House GOP leaders hold a press conference

Michael Martin

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  1. Nancy Pelosi and her gang know what’s going on at the border, but she refuses to react because Donald Trump wants the help on fixing the border crises and she doesn’t want to help Donald in any way. They are running out of money to care for the people and children at the border but Nancy refuses to react, it’s on Nancy and her gang if people and children die from the lack of aid that they need. Someday Nancy will have Karma and I hope to see it!

  2. The fact the democrats are the majority of this congress will go down in history as one of the gravest disasters in American history.

  3. The republican party should just move on and tell the American people that until the democrats regain some sanity they must stop responding to the madness

  4. 👎👎👎CONGRESS………SUCKS👎👎👎💩DEMOCRAPS 💩PURE EVIL !!!!!!!!!👿👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  5. I think using ‘Leader’ for these House Republicans is pretty funny😂😂😂

    Babbling nobodies barely able to manage the Congressional coatroom.

  6. Republicans, just remember for 2020 " fool me once, shame on you.
    Fool me twice shame on me."
    If you get the House back, this time do something. The last time the republicans had the House they did nothing.

  7. We need desperately to take Congress back. The Dems won't even take care of the children. How could anyone with common sense want the Dems to be in charge. This is sad.

  8. We have an enemy at our border, and enemy in the middle east, and an enemy from within, posing as the Democratic party.

  9. Democrats are CRIMINALS, but the Republicans should not lie to the American people about Iran! You know they did not attack those ships! Stop doing israel’s bidding!

  10. i dissagree with everyone . there is nothing wrong with our immagration system it works as is still working. it takes time to check people out and when the let you in you will want to be an american not just cost us money. i think it should be a law that if you come to america speak american first . i was born here this is or language . you cannot prosper in the united states unless you speak our lingo.

  11. Socialism is a dictatorship. The government tells you what you can have while they do for themselves. Dems better wise up. Trump 2020

  12. iran, a crisis cause and brought to us thank you barry and hillary. the communist/socialist party will never do anything bipartisn. which is why they must never be given power of the whitehouse. they dont care about The United States and if given a chance will break us down into a 3rd world country. this is their plan!

  13. Yes those Democrats want to pass bills that pertain to controlling prescription costs and infrastructure improvements !

  14. Republicans lost the House because of their tax scam and attempts to take away health care. They are out of touch with the voters and will continue to lose in 2020 as well!

  15. Clearly AOC crying about our concentration camps on the southern border is just more democratic hypocrisy. Makes me sick.

  16. I' m tired and concerned about these Bush era neo-cons crawling out of the woodworks "pretending" to be on our side.

  17. The Press look like they don't give a Dam either about the American people or the Crisis at the Border
    I guarantee you ,there will be more turning up for the Democrats press conference
    This sends a bad message to all the other countries / if they think the American citizens don't realise it's all there fault or unless there trying to punish the American people for not electing there candidate Hillary & trying to force the American people to vote them into office in 2020 , just so all this craziness stops , there wrong !!!!

  18. You Foxtards ever wonder why this wasn't a priority when the GOP had all 3 branches??? When the GOP had power, they did nothing. Now, suddenly, when they have someone to blame, they really really care and it's the Dems obstructing… When Obama was president and there was no chance of him signing an Obamacare repeal, the GOP couldn't vote often enough to repeal it. Once they had all 3 branches, they decide to do nothing. Just listen to them blame them Dems when they had every chance to pass whatever they wanted… What lying crybabies….

  19. Kevin McCarthy once said Trump was on Putin's payroll
    As of June 6 the Washington Post Fact Checker has cataloged 10,976 times Trumpo The Orange Clown has lied to the American people since taking office.

  20. It's time for Speaker Pelosi to gather up her flock of flightless Socialist Democrat Anti Americans and leave the leadership of this great nation to those who know it's True Value and Greatness lies in the Hard Working Free Hearts, Fair Minds and Voices of it's diverse American People!!!
    Get lost Pelosi, and take your treasonous trash with you!

  21. Fox News, please appeal to DEMOCRAT VOTERS to demand that their representatives in CONGRESS start doing their jobs !

    I believe that most DEMOCRAT VOTERS are good people who want good things for U.S. citizens.

    They have been fooled or even brainwashed by democrat POLITICIANS who have taken control of the public schools,
    news media, sports, and Hollywood.

    I believe that most DEMOCRAT VOTERS know that there is a real EMERGENCY on our southern border.

    Fox News is the most watched news outlet and many democrat voters see Fox.

    Fox News should appeal to democrat voters to complain to their democrat politician representatives that their job is NOT BEING DONE !

    Would democrat politician representatives begin to do their jobs if their voters threaten to replace them !

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