Holy Spirit – The Engagement Ring

Salvation is a relationship of the Bridegroom,
Jesus Christ with the Bride to be, the Bride of Christ
those who believe in Him and who have accepted Him as their Lord and Master.
They are saved in the hope of one day being united with Him
and being with Him, for ever. Jesus promised the Holy Spirit to those who
have accepted Him. The Holy Spirit is the engagement ring
it is the token that Jesus gives to those whom He has accepted.
Jesus commanded that we repent of sin, turn away form sin and from serving ourselves,
dedicate ourselves to Him, be baptized in water,
and then we will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit,
the engagement ring, a tangible evidence that Jesus has accepted me, the Comforter!
The Holy Spirit comes from Jesus, you cannot fake it,
He gives you a tongue, a supernatural evidence that He has accepted you!
He gives you an engagement ring and many people don’t wan the engagement ring.
They don’t want the evidence that Jesus promised to them, that He has accepted them.
It is not a guarantee of salvation, it is a token, the Comforter who will be with
us to guide us and to coach us
to be the Bride of Christ IF WE ENDURE! If we stay faithful until the very end,
until that final day of the marriage feast. Jesus is faithful, He will never leave us,
He will never forsake us, but we need to be faithful TILL THE VERY END!
AND THAT IS WHERE THE PROBLEM LIES many people are not faithful.
Many have received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.
They have received the engagement ring but they are unfaithful and they will not
be part of the Bride of the Lamb because they are not spotless and unblemished.
The Holy Spirit was sent to prepare us to be holy, righteous and pleasing to the Bridegroom
for the day of the marriage. Dear friend, have you received your engagement
ring? Have you received the Holy Spirit that Jesus
promised to those who obey Him and love Him? Do you cherish your Engagement Ring?
Do you LISTEN to the Holy Spirit? Do you follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit
in order to be pleasing to the Bridegroom, so that you can be prepared to enter into
His glory when He comes? Do you treasure the Holy Spirit?
Do you treasure that Engagement Ring or do you despise it?
Do you truly love Jesus and that which He has promised you?
Or are you rejecting it, like so many? They don’t want the Holy Spirit!
They don’t want the token! They don’t want the Comforter!
They think they can make it on their own. You won’t make it dear friend.
You need the Holy Spirit to guide you, to coach you
so that you will be suitable for the marriage feast of the Lamb.
May Jesus bless you.

Michael Martin

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  1. Amen my brother. People do not want the Spirit because He brings a SWORD to seperate the TRUTH from LIES in our own hearts first. He makes a clear distinction between the ways of the world & the way of God. He brings us WORD that pierces our existence & teaches us the ways of ABOVE & not BENEATH. He brings DEATH to the FLESH & LIFE in Him. Those led by the Spirit preach a KINGDOM, WAY, TRUTH, & LIFE, that is not of this world, but of Jesus. Those led by the Spirit r PREPARED for Jesus's Kingdom

  2. @thelastroadrunner I follow Jesus, the living God. I am one of His sheep. I LISTEN to His voice and do what is pleasing to Him. Do you know Jesus, friend? Is He pleased with you?

  3. I don't know your name, but I want an answer from someone in deep communion and relationship with Jesus, with regards to marriage. Jesus has spoken to me and my partner about urgently getting married. We must obey but we have no idea how to perform a spiritual marriage. We were wanting the guidance of someone who is married. Your married brother? Whats the process and where in the bible does it talk about such things… Please help… God bless you, how precious you are to him

  4. @serventofyahweh7 There is no such thing as a spiritual marriage. We get legally married according to the laws of the land. I am married, more than 30 years.

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