Hold Me Tight© Couples Workshop for Therapists – Barbara and Peter Testimonial

I’m Barbara. I’m Peter. We’re from Menlo Park,
CA. Barbara and I are both therapists. We’ve had
a lot of training in couples work and a lot of experiences in workshops such as this,
and yet we found this very, very useful for us. We were able to identify certain raw spots
that we both have, get clearer on them and in some ways work through some issues that,
and some experiences that, were really quite raw for us. And so, Becca and her way about
her was really instrumental I think in helping us do that. I think we came into this thinking it would
be an interesting experience and I wanted to do it because I do EFT (Emotionally Focused
Therapy for couples) therapy, but I think I was surprised how much we actually got out
it. That it wasn’t just an intellectually interesting experience, we really learned
more about ourselves and I feel like we deepened our relationship and that Becca’s style that’s
so sort of gentle, but wise and so relaxed just, I think made it very safe. And it’s
great material. Really. It’s wonderful. We had a really good experience. Thanks you. Thanks.

Michael Martin

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