How to Arrange Bridal Bouquets : How to Use a Floral Foam for a Bridal Bouquet

Hi! My name is Amelia and we’re talking
about building bridal bouquets. The next couple we’re going to do we’re going to build
a floral foam bridal bouquet basket. So if you’ve never worked with this stuff before,
you need to fully saturate it before you start working with it. You just need a container
that’s bigger than the foam itself and you just set the foam in there. You don’t push
it down, you wait for it to sink and then float evenly with the water and then you know
that it’s saturated like this one right over here. Once it’s saturated, you can
pull it out. One of the hardest parts about working with these is figuring out where to
put it. I find that a heavy vase, sometimes I need to fill it with water. I haven’t
tested this one out. It works well though because you can just set the basket right
in it and it hold it. If you’re trying to work on a table it kind of flops all around
and rolls back and forth, so it’s a little bit more secure to work with it in a vase
like that. So now we’re ready to get started.

Michael Martin

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