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and I didn't all that he literally be worse all right now despite that signature of congressman Mike here make that Mikey Romero supporting congressman of Alaska for speakership you're saying it's not a done deal what are you saying what why do you have to meet better what do you have to meet about tonight the truth of the matter is we haven't decided yet in choosing our standard bearer for the speakership in fact tonight we were having a meeting to discuss the manifesto it was circulated which was signed by Congressman Mike Romero we respect his preference but the same can only be attributed to his personal preference but it cannot be attributed to the decision connect the decision of the members of the coalition so he signed there is you know in his personal capacity and not as the the leader of the party list coalition is that what you're saying well as far as the coalition is concerned they have not decided yet in choosing the speaker for the evening Congress and that's why we are meeting tonight to trash out the matter is there something that makes you not want to support lord alan Velasco for example or maybe support or endorse another candidate over Velasco no it's not it's not the last school or anybody else but we want to get the sense of everybody in order to have a decision as a block so that is the decision that we have agreed upon during our last of course hmm no you know this has been going on for what maybe three weeks maybe even more than that based on you know how you've been talking to the members of the coalition what is the inclination in the past several weeks the imposition is Indyk down into two out of the four serious contenders we arrived a day to speak herbals and though I am NOT in authority to diverge he said two contenders apart it was clean down into his Lord Allen velasca one of those contenders I cannot watch because I'm not authorized we will decide tonight whether to you know release the two names or come up I put it in the vote and finally you know come out of the public and say that we have now standard bearer for the heating foundation now when you listen to the announcement of senator Manny Pacquiao he also said that the you know the endorsement is all about a full term would you be open to a term sharing is that some kind of a leadership that you're looking for as well or would you also look for a full term speaker so it is not provided under the rules that term sharing is allowed but the same still subject to the approval of the members of the coalition you know I can only say four equal sensors policeman but not for my own opinion so as of now I cannot be so weak I cannot say yet whether the coalition is amenable to a term sharing agreement okay maybe this you can answer what kind of leadership or expect are you expecting from the one who will eventually be chosen as the next House Speaker one that is a consensus builder one that listens not only to the big political parties but will also treat at the party coalition as equality that's why we're pushing for an equal treatment in the distribution of all major communities as well as leadership position considering that we are we are the second biggest voting bloc that comprise 20% of the House members of the 18 Congress so that's what we expect from the next speaker and what about the Minority Leader a congressman Garban would you let a Suarez scenario happen again when he wasn't really truly representative the minority in the lower house well you know the minority constituted from among themselves their minority leader so let's leave it at that upon the election of the speaker then those who want to join the minority will constitute themselves to be the minority so you know you can only say that there are three representatives at the minority when we when they assume and fulfill and start fulfilling their duties as the minority group okay we're gonna have to leave it at that the spokesperson of the party-list coalition Alfredo Garban jr. thank you so much congressman for joining us this afternoon thanks again you

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