History Of The French Revolution Arranged To The Tetris Theme

To Paris I came seeking fortune, but
they’re making me starve til I’m dead! The Aristocracy have it so easy, the
King’s putting gold on his bread! The people of France are hungry, but think
what a feast that could be if we could create a Republican state that cared
for the people like me? I am a man from the poor Third Estate, I pay taxes to
pamper the privileged few. None of them stand as we toil the land, until a
famine arrives and we all drop dead! We have no say in our status in life, though
we’re 98% only rich men rule. Just maybe your ability to lead does not correlate
with the land you own? I think that it’s long past time the people rise up out of
the grime! We are the Second and First Estates and the status quo is doing just
fine for us! Why would anyone complain when were running the game? We were
chosen by God to drink champagne! this is how it’s always been and it will never
change, for King Louis and Queen Marie do what we want. Can we truly be blamed? Not all men are the same! Wealth transcends the needs of the working poor. Why do peasants
want yet more? Isn’t it enough that they have roofs and doors? I am King Louis XVI of France calling all men to the Estates-General! Slash our billions in debt, make back the money we’ve spent until the Nation of France is rich again. Sometimes it seems that because I’m their king that my
subjects will fall down to their knees, then I see that I have misjudged it, they
declared the National Assembly. Maybe I could lock them out, then what could they complain about? We shall create a constitution for France, we signed the
Tennis Court Oath so the time has come! We will use as our guide in this turbulent
times the great Declaration of the Rights of Man! It’s July 14th, Anno Domini, 1789, the Bastille must fall! Come Parisiens, let the people defend, Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite! We cannot become too radical, a nation
with no king is just not possible! I am Maximilien de Robespierre, and the
revolution’s not done at all! What was the point of the coup when we all still bow to, an incompetent king who wants to see us dead? I think the moderates have failed all of France, and as such, it’s time for them to be replaced! Decide King Louis’ fate, make a Republican state and purge France of Counter-Revolutionists! Though some say the Convention is extreme, it’s time for the King to go to the guillotine!
I am the man who now rules all of France! Now the Reign of Terror’s swept the land. King Louis is dead, streets are running with red, Olympe de Gouges was killed for
feminism. In order to and this for a start, our leader should be General
Bonaparte! I am the first Emperor of the French, and my enemies fall on every front! I’ve brought the Prussians to heel, all the Habsburgs now kneel, as for the British, it’s only a matter of time! The Russians all flee, on to Moscow for me! All of Europe will soon be my domain! Russian Winter, Russian Winter! And now Europe is freed, the traitors seeth, a new French king will take his seat! When in Germany, well do not flee, for the German people have unity! The Congress of Vienna will make a new status quo until The people learn that they must serve their king above all else! But we will never leave the cause to free the people from monarchs! One day again we will defend the people’s natural rights again! We shall fight for democracy, equality and liberty, we shall fight for a better world, forever and a day!

Michael Martin

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