How Powerful Is South Africa?

Before and after the 1994 abolition of apartheid,
South Africa was two very different countries. In the former, whites and non-whites were
segregated, with many black residents forced out of their homes and denied citizenship.
Since then, South Africa has flourished economically, but still struggles from extreme xenophobia,
high income inequality, and rising crime. So how powerful is South Africa today? Well, in terms of sheer size, South Africa
is both the 25th largest and most populous country in the world, with about 53 million
residents spread across nearly half a million square miles. That’s about as big and populous
as two Texases, back to back. South Africa’s large population is also one of the most diverse
in the world, with no fewer than 11 official languages recognized by the constitution.
In fact, famed political activist, and ex-President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, called it
the “Rainbow Nation”, to describe the post-apartheid diversity. Despite it’s dark,
and sometimes violent past, South Africa is one of the only African countries to have
avoided a violent government takeover. Since the country’s formation in 1910, they’ve
held regular elections, although for much of their history, voting was limited to the
white minority population. Economically, South Africa is considered an
upper-middle income economy. It is rapidly industrializing, with the second largest GDP
in Africa at $366 billion dollars a year. It is also one of the world’s top mining
countries, producing more than three quarter’s of the world’s platinum, along with massive
coal, gold, and diamond mines. However, Africa also suffers from one of the highest levels
of income inequality in the world. One in four South Africans are unemployed and nearly
half live in poverty. In spite of these factors, South Africa’s
military is rather robust. Ranked 32nd in the world, they host nearly 90,000 active
troops, with a defense budget of about four and a half billion. But the most interesting
aspect of South Africa’s military is their relationship with nuclear weapons. In the 1980s, South Africa developed half
a dozen nuclear weapons. But in 1989, two years before the Nuclear Non-Proliferation
Treaty, the South African government voluntarily dismantled all of its nuclear weapons in an
attempt to bring stability to the Southern African region. It was the first nation to
ever do so. They also lead the rest of Africa in the creation of the African Nuclear-Weapon-Free
Zone, an agreement throughout the continent to prohibit research, development, and possession
of nuclear weapons. These efforts helped establish South Africa as a major player in the international
community. South Africa has made significant strides
since the abolition of apartheid, but inequality is still rampant. With attacks on foreigners
on the rise, job scarcity, an HIV/AIDS epidemic, and high crime, the country may need to modernize
even more rapidly than they already have been. So how powerful is South Africa? Well… they’re
working on it. South Africa has seen a recent rise in violence
against immigrants and minorities in recent years. To learn more about the issue, check
out our video here. Thanks for watching TestTube, don’t forget to subscribe!

Michael Martin

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  1. My father earns 100k in a month in dollars that's at least 1 million rand shows you how bad income income inequality is here

  2. You kinda left out a couple of key points in your presentation. One, whites founded South Africa as a country, and TWO, whites are being murdered with impunity at an alarming rate.

  3. Not very. I'd wager the RKKA was better organised right after the Stalin purges than the SANDF is today. Reminder they got their butts handed to them by Basotho soldiers who mutinied.

  4. Blacks were NEVER evicted from homes (specially homelands) are were NOT refused citizenship, they were refused voting rights. South Africa WAS violently taken over by the British!

  5. Please don't forget to mention that South Africa is well aware of the xenophobic problem and the majority of South Africans do not share xenophobic sentiments and actively oppose it. It is the minority of the population who feel they have been sidelined in favor of immigrants. It is even far less severe than the situation in the US as we still have greater freedom for immigrants coming into the country compared to the US. You won't get stopped at the airport for being a foreigner.

  6. When the Boers were in charge we had nukes, and fought back the commies.
    If they don't like whites then the Africans should not have immigrated there.

  7. Now Im going to ask a question, what if we had to join the war? whats our plan forward?
    I dont think our military today is what it used to be to be honest with you.

  8. Actually, South Africa developed 10 nuclear bombs, of which 1 went missing, 2 went to U.K., 1 to the USA and 6 were dismantled.

  9. Now this country rules by corrupt and racist ''goverment'' with unimagine crime in the past bytheir former till to day. they allready near to genocide white people in this country.

  10. White people death(murderer) in this country especially white famers has been rise..!! "goverment transition" with tribalism genocide behind itsnot a transition !!!!

  11. Saw Mandela singing a song with a Jew for white genocide of the Boers. Did the whites ever practice genocide on the black natives?

  12. South Africa isnt as powerful as it used to be, trust me I know I live here and I was born here but hey what do I know. But it still a dope country though

  13. SA is a mickey mouse banana Republic……old Defence force was most powerful in Africa……now we are useless.

  14. From First World to Third World in one easy step. Thanks liberals, you idiots. Now whites are persecuted victims in their own country, with white genocide occurring, but liberal media won't lift a voice to help them.

  15. USA – Normale regering dinge
    UK – Normale regering dinge
    SA – “Hong”, Dabbing vir stemme en Gegeurde kondome

  16. They call it Africa, I call it HOME🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  17. Blacks FORCED out of their homes….What are you smoking dude?  We really don't need this kind of crappy propaganda…ugghh makes me want to vomit!

  18. hey south africa i have a question for you , " what is the meaning of your country flag" tell me im not a african im pure PILIPINO

  19. Dont forget if you argue with a black person based on logic and on facts in South Africa and are not a black person, you are a racist!

  20. Agreed. White power was key to nuclear power In RSA. The country has gone down. Can we truly expect an African country to have nuclear power. From a dna point of view it’s a bad move. They are killing themselves daily. They will use whatever they have without understanding or proper governance. Giving any African authority to press a button is tantamount to continental destruction. Cause they will do it. Have no doubt these people have no understanding of consequences in a multi lateral world. They are idiots with guns.

  21. I wonder , how Powerful was South-Africa in 1995, compared to now. I have heard they were definately in the top 10 as far as their millatary was concerned. Was compared to the Israel of today. Remember the Rooivalk, G3 and G5 Cannons. Cheetah fighter aircraft. Ratel, and don't forget the infamous Recces. Add to that that every boy child had to join the Army for 2 years, and the fact that they were very used to warfare. Angola, Grens Namibia.

  22. I am from SA. Now in 2019, SA is there for any other country to take. The so called army will most probably be on strike at the time SA need defending.

  23. Well I would not put it past these Communists that they would be building nuclear capabilities, these people cannot be trusted, Hope USA has their eyes on them at all times.

  24. is there anything good you know about African people, except all your malicious evil publications about Africans and their land. leave us alone. you white folks killed a lot of Africans shut up.

  25. If Swazis have their own country, and Lesotho is its own country, why don't Zulus get kwa-zulu-natal as Zululand? And so forth and so on?

  26. South Africa is not powerful it is a crumbling country with big amounts of corruption and racism south African today is nothing more than a joke..

  27. South Africa under ANC today is only powerful enough to beg for loans..powerful corruption to loot the nation..and extremely powerful in mass and expanding stupidity. ..Powerful in creating uneducated fools that believe they actually passed on 33% "pass medians"..Powerful in crippling small and medium businesses. .Powerful in sowing racial division ..Powerful on collapsing infrastructure. .powerful on collapsing health care. .So on average. .South Africa is ALL POWERFUL.

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