, That’s why it’s important to find one that you really trust and really like. A lot of people just go with
the “Hey if it’s checked the box on Kimberly Process compliant then we’re
good.” Here, at least with my clients, for me that’s not enough. If you don’t know
what mine your stone came from then it kind of begs the question, do you really
know if that stone is conflict-free? Yes, it’s Kimberly Process compliant but if you don’t know really where it came from, you don’t have that information because to
date the industry really isn’t that transparent. I hope it will be in the
future, You really don’t know if that’s conflict
free. I hope you found this video helpful today. I welcome questions, would love
to answer, I know this is many layers deep. If you know somebody looking for
a conflict-free engagement ring, feel free to share this video and subscribe
to our channel. Thank You!

Michael Martin

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  1. Do you have a Conflict Free engagement ring? If so, what are your tips for finding a ring that's truly conflict free?

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