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it's Fan Appreciation Month it's screen junkies and to reward our awesome fans we're making the honest trailers that you voted for here's your number for choice from meathead comes a satire of all those sappy swashbuckling medieval love stories that happens to be the best sappy swashbuckling medieval love story ever made the Princess Bride dive into the film that every kid is guaranteed to love with the title that every boy is guaranteed to hate in this real movie about a made-up book based on a real book about the same made-up book that the real movie it's based on wait is that right gather round for a tale of epic romance that kicks off a young boy's puberty is this a kissing book nice kissing again you don't want to hear that I don't mind so much as the world's grumpiest grandpa read you a story full of beautiful heroes dashing rogues and cunning villains who probably sound a lot less impressive when their words are coming out of Peter Fulks mouth Ashley and I are joined by the bonds of love that's just true love you think this happens every day cut love for a story about the power of true love between Wesley the farm boy turned pirate and Buttercup the farm owning orphan turned princess when fate conspires to keep them apart nothing will stop true love from bringing them back together whether it's kidnapping my Wesley will always come for me death death cannot stop true love the fact that he's kind of abusive I was a warning highness the fact that she's kind of a pain fond boy polish my watch the saddle not to see my face shining in it by morning the fact that he's an optimist and she's a pessimist it's not that bad or the fact that they haven't spoken in five years and the relationship was based on him doing chores for her until things got extra spicy farm boy fetch me that picture yep looks like true love to me but there's more than just romance prepare for plenty of action to go around really really polite action are they running purpose I don't have to miss youl for Daniel Rock now put down my sword and we'll try and kill each other like civilized people where no danger is too great that you can't carry on a polite conversation you are wonderful thank you I've worked has become sir and no enemy is too vile that you can't have a nice chat while they're trying to kill you lies to not become us while spoken sir truly you have a dizzying intellect why should that make such a difference I guess this is exciting so settle in one more time for the action romance comedy drama kids movie for adults that you probably never saw in theaters but re watched on VHS so many times that you can quote every line not just because it's great but because every character repeats their little catchphrase like a hundred times as you wish my story Zorro Pirate's Booty hi my name is what my name is who my name is ticky ticky inigo montoya obey danny de vida SHhhh small wonder his fingers go to eleven Krabby sets cheesy music and obvious stunt doubles but come on who cares this movie's amazing Adventure Time why don't they make satirical fairy tales anymore with romance and action and jokes and a big giant guy oh right be sure to subscribe for more honest trailers thanks to fans Anthony M grace B and Tiffany L for requesting this movie and adding to the awesomeness of fan appreciation month we always do as you wish need more click the box on the left to watch the fifth-place fan choice on his trailer Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and click the box in the ride to enjoy an interview with Jay a Bayona director of a monster calls and the upcoming Jurassic world – as he reveals how he made Liam Neeson into a monster tree aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper why you stuck-up half-witted scruffy-looking nerf-herder good morning good morning it's great to stay up late inconceivable hello my name is Inigo Montoya you killed my father prepare to die have fun storming the castle

Michael Martin

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  1. actually I DID see this in the theater when it first came out – my first real boyfriend took me on a date to it – his choice.

  2. I love how they say EVERYONE loves this movie while I am just here like "I've never. even. heard. of this movie…" XD

  3. "…with a title that every boy is guaranteed to hate." Hey, don't forget about me! I'm a girl and that title sounded like the worst XD

  4. I must be the last one in my generation on Earth who hasn't seen this movie in its fullest. And I'm 33! The Look on people's face when I tell em this is priceless

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