How Do You Know Whether a Couple Will Divorce? | Dr. John Gottman

The founder of The Gottman Institute the nation’s foremost researcher
on marriage and relationships his research I just find so fascinating and eye-opening. Dr. Gottman,
you say that you can predict with 94% accuracy whether a couple’s going to stay together or not DR. JOHN GOTTMAN:
Right. COOPER:
How so? GOTTMAN: Well we take about
three hours with the couple and Steve and Krista have gone through this ask them questions about how they met their first impressions of one another have them have a discussion
with one another trying to resolve a conflict and just look at physiological data while they’re talking to each other. Krista’s alarm kept going off while she was talking and it would show that her heart rate
was above 180 beats per minute. COOPER: So you put a heart monitor on people GOTTMAN:
Right. and you videotaped their interactions GOTTMAN:
Right. and you analyzed eye-rolling
shows signs of contempt visual cues… GOTTMAN:
Exactly. COOPER: And that’s in your decades of research you’ve discovered that’s very accurate. Ninety-four percent. GOTTMAN: Right.
And it predicts across the whole life course. We’ve looked at newlyweds and we’ve looked at couples in their late 80s.

Michael Martin

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