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hello everybody I'm Sanji welcome to my channel if this is your first time stopping by thank you so much I appreciate your checking me out if you've been here before thank you thank you so much I appreciate your support alrighty so let's get into it what are we talking about today we are talking about the cancer man now as always I ask that you listen to the video take some notes and then head to the comments section and let me know what you think what are your points on it we are going to be talking about as I said the cancer man if you're a cancer man yourself and you're watching this video I know that you guys seem to believe that I have it in for the cancer man between the cancer man in the face man everybody seems to think that I have a problem with the board assignment that is not true I actually have never dated a cancer man let me put that out there so for all those commoners that are saying there's cancer man to dog me out and broke my heart no no no that has not happened I have not ever had a relationship with a cancer man so that's a little fun fact for you so no I'm not you know this bitter person that got bruised and beat up on part wise by a cancer know the cancer man in my life are relatives and they're wonderful people so no don't have it in for the cancer man I simply was telling you what the internet and what my research says about cancer men so we haven't checked out that video be sure to check out that video that doesn't mean I want you to date them because that's why you're here you are attracted to the cancer man so let's talk about these positive traits of mr. cancer some basic traits that they talk about and then I will give you some good helpful tips on how you can get the cancer man that you're interested in to reciprocate the affection all right so well first things first who's the cancer man the cancer man has a birthday on June 21st through July 22nd so the object of your affection has they honor in between those days they are indeed a cancer all right this Cardinal water sign can be somewhat crabby and cools off at first hey cancer you know it's true don't say I'm ragging on you but rest assured that's just a defense mechanism once he has gotten past him to a point where he can feel as though he trusts you he's chock-full of emotions and intensities and you just have to find the way to crack his shell so how do we do that how do we get to the soft inner gooey part of a cancer man let's talk about it now step one you ready write this down be prepared to make the first move that's right cancer men a lot of them have a deep-rooted fear of rejection the cancer is not going to put themselves out there unless it is a sure-fire thing so if you're not sure that the cancer man knows how interested you are then you're going to definitely have to make the first move so dust off your best pickup lines and your seduction techniques because you're gonna need them with mr. cancer now if you want to cast him in you're just gonna have to come on out with it and say it right you may even have to reiterate it few times write it down for him and illustrate it too just so he knows it's real they are not going to do the legwork so you have to be prepared to make it known and to get this ball rolling jump right in with mr. cancer and go for it all right step 2 demonstrate that you have a strong family bond especially if you're close to your mom yes cancer people are very domestic homebody people that doesn't mean they don't like to go out and party that's not true that's not what I'm saying but at the core of a cancer person is family family is extremely important to the cancer person typically so if you have a strong bond with your family they're going to want to know that that's that's gonna be common ground for them they're gonna like that they can relate to that because they want a partner who isn't going to cause drama in the one area that means the most to them family okay so and if you and your mom are particularly close and do activities together go ahead and drop those little nuggets if you guys just went shopping that's something that she do together tell the cancer man he's gonna find that endearing to him now okay I'm not unrealistic I'm not not living in the real world I understand that there are some people that they have reverse relations adversarial of combat and relationships with their moms so if you're not one of those people that you have a close relationship with your mom then relate a other close relationship that you have and talk about that with the cancer person you're close to your auntie your uncle whatever that is you have friends that are like family you're gonna relay to them how they're more like family for you and the wonderful special things that you do they just want to see that you have a domestic life and that that is important to you that the bonds with people are important those things matter to the cancer person okay so just one remember family is extremely important to miss a cancer and you will show up want to show him that the connections and the bonds that you have with your family are also very important to you alrighty step three be extra nice to his family yes you know as I said you the cancer man he loves to cook clean and be around his family he's he's a nurturer he takes care of you he has no problem doing that he just wants to make sure that the partner that he is with is going to be appreciative and reciprocal they want to have where you go to family gatherings I mean the ideal cancer situation is that their family and your family actually gets together and that you guys make this one big family affair they would love that cancer is designed that way so you want to keep that in mind but if you don't have that of course that big extended family or your relationships might be strained with yours that doesn't mean that the cancer man is out of your reach of course not you just want to make sure that you when you meet their family that you go the extra mile to try to get along with them because it is important to him from the very beginning and if you work together perhaps in his mother calls you won't hurt you to be a little nicer to mom when she calls all right now another important point is to avoid negative commentary about his family even if your cancer man is saying something adverse about one of his family members now of course you want to be sympathetic and you want to listen but you want to watch your comments on it because remember family is important to cancer so they're having a moment with their family all right and so don't feed into the moment listen tell them it's gonna blow over empathize with them if you think they're right whatever you think but don't want to pick sides because remember family is everything to him and he you don't want him after the storm passes with his family to look back on the conversation he had with you and say hmm you didn't really seem to like my sister my brother my mother my uncle whatever it is all right so stay neutral stay positive keep it encouraging and get along with its family and step 4 be tactical the cancer man loves to be touched now there are some Sun signs that if you go to touch them look at you wandering attention before but not cancer so if you are don't be creepy now and don't touch people that don't want to be touched you hear what I'm saying how it if you can stroke their arm to sit back up there and you know just a gentle touch on their shoulder the subtle exchange of energy that the two of you will have in that brief passing of touching and tactical awareness with each other will not be lost on him if he is going to get a vibe from you of your energy immediately and it's going to go a long way and he's going to become responsive to it okay the back of the head shoulder brush arms anything you can do to form a little bit of contact with them again don't be inappropriate don't be creepy be subtle be respectful but you know exchange a little energy with them that'll really go a long way towards snagging your cancer man and step 5 show your domestic skills the cancer man is the ultimate low maintenance man the cancer man usually is very good at taking care of themselves they enjoy cooking they're enjoy cleaning and they love enjoy taking care of other people it is okay they do not mind doing it so if you have a flair for that there's an office potluck you want to break out your best recipe bring it on in the cancer man in there it's gonna ask you about it probably ask you some tips upon it and you want to make sure that you express how good you are at it even if that's the only dish that you can make I say I'm being septum I'm just saying you know toot your own horn they will like that okay you'll love the fact that you make a mean tuna melt or you're a beast at doing laundry share that they like that won't be lost on them and you know they're kind of your if you're a person that you're a little anal about organization where other people will describe you that way the cancer man will not have a problem with it they will like it they will probably ask you some tips about it or if they aren't quite as organized as they would like to be the Gaza man will invite you over and you guys can go over how to better improve that okay so they enjoy the home they enjoy family they enjoy the warm fuzzy feelings that come with familiarity so you want to make sure that you express that you two are one of those people and that keep in line with that so that when you two are together all the better for him things will just move along smoothly smoothly now the calves a man is very loyal once you have made a commitment with him so all you have to do is show him affection appreciate the things that he does for you and demonstrate love and loyalty to your family dude sounds too hard huh right except you're gonna get on great with his family and you get on even even more so you get along with his mother it's a wrap you're in there don't forget to invite me to the wedding remember that for a lot of cancer men their mom is the queen of their lives so just resolve yourself quite early on in the relationship that mom is a presence and she's going to be around make yourself comfortable with that and as long as you're good with that it'll be a-okay oh and one word of caution all right I mean this is important don't criticize it the cancer man does not respond well to criticism they are known they will shut down and they will disappear on you Oh gonzo but you'll be wondering what happened where'd they go alrighty so and they can hold grudges so you want to be very careful and watch your words when you're stumbled upon a adverse position between the two of you and it might become adversarial watch your words because cancers can become quite sensitive the criticism and yes they will hold a grudge yes they might dip on yeah all right so just keep that in mind everything else is pretty easy breezy you know you're gonna have to be patient you're gonna have to get past their hard shell but once you get past the hard shell the cancer whose man has a heart of gold okay now if you would like more information on how to get along better with a cancer man please check out my video with your son sign paired with cancer right here on YouTube and it will give you more information or you can go to my website ww-where I discuss in depth a little further get into the dirty about what goes on between your son side and cancer romantically and otherwise okay so that's it thanks so much for watching as I said your cancer or you have a cancer man in your life that you've attracted and you like to share I appreciate your comments below and please share the video with someone that you know might be trying to get the eye of a cancer man let this video help them too already until next time I'm Sanji thanks so much for watching don't forget to subscribe see you next time bye you

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