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everyone its Melanie from living luxuriously for less and today I am so excited to be bringing to you a story time I get asked so many questions about how I got started and event planning so I thought I would take the opportunity today to share with you guys my story on how I got started in event planning so stay tuned thousand five I joined the ministry that I am currently a member of and one of our traditions as a ministry is that we always celebrate the birth of a new baby because we understand that children are a blessing from God and no matter how the child was received we always take a time to celebrate the child and to celebrate the mother and it's just such a joyous occasion at our ministry so what happened was that this one particular lady who was responsible for the baby shower ministry she got pregnant and when she got pregnant it became my responsibility to do the baby showers at our ministry because of course we didn't want her to host her own baby shower and so my budget was $25 I had a $25 budget and I was responsible for decorating coming up with the games coming up with a menu and because it was a church function it was more of a potluck style dinner and so we had such a great time putting everything together and so I took the $25 and went to a Dollar Tree and purchased everything we needed from tablecloths to centerpieces to gives for the prizes for the games I mean I did so much with that 25 dollars it is unreal and if I can find the photos from that baby shower I will be sure to insert them in the baby shower and I mean insert them in this video and so yes so the baby shower turned out great everyone had a wonderful time it was so much fun and then I was deemed the baby shower a person at our industry so that particular year we had over I think was like five or six women to have a baby from like February to July and I did all the baby showers for all those ladies in our church and everybody was like so giddy about the baby showers I never even knew that I had that talent I always enjoy planning things out like for example when I was in high school I planned out the theme for our float and I helped plan with the prom but as far as like decorating for events and things of that nature I plan to celebrate weddings for my friends you know just come up with different themes and things like that but I just never really considered myself an event planner I had never even thought about you know doing that as a as a you know part-time job or a side hustle so fast forward you know these women have babies and and then the babies turn one so we have to do birthday parties for these babies we had to do first birthday parties and so the business began to grow and so one of the things that as I look back now over my path as an event planner I always you know think that I was blessed in order to matriculate and to grow in this field because I first gave my gift to God and when I gave my gift to God he was able to to break it to bless it and to multiply it and that's exactly what happened with my event planning business I never set out to become an event planner it was just the need that was needed in our ministry and so my mother in love who was then my pastor's wife she just saw the be gifting me she saw the talent that I had and she pushed me into this arena to use that talent and gift that God had placed on the inside of me so I think it's so imperative for you even if you know your niche is not event planning it's so imperative for you to reach out and find that in the that will snatch the gift out of you because if I had never joined this ministry if I had said no and you know was full of fear and didn't you know didn't decorate this baby shower like I don't know if I would be where I am today and so that's my first tip like if you're considering getting it started in any you know business give your gift to God you know that's one of the safest places to try it out because when you're at church you know people are not gonna be like oh this baby shower looks awful like they're happy you know everybody has a good spirit so you don't have to worry about messing up or what would happen if they didn't like it and I really love the fact that because I gave my gift to God first and he blessed it and he broke it and he multiplied it it was a safe place for me to grow so I'm as the years continued the word began to spread throughout my community so I started planning for family members of my church members and then it just extended and extended and extended and before you knew it like my garage was filled with party planning items and my husband was like wait a minute I mean we think we might have a hoarding problem and so what he did was he was like we got to do something with this stuff so I had event deck horse stored up at the church in we had storage rooms of the church I had event get horse stored in our garage in our attic I mean everywhere that I could store something it was like it was stored there and so I just kind of began to get more comfortable with the gift that God had given me I began to take I looked at a lot of YouTube videos I did a lot of things that I felt would I followed a lot of my favorite designers and people that inspired me on social media and then I just started to allow my gift to grow I began to allow my gift to flourish through incorporating those things that I enjoyed seeing through other people along with the god-given gift of creativity that I had as well so I would incorporate like my own spin on something if I saw something that I loved oh my goodness I loved that but instead of doing exactly that I'm gonna put this spin on it and make it you know have a personality of its own so um as the years passed I continued to do events I began to grow in my community I began you know people began to call on me to do events and so my husband and I decided last year that it was time for me to take the next step and that was to open our very own event venue called love studio and if you guys haven't seen that grand opening video I will be sure to link it down in the description box below and so yeah so that's my story on how I got started in event planning and if you guys feel like this is something that you definitely want to do if you feel like this is a calling on your life when you plan events and you get so excited about the event like you're so excited that the person is excited you're excited to be reading all these ideas together it doesn't feel like work to you you're not overwhelmed then event planning is definitely something you should check into so with that being said I recently launched an online webinar it's going to be a live webinar which will be held on March the 25th at 7 p.m. CST and in this webinar I will be sharing with you how you can get started in any event planning and I get a lot of questions from you guys here on YouTube you know like for example where did you get that tablecloth or how do you build your inventory how do you do your contracts with your clients how do you hold a consultation with your clients how did you create your business license how do you trademark your name how did you create that floral arrangement I am going to be sharing all those questions with you guys and more ok I am NOT going to hold back like one of the things that I feared about doing a webinar is that I have signed up for so many webinars and it's like promising you all these answers and then you sign up and it's only like a sales funnel to sell you something else and to sell you something else and to sell you something else and the question that you ultimately want to get answered you found out that they really don't answer it or you pay so much money to get the question here sir it's just it's really not worth it and that's not what I want to do here I have been very fortunate to take several classes like one of my mentors was so amazing his name is Chris person and he actually showed me how to design some floral centerpieces I don't leave his information down below if he has another floral class you guys be sure to follow him but he did such an amazing job with that and one of the things that I loved about him was that his chorus exceeded my expectations in terms of the things that I expected but the value was unbelievable and that's something that I wanted to bring to you guys because these classes can cost anywhere from upwards $600 all the way up to 1314 $5,000 and I'm offering this course to you guys right now for $1.99 and you don't want to miss this like this is an exceptional value an exceptional value if you look around at any other event planners who share this type of information that I'm sharing with you you guys will know that this is a great value you and I'm giving you guys so much information if you don't want to take this class I have so many videos that I've done the two can go and look into my different playlists I've done so many videos giving you guys tutorials but those who are serious about the next level for those of you guys who want me to share with you my process map on how I got started how I built my inventory when I didn't have a dime like I did not have the money to invest in inventory but I was able to build my inventory I'm gonna share all those keys with you because one of the things that you know make people a little bit fearful about starting a business it's not having that initial investment and so I'm gonna share with you guys how I started a complete business from scratch with zero dollars zero dollars so if you're interested in this course be sure to visit the description box down below I'm gonna leave the link to the course the class will be March 25th at 7 p.m. Standard Time Central Standard Time so it's 8:00 Eastern and I think it'll be like 6 6 o'clock if you're like the specific timeframe so it's gonna be a live webinar so it is online you don't have to travel to me here in Alabama will be online you will be able to ask any questions you want to ask I'm gonna share I have like on my website when you guys go to look at the Luxe Academy I have all the topics that I'll be covering like I said from starting a business to building your inventory and then I'll be sharing these documents with you guys as well so I am so super excited about the opening of lux Academy I'm so excited to be sharing with you how I got started on my journey and I would love to hold your hand and walk you through this journey as you pursue your passion and your purpose to become a great event planner or event designer I would absolutely love to be a part of your journey so that is all I have for today thank you guys so much for watching this video until next time it's Melanie with living luxuriously for less Cheers

Michael Martin

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  1. You can still enroll today! Find our upcoming class schedule here:

  2. New subscriber. You are such an inspiration! I will be signing up for the winter session.. I had been wanting to start my business and you gave me the push I needed. Thank you and may God continue to bless you! β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

  3. I have been following you for a while and I thank you for being unshamed to share your testimony. God bless and I pray your business will triple!

  4. Hi! You are a great encouragment. I started decorating in my church as well. I have a desire to make my love for planning into a business.

  5. I would love to attend your webinar class however I don't see any new dates for open enrollment. When will the next class be held? I'm looking forward to learning from you.

  6. I'm with you Michelle…I'm waiting for the next class as well I decorate for fun but, now I'm feeling that it's time to make it my time to do this as a job that I'm already enjoying!

  7. This video was so inspiring. I would love to do this but I feel like people won’t pay for it. But how did you figure out how much to charge for your venue rental and do they have to get your decor ?

  8. We are neighbors I'm from AL, and I think you do a wonderful job. That brooch bouquet was sooooo pretty.

  9. I'm so happy with this video! Because I have been thinking about going to school for events planning, I have my degree in culinary arts and I love decorating! Thank you for this video. Please pray for me, my name is A'YANA Booker and I am asking for your church to please pray for me that God will help me over come some issues and to help me find a rewarding career that I can also use my talents, I just bought an expensive sewing machine and I want SOoo bad to start a tiny little mobile boutique with my crafts and sewing and decorating. PLEASE PLEASE don't forget to pray for me. Thanks for your videos

  10. Praise the Lord. God knows your strengths and talents. He ordered your steps and put you on the path to success. Stay blessed.🌹🌹🌹

  11. Love Love Love your spirit and your genuineness. Your testimony is awesome. I'm so excited for you! May the Lord continue to bless you and your business.

  12. Love the backdrop! Melanie, I'm not interested in event planning just yet but I do like to host quite a bit. I didn't see the contact information for Chris. Could you provide that so I can look up his floral arrangement classes?

  13. Hello Melanie, thanks for sharing your story. I love how you have let God Order your steps! I love designing, lately I've been considering on taking it to next level. God just sent your channel. Thanks so much! I'm going for it!

  14. Hi Melanie! Thanks so much for sharing your story! When you trust in the Lord and put Him first, he will pour out blessings that you will not have room enough to receive!!! God is so Amazing!!! I speak Blessings upon Blessings with your business & in your life! Continued success my beautiful friend! Much love!πŸ’žπŸ’•πŸ’ž

  15. Hi! I love your spirit and would love to follow you. Im just starting my business. I was looking for Chris Bursen you mentioned. How do i find him? I didnt see thr link. Thanks

  16. Thank you so much for sharing I have been interested in crafts and home decor for a while now and the more I do little stuff I love it even more . I really want to make it a business but I feel so stuck not knowing where to start any advice from you will be greatly appreciated Avian .Trinidad

  17. I love your story very similar to mines. I did all of my very large family affairs, decorated there homes, baby showers, birthdays and was always highly complimented regarding my work. I have always had a love for decro and making things beautiful but i had never thought about doing it for a living until i retired from law enforcement. So now that im onto the next chapter in my life and Thanks to my sister and family for pushing me i finally decided to go for it. So i open my own event planning business. Im still learning and growing its only been about 6 months now and my garage is full to the ceiling. So i smiled when you mentioned your….lol…. I would luv to enroll in your webinar and be apart of that very special day. Thanks for sharing your time and experiences with us. Thanks you again and i will be in touch. God bless you.
    Sincerely Passionate about Decro.πŸ’–

  18. This video literally brought me to tears….I am laughing cause they are now calling me a hoarder…smh But I love design and decor and I am DETERMINED to use my God's gift to make this a career! May God continue to move you and inspire you to share your gift.

  19. Thanks for encouraging me. I take pictures at church, home, with family, nature just about anything anywhere. I do see myself growing in the field and now is taking a six weeks course to become familiar with my camera features. Listening to your testimony I feel empowered to continue to move forward and know that God will bless the gift He has given me. People tell me all the time I take good pictures but I want to have the knowledge to back it up. Thank You and may continue to bless your life.

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