Hitler and Eva Braun’s Disturbing Wedding

first met Hitler in 1929, when she
was 17, and working for a Nazi party photographer. Although 23 years
younger than him, Braun has been Hitler’s
mistress for 14 years, but the relationship
is being kept hidden from the German people. Hitler wants to remain
attractive to his female admirers, and has groomed Braun
to refrain from public displays of affection. Their private life
together in the bunker is confined to a few
small concrete rooms. They sleep separately. She’s here in the bunker
against Hitler’s wishes, but refuses to leave. Braun’s family do not approve
of her affair with the furor. Her sister, Ilse Braun,
knew that Eva’s relationship with Hitler was doomed. Madame Braun, what
was Hitler’s health like when you last saw him? His face was grey as ashes. His hands were in a constant
state of agitations, and his eyes were glassy. He was bent over
like an old man. It seemed to me he didn’t have
the energy to live much longer. NARRATOR: To those who
knew details of Braun and Hitler’s relationship,
it’s no surprise she wanted to die with him. Mrs. Winter, how long did
you keep house for Hitler? [GERMAN] 15 years. [GERMAN] Of course, Eva Braun
was a regular visitor. [GERMAN] There was a time
where Eva Braun wanted Hitler to marry her. [GERMAN] Hitler said, I
shall never marry. [GERMAN] But you may remain
my girlfriend. [GERMAN] She was very unhappy
over this situation, and attempted suicide. She shot herself in the breast. She did not seriously
injure herself. NARRATOR: Hitler
begins dictating his final will and political
testament to [INAUDIBLE] Junge. He starts by blaming
the Jews for the war. The will also
reveals that Hitler is prepared to give his mistress
what she’s always craved. Although never
mentioning her by name, it states that in return for
her loyalty and willingness to die with him, he will
at last marry Eva Braun. Hitler emerges from his room
with Eva Braun on his arm. She wears a black
sequined dress, her eyes are radiant
with happy tears. Hitler wears his usual tunic. Goebbels acts as best man in
the hastily arranged ceremony, and the bride and
groom, adhering to the legal requirements
of a Nazi wedding, both declare that they
are of pure Aryan descent and free from
hereditary disease. As Eva signs the
wedding certificate, she writes the
letter B for Braun before scoring it out
and writing Hitler. INTERVIEWER: What
happened at the end? He married Eva Braun and
prepared for his suicide. Was there a
wedding celebration? There was a little party
and they drank champagne. Hitler did not drink
any champagne because he was dictating his will. NARRATOR: Hitler returns
to dictating his will, stating that he and his new
wife will take their lives rather than face the shame
of defeat and surrender. Their bodies are to be burned. It also urges his successors
to continue the fight. Eva Braun changes. She chooses Hitler’s favorite
dress, black with white roses around the neck. She does her hair,
and paints her nails. Having married Eva and
written his last will and political testament
urging his followers to continue to fight,
all Adolf Hitler has left to do is take his life. Now, in his final hours,
the furor’s paranoia reaches new heights in
the claustrophobic bunker. INTERVIEWER: What was Hitler’s
mood during this period? He was depressed and
suspicious of everybody. He even now suspected
that the poison would only make him unconscious
and he would be turned over
alive to the Allies, so he decided to
test the poison. INTERVIEWER: On whom
did he test the poison? On his best friend. INTERVIEWER: Namely? Blondi. INTERVIEWER: Who was Blondi? His dog. INTERVIEWER: Well, what
was the result of the test? The dog died. NARRATOR: The bombardment above
resumes with renewed intensity. The bunker personnel
wait for the furor to finally carry out the
act he’s been threatening for the last eight days. [INAUDIBLE] to Hitler’s
room and entered it. We found Eva Braun
sitting on the sofa. Her head resting on
Hitler’s left shoulder. She wore a black chiffon dress. She was dead, but she had no
marks of violence on her body. She died of poison.

Michael Martin

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  1. Grow up,you believe everthing what you government departmenr tell you,wanker.s you are not humans,you are the lowest form thinking cell


  3. The Brauns were an unlucky family, and are now extinct: Gretl's daughter committed suicide after her boyfriend died in a car accident; and Ilse had no kids.

  4. Mire ha mi y tengo una para exponer publico ha sobre de hoyente y en este caso FABORITO de paso siendo un un forma y no otra Como un parte de mi

  5. Eva was a simple girl who liked nothing more than picking flowers and taking photos. Had the allies captured her, I doubt she would have provided any useful information. At best some juicy insight into Hitler's private life. Even Albert Speer said that she would be a great disappointment for historians.

  6. Eva wasn't that hot….could have done
    Better. Feel sorry for
    The dog. You would
    Think that rottweilers
    Would have been his

  7. My brother is just joining the. Marines it's hurting me I feel so sad because my other 2 brothers served also. I told him to let me take his place I am sick of this because they been treated badly for fighting for United states maybe cause they are Puerto Ricans who would die for United states

  8. See, this is what happens when you become overly financially dependent on a man. You end up taking your own life, over a guy who's not even hot. Imagine that–offing yourself over some dude who's NOT…EVEN…HOT.

  9. Hmm. What could be the most disturbing fact about Adolph and Eva's wedding? That they were registered at Bloomingdale's?

  10. Viewing quite a number of documentaries on the world war ii era i am surprised how many people lost their lives at the whims and fancies of a few sick men and the gruesome fashion in which the executions were carried out is simply unnatural for a social race.

  11. If your going to be a narrator at least pronounce the names correct I been seeing this too much with these people and they loose all credibility once they do so. I mean really can't you read brown is a far way from Braun not to stick up for her just pointing out the annoying dyslexic that wants to play histoyin sorry but you fail

  12. This sounds bad but it was probably for the best the dog died that way, but if the dog lived it would have been brutally murdered by Soviet soldiers especially since it was Hitlers dog

  13. God love her Narcissistic abuse 😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓🙏🏼😓🙏🏼😓🙏🏼😓🙏🏼😓🙏🏼

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