Gutfeld on Democrats warning party about far-left shift

Michael Martin

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  1. Obama got in because he was handsome, suave and the color we thought would cure our sins. Now that we know we were effin hoodwinked we will never let a ‘minority first’ tempt us again -it almost took the country off the cliff. Centrists and conservatives may very well elect another minority as president. But only if they are conservative. And since minorities are few and far between on the right it’ll probably be a while

  2. 0:18 WOW!

    a REASONABLE Democrat, like from the days of my youth when Kennedy was President. I "identified" my self as Liberal. and I was proud of it.
    then things were changed. whats "Liberal" now worries me for the future of The Republic.
    the Democrat Party turned me into a "deplorable" supporter of President Trump.
    the new "Liberals" changed my mind, in fact they TOLD me to leave. (thanks for that…)
    President Trump 2020. minus massive voter FRAUD by my former "liberal" "friends", it's a done deal.

  3. Be afraid of a dem. that comes out as a centrist to win because he or she will in continuing on historical party lines still continues in the same path toward socialism. No other path has ever been shown.

  4. These people are so out of touch with main stream america why would you come out and say its ok to come to this country illegally and youll be took care of between that and the green new deal this is a political party ready to implode

  5. The far left hate white people, hate male and female identity, hate the idea of countries, hate freedom of speech if it criticizes them, hate social costumes and a unified culture, hate honest debate, etc.

  6. The budget Trump recently put forward proposes the biggest cuts to Medicare and Medicaid ever made, to pay for his massive unfunded tax cuts 83% of which went to billionaires and large profitable corporations (the campaign donors). No wonder he wants to distract his base with talk of the border! Hey everyone, look over here! Don’t look at my hand removing your wallet from your pants….And Trump may get away with it considering how stupid his base is.

  7. Notice Gutfield did not offer intelligent debate on any specific policy? That's because the policies of the progressive faction of the dem party are supported by the majority of Americans:
    – campaign finance reform
    – universal single payer health care
    – more affordable higher education
    – policies (including tax policies) to
    facilitate a large and economically healthy middle class and slow the trend
    toward ever more extreme wealth inequality in America.
    – policies that take action on climate change

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