Hill Climb Racing 2 – 35555 points in TRACK DAY Team Event

major yeah let's go she is a top city shot sabotage I will never stop to the words my home [Applause] yeah I just wanna be the greatest everybody knows my name I'm I have this whore cave listing with the same wick and I'm gonna be famous ain't nobody able to delay this coming up and a vision to make you never wanted to be nothing no he's one of the places in class always wondering why I love the same now the hell am i different if we are on the same I never let him tell me it's about me keep my head tell them I'm now speak they surround me they go about the CLABSI with the crowd every time I speak loudly they more about me men you know return a bounty on these laughing ass haters that surround me till they doubt me they don't know nothin on me for the Mary I might change that soon better watch out now see I just wanna be famous that's what I'm embarrassed and I just wanna be famous and I'm not playing any more games either put me on the charts I'll put you up in flames better recognize our cuz I don't forget names gonna see me from the store come in that you like to try and think about the fall apart every single dent in all these damn doors my mother's birthday and I skip these gold bars while they spin now man I give this hard but I give me back back I'm gonna be a spectacle they have Tecopa man I bet they can they call exceptional I do it all the tension no professional so I can make a death Somali creditor fall I'm not thinking man they saying that I've gone insane I'm not ever gonna make it cuz the game has changed I'm gonna put enough bandulus down ok tell me that again and not stop and I just want to be famous that's one of me the greatest I mean I just wanna be famous now wake up you got some to do it's a yam I don't care you got some to prove cuz pipe down do I got nothing that big to lose so get your ass to work and don't you care hit still can't stop this some of Naxos then I'm on the novice with promise made not just unconscious but I'm not just think I've lost in a garden spend all this still another little girl please I will not quit minimal in Barling under-budget minutes follow me crawling cuz I'm nothing but a mall they calling me something yeah I get it man you can be if you don't like it say it out bad you believe me you can fight these keep I keep on going to make it somehow believe it when I write this then I just wanna be famous that's wanna be the greatest and I just wanna be famous but we have been Kelly yeah you know I love the weather I'm glad shittim and you know I handle pressure I do what I want so I'm never saying never I give what I want so they call me go-getter yeah no he does he good but you know why do we better so misunderstood if she wanted then I let her everybody knows if I wanna then I get her she gave me that look I know she sees some clever I don't get got to be good no I ain't got to be great they would do it be good they can't do it so they hate everybody wanna book but nobody wanna play stealing has like a curve ball I put it on straight I don't do it book nos do my own thing that's why every single hook up singing like me and I hated any busters and finally get it angel I believe himself nature let's go catch me is the top six shots of patron I will never stop to the word it's my home I'm about to pop everybody's gonna know when the beat drops a BLM pijo dosing crop tops drop top status shows any skirts rock that saw like whoa all the pretty ladies lined up bronco dropping me crazy I just wanna take them all got it on lock yeah you can call me bro parties on the Block snake shut it girls down now we're skiing hide up in here on no thing Kelly at it right better take up all your clothes future's looking bright now I'm finally in the song three years of my life I can made it to the growth soldier boy tell em number-one ringtone I'm the reason people dressing up your phone I don't think I do me good no I think I do it great they will do it if they good they can do it so they hey everybody wanna go up but nobody wanna play stealing eyes like a crook while I put it on spec I don't do it bugged or through my own thing that's why every single hook up singing nightmare and I hated any busters I'm finally getting paid don't believe in any book I believe I'm so major yeah

Michael Martin

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  1. I’m struggling with map 3 for long jump. I’m using supercar with level8 fume boost, level 13 air glider and level 7 overcharged turbo however sometimes i am getting 10k but am unable to be consistent. Is there any tip for it? Your help will be highly appreciated.

  2. My supercar has max wing.. max turbo.. and level 8 fume boost… Why can't I be consistent with the jumping? How do u jump so far ? Can someone teach me?

    How to be consistently flying high with the wing? I had lowered the air brakes to lvl 1 too.

  3. • Brasil Genius •
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  4. Any body looking for a new team come join. Top dogz QC .
    Bienvenue tout le monde dans mon equipe.Top dogz QC

  5. Omg bro i never believed u Will become 1st in global.Awesome Just Awesome. Continue with ur good work hope u Will STAY firts as long as possible. PEACE

    PS. sorry for my bad english.

  6. Vereshchak and Reddit are switching to be the number one all the time now. This is getting exciting 👌

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