Healthy vs Unhealthy Relationships

oh you won't believe the dad had it was so terrible Casey who's supposed to be my best friend promised me that we'd go to the mall after school later she texted me that she couldn't go so I went with Nicole my almost best friend instead but then at the mall just next to the food court you won't believe who I saw that's right Casey and she was with Nathan her new boyfriend ah I hate her I'm so lucky I have you you're such a good listener now that you're in your teens you may feel like you want to spend less time with your family and more time as your friends during this time some of your friendships may deepen while others might fade away and some of your friendships may even become romantic being in a healthy relationship whether a friendship or a romantic relationship can be fun but it can also be complicated so here are some rules to follow to make sure your friendships are healthy in a healthy relationship each person supports and encourages the other real friends want to know what you're thinking and feeling and they'll be interested in what you have to say it's okay to have disagreements even in a healthy relationship but it's important to do so respectfully and talk openly about it with each other sometimes in a relationship you'll need to compromise but in a healthy relationship the same person should not be the one who always compromises it's important for both people to give and take finally it's important to treat your relationships with care and of a friend a romantic partner makes you feel small teases you or physically or sexually pushes you into doing things that you don't really want to do then this might not be a healthy relationship for you remember a healthy relationship whether just a friendship or a romantic relationship should make you feel good about yourself and who you are after all you are pretty great okay so enough about me how is your day until next time don't forget to visit me at amaze org or go to my youtube channel to watch more bye

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  1. I'm in an unhealthy romantic relationship. I never feel important and I'm always the last to speak. They don't care about how I feel only themselves but I love them so much and I don't know what you do. This video helped me understand how I feel. Thank you

  2. I only have 1 friend and I just realized that she does everything a good friend shouldn't do and dosen't do anything a good friend should do. That's sad af… but I can't tell her coz she might leave me alone or gets angry and I dont want that.. I'm also scared that the school bullies will pick on me again then.
    . .Why am I writing this?

  3. wow they really displayed the 2 twelve year old girls together as they elaborated on friendships turning romantic…good job youre great role models…this was my 1st & last visit to your channel
    you couldntve at least made them adults noooo they had to be prepubescent

  4. Hi there! I just wanted the creators of this channel to know that I really appreciate you including an LGBT+ relationship in this video. I live in a homophobic state and the LGBT+ community is completely ignored and never mentioned, so when it was it felt like everyone in the room was finally being exposed to a more diverse crowd without it being a huge deal. Thx alot!

  5. I have a crush on a friend that is female and in 8th grade. I'm in 7th grade and female… I currently found out that I am lesbian… I don't want them to disown me. My parents thought I wasn't listening when on a show a gay person was on. They talked to each other during commercial and said "Yah know, I don't mind gay people, but I'm happy the kids aren't one of them…" and then my father said, "Yeah, if (my older brother) or (me) were gay, I'd probably be disappointed… I mean, there would be nothing we can do…"

  6. I have a fake (we ain’t friends nomoe lol) friend name Casey and I have a best friend name Nicole we talk all the time

  7. Omg I am triggered LIKE REALLY TRIGGERED so at 0:19 they said they hated Kacey and my name is Kacey and I am a lesbian TRIGGERED and they never said sorry to Kacey at the end so this video isn't helpful REPORTED.

  8. I was in a very unhealthy relationship earlier this year. I'm staying distant from them, they did apologize though

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