Having A Crush Vs. Being In A Relationship

– Oh my god, Harjit liked
another girl’s picture on Instagram. That’s it. He doesn’t like me. – Oh god! What are you doing? – Why are you liking other girls’ pictures on Instagram? – What do you mean? – Look, five minutes ago, this
girl, with an Indian suit. Am I not Indian enough for you? – That’s my cousin; she just got engaged. I was saying congratulations. – Ooh, the engagement we went to? – Yes, a couple days ago! – Oh my god! Tell her I say hi! – So stupid. Yo! What’s up? – What’s up? So, have you guys ever noticed how when people have a crush, they act so much more different than when they’re actually
in a relationship? – Yeah, like Jaz used to
look good all the time, and now, we’ve been dating
for like three years and she doesn’t even try, look. (laughs) – That’s so rude. Okay, if he likes Kylie Jenner, I can definitely look like Kylie Jenner. (brushes clatter) Oh my god, oh my god. How late are we, how late are we? – We’re mad late, Jaz. – I didn’t have time to do
my hair, brush my teeth… – It’s all good, your breath
usually stinks, anyways. – What? (exhales and sniffs) Oh god! Do you have gum? – Hey! – Hey, sorry I took so long. I couldn’t find anything to wear. – Nah, you look amazing! – Oh, thanks! – Yeah, let’s go. (device chirps and whirs) – Okay, babe, these are
my options for tonight. What do you think? – Um, definitely not that. – Okay, how bout this? – Oh, I’ve been meaning to tell you, that jacket makes you look really chunky. – What? Okay. – Honestly, I don’t even think that’s gonna fit you anymore. – You know what, fine. I’m just gonna go naked, then. I’ll fit in that! – Alright. It’s a naked thing, I guess. Yo, can I go naked, too? – No! – Why not? – No one wants to see you naked. Harjit posted an Instagram story! – Yo, I just listened
to the new Drake album. Crazy, bro! Drizzy Drake for life! – Okay, I can be a Drake fan, too. I know one Drake song. (percussive music) (clears throat) (record scratch) ♪ Baby, you’re my everything, ♪ ♪ You’re all I ever wanted ♪ ♪ I can do it real big, ♪ ♪ Bigger than you ever done it ♪ Drake is my favorite artist ever rapper! (tsks) Damn it, I thought it’d work. – [Drake] This one’s for you. ♪ Baby, you my everything, ♪ ♪ You all I ever wanted ♪ ♪ We could– ♪ – Dude! ♪ Up on everything, ♪ ♪ Other hoes ain’t never– ♪ Yo, that’s Drizzy Drake,
my favorite artist! – I hate Drake. – Oh, you hate Drake? – Yeah. – Get out. – Babe, come on. – Get outta my car. – I love you. – You love Drake? – No.
– Leave. – Wow, okay, fine.
– Go. – Fine.
– Thank you. – Okay, nine am, Harjit leaves the house. But where is he going? Stay tuned. – Okay, I brought the donuts. Why are we here? – Okay, so last week I asked Mindy if she had my Kate Spade bag, and she said she doesn’t have it, but look right there. That’s my Kate Spade bag. – So, just go ask for it back. – Um, I did; she said she doesn’t have it. – So get a new one! – I spent my entire paycheck on that bag. – I can’t believe I frickin
called off work for this, man. – Oh god, ugh. Leave the donuts! (sighs) I’m gonna kill her. This is so nice, I could
talk to you all night. – Aw, you’re so cute,
but don’t you have work in the morning? – Yeah, I do, but it’s okay. Like, I’d rather just talk to you. Hey babe, so I have to
work super early tomorrow, so I think I’m just gonna
go to sleep right now. – Yeah, I’m actually so exhausted, so, I guess I’ll talk to you tomorrow? – Okay, perfect. Goodnight! – Alright, goodnight! – Time for some Netflix! – Aight, boys, let’s freakin go. All y’all were talkin shit all day long; I’m bout to mess you up all night ting! Let’s do this. (test tone plays) – Yo!
– Yo, what is up homies? Thank you guys so much for
watching today’s video. – Hope you guys enjoyed it,
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videos every single week. – And hit the notification thing. – Yeah, that thing. – Do it. – And leave a comment down below, and let us know who your crush is, or, if you’re in a relationship, who your significant other is. – Give a shout-out to
your significant other or your crush down below. – Dis my significant other. Love you so much. – We’ll see you guys next week. Ah! Jaz, stop! Yo, we’ll see you guys next week. We’ll see you guys next week! Say bye. – Bye. – Peace! Agh! (“I Wanna Know” by Sickick)

Michael Martin

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  1. My crush is a youtuber and his mom is a youtuber. But he has a girlfriend 😬😬😬😬💔💔💔💔

  2. Hi my name is Mariah and I have a crush and he's really cute he already I was that I like him

  3. I can totally relate to last one…like really …man..I did that yesterday only…I just said I m gonna sleep nd watched Brooklyn nine nine instead

  4. (Jazz turns off Drake)
    Harjih: What! Babe thats Drizzy Drake!😡
    Jazz: I hate Drake😡
    Harjih: Get out of my car.😡
    Jazz: But…babe I love u😯😘
    Harjih: Do u love Drake!?😒
    Jazz: No….🤐
    Harjih: Get out. Know!😡


  5. I’m dating a cute guy named Tyler and he means everything to me. He makes me feel like I’m in heaven and I could really be myself with him. He loves me and I love him.

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    Kwowx ccijfbfkxjhcozjchb b g ghnvbnzbzznnzhxbxbbxbxhxbxhnchcjhxjzjxhdurhdmkxijchcnnhhfncjfhfnmxjxhfhhfgnfnnfjgjdhdbfc ndhn


  8. My crush is lyric when I look at her every day my hurt is in the floor and I wish we could be together forever and I love her

  9. My crushes name is Hunter he is such a sweet boy at school but he is super nice to me but I know who he likes so I got no luck

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