How Exes Successfully Navigated Divorce, Raising Their Children And Running Their Company

Michael Martin

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  2. As a former child/adult protection and mental health social worker of 10 years (turned writer), I can say that I've seen co-parenting work well, but in other cases, it falls apart. Do what's right for everyone, but please get some guidance on how to co-parent.

  3. As a middle school teacher, I saw a few successes, too. I sat in parent conferences where all a child's parents(including step-parents) exhibited genuine love, and concern for the child's well-being. It's a civilized and refreshing thing to behold.
    I was raised in an abusive home where even after their divorce when I was 8 yrs old, my parents never spoke a kind word to each other in my presence.
    I'm retired, 63 years old now, and both my parents are barely, still alive, lonely, and bitter, because they never chose to nurture lovely relationships with their family and children.

  4. My ex and I had a business together and continued to work together after we divorced. We are also still best friends and consider each other as family. We each have romantic relationships with other people. This couple reminds me of us.

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