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this again what's up guys it's dar the video you're about to watch is about not sweating the small stuff I hope you enjoy this message and don't forget to stick around for giveaway winners and shoutouts how many times do I have to tell you to pick up your dirty clothes is that too much to ask can I please just have a few minutes to relax I literally just got home I'll pick them up later you always do this ever since we moved in together you know if you want to leave your dirty clothes lying around maybe you should just go back to living by yourself baby why are you don't baby me I can't deal with this right now I'm gonna go to my mom's place maybe this was a mistake hey honey how's my baby girl I'm okay mom I can tell when something's wrong what's the matter sweetheart it's Robert I don't know what to do anymore he just always leaves his dirty clothes lying around and it's so frustrating I understand and I know that this may be really hard to believe right now but one day you're gonna miss that dirty laundry why would I miss it when your daddy was still here I used to always argue with him the same way I would come home to his dirty clothes from work all over the couch would make me so mad that he couldn't put them away go into the bathroom and find the toilet seat up I mean how hard is it to put it down I would look at the dishes in the sink and I'd get so upset I mean why not just rinse them off until finally I reached my breaking point and I had to let it all out I thought I couldn't take this anymore and then your father passed away so suddenly the day I came back from his funeral I looked around and there weren't any dishes in the sink and the toilet seat wasn't up and there were no dirty clothes on the couch I'd never thought that I'd miss all of that but I realized that now it feels empty without him so my child don't waste the limited time that you have together arguing over some dirty laundry it's one day you're gonna miss thanks mom I really needed to hear I have something I need to do that's my bro Hey I'm sorry I shouldn't all I'm sorry I shouldn't have reacted that way it's really not that big of a deal and who knows I might even end up missing your dirty laundry someday so I don't have to pick them up then nope I might just end up throwing them at you instead one day you will miss those small nuances you hate about your significant other I know it sounds hard to believe how in the world could someone miss something that they hate so much right but the reality is we spend so much of our lives arguing over such small things that we often miss the big things that are the most important here's what I mean maybe someone doesn't put away the dishes or leaves a toilet seat up or forgets to put away some dirty laundry maybe they don't have the best manners or communication skills now I'm not saying that these things aren't annoying I know they are but all I'm saying is is it really worth arguing so much about or losing your happiness peace or even relationship over don't let the little things bother you because if you do you'll spend your entire relationship being angry and one day you might just find yourself in a situation where you regret wasting so much of your relationship arguing over some dirty laundry I hope you guys love that message now it's time for some shoutouts and giveaway winners if you're new to this channel don't forget at the end of every video we choose three people to win $100 each from Instagram Facebook and YouTube all the details are pinned at the top of the comments and also on my caption so on Instagram we've got Zaid Joe that said your channel is so great Congrats on 2 million on Facebook we've got Marilyn fee lock chad nick who shared one of my last videos and on youtube we've got vidya that said congrats on 300k subscribers and 2 million followers on facebook love your videos congratulations guys you each won $100 each make sure to participate in the next giveaway by following the instructions and my caption and thank you guys so much for all of your love and support I'll see you guys in the next video

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  2. I agree with this message but both partners should help around the house. My dad does all of these things and doesn't bother helping because he believes women should do the work around the house. That is not okay.

  3. "Don't fight over little things that can be fixed"
    Me:mkay I was doing it ALL WRONG
    Oof not me it's mom she fights over things that can be fixed

  4. Hey bro after watching all your new videos I appreciate you. But now I need to how do you get these new topics. Its very impressive.

  5. It was so nice knowing about this integral part of the relationship. I used to be so upset about doing the laundry _washing clothes by hands.I was annoyed- washing dishes to this day. My perception towards household chores entirely changed after watching this video. My big brother used to say this to me but I ignored his advice n got irritated with washing dishes. Now I know why he said it with clarity from this video. You know what today's woman give more important to job than household chores. I realized that it is huge mistake. Sometimes little things matters more than one's earnings.

  6. I just pick my husband’s socks up and put them away. Takes me 10 seconds. No problem. Shouldn’t worry about insignificant stuff like that.

  7. i needed to watch this, you dont know how useful this is for me. lately my boyfriend and i have been fighting over useless and small stuff, and yes I just realized how short life is and i didnt want to waste our supposed to be happy moments. Thank you! keep it up

  8. I love your videos sooooooooooooooooooooo much congrats on 312k subscribers keep up the great work may God give you a long life

  9. Every couple fight's, but if you fight about every little things then your relationship may fail. Another great vid… thank you

  10. really love your videos! i think in every of your videos are very important message!! in your channel you can find anything for any life situation!!

  11. Thank you so much for everything 🙂 You really help so much. I truly wish you all the best, happiness and inner peace.🙌

  12. Hi dhar its amazing how big ur heart is and how it turned your channel bigger wish you all the best keep inspiring us. 💯💯salute from Algeria 🌹❤

  13. Not only “don’t sweat about the small stuff “ but also you knew he was like that before you got together so you have to deal with it and accept it . I wouldn’t even bother about this. In my case – Iam the messy one and my husband is clean freak but I try lol 😂

  14. You have really change my life with your videos. Pray that God will continue giving you wisdom. thanks and I love all your Videos… AM from SIERRA LEONE

  15. Everytime I watch one of your videos, I never cease to learn a new and meaningful lesson. Thankyou so much for opening the eyes👀 of the world, and being an inspiration💕😁

  16. This video is so important. Thank you for the reminder to spend more time loving, forgiving, enjoying, and less time arguing, blaming, hurting.
    I have enjoyed all your videos that I've seen so far. Excellent content.

  17. Me i love your video.. Some man they are getting married he dont know anything inside house..he can not understand her wife his husband because his lazy.. Must be good manners and right conduct relationships..

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