How to Arrange Bridal Bouquets : How to Arrange a Nosegay Bridal Bouquet

So again, I’m Amelia and we’re working
on a bridal bouquet. This is a nosegay style, which is a circular, small, hand held bouquet.
Now we’re going to start adding flowers. I’m going to start in the middle and kind
of work my way out towards the edge. In this case, you want pretty much one flower to be
the starflower, it’s going to be looking straight up at the bride. Then you’re going
to kind of move out from there. You’ve got to cut your stems really short for these because
they are pretty petite, little well, petite in the world of bridal bouquets. As you put
your flowers in, you want them to be at the same level all the way around. It’s kind
of difficult working with floral foam because you don’t want to be pulling your flowers
in and out, in and out; otherwise, you’ll work yourself a big caverness hole in it and
nothing will stand in it properly. A lot of times with these roses, if there’s an area
where there’s leafs that come out, there will be a big knot in the stem and you can
shave that down because it’ll also create a big hole in the floral foam if there’s
a big knot that goes through it. Then the rest of the stem above it will be all bouncing
around and it won’t stay snug in place. If you’re using a variety of colors, you
want to make sure to get a good mixture all the way around so you don’t have an unbalanced
arrangement. A lot of times people wire their roses. If you feel the top of the rose right
here feel a little saggy or bendy and you’re making a bridal arrangement, I highly recommend
wiring the rose. In which case you just wrap some floral wire around it really snuggly
all the way down the stem to where you’re cutting it because it’s really sad for a
bride to be walking down the aisle and have all of her flowers flopping over. You can
save that with just a little bit of floral wire if you’re worried that might happen
to the bride that’s taking this bouquet down the aisle. You’re doing one of these
arrangements because there’s such a dense amount of flowers, you start competing for
room in that floral foam, so you’ve got to think in a strategic manner to make sure
you save yourself room all the way around. Again, you don’t really want to stick your
stems much more than a half an inch because it’ll be sad on the other side if you don’t
have room.

Michael Martin

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