GTA 5 – Mission #6 – Marriage Counseling [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]

the man Tracy yo Amanda Amanda you better not be mad in my house fuck you Michael go away I’m paying that turn 150 bucks an hour to fuck my wife in my own bed Michael go oh I’m sorry bro she said you hadn’t arranged from you and I are gonna have an arrangement but arrange your fucking funeral really sorry bro I’ll cop this session I prom hey you man get him away Michael calm down what the fuck is going on nothing happened it was a misunderstanding you fucked up Rick in my bed bullshit it wasn’t like that un-fucking I’m in this world get this mother this truck your guys doing some work for me you’ll get it back might have a dead body hook to it but he’ll get it back oh so we killing this dude yeah wish she was dead that a problem see the dog shitting another dog’s kennel exactly people been shitting in my kennel too long off to the left right try to hate me the fuck is he doin Hank get out the way mother fucker fuck man I think we’ve lost today he lives somewhere up in the canyon we’ll find him you see that little piece of shit okay this is the turn wanna be fucking out that’s his car right there little pricks up there look goes going alright this so hey asshole you’re it up before we can settle our debt there’s a winch in the back of the truck had a cable the one of those supports up there you finna pull his deck down and that brick pulled my marriage down then you really gonna beat his fucking dramatic yeah whatever I told you I caught the session bud but there were a lot of freaking session bud I’m thinking you were working on more than just her backhand Mandy’s backhand has come a long way bro but sometimes it’s got to get worse to get better yeah well maybe I should come up there and practice my backhand on your face bud your negative energy is seriously bringing me down oh I hope it is bud we hooked up man you come into my house take my money and nail my wife are you fucking kidding me I’m gonna stick up my hand and say that was uncool bud my bad seriously how fucking magnanimous dad please offer you my applause you fucking motherfucker and we’ll see yeah you like when someone fucks with your shit here we go haha let’s see what happens oh shit sorry them already hey homey ain’t clubbing outside tonight dawg push the pedal huh are you ah fuck you’re late let’s see how he like that whoa man fuck fuck him and fuck his – hey homie I think you put a little more than a deck down that’s a foolish man who builds his house on sand baby hey man I’ll think my boy Matthew was thinking truck on the road that shit mr. de santé what the hell that’s not my house bullshit oh ho ho I couldn’t afford a place like that I’m in tightest coach I hit balls for a living I was just hiding there yeah one green light green light Martha McGraw so give me a green light oh I’m scared lady just fuck it terrified Doreen light green light nothing my dad saw fuck you shit we got some heavies on his home you do something I’ll try man cry we can handle this right screw up hey let’s go let’s leave one behind Hey the assays is booked all right let’s go back home Wow shit you did good I mean I don’t know if you hit anyone who’s your games all over the place but I appreciate the backup whoo hey thanks for the help out there today kid I had no idea was gonna get that hot she pulling houses off the heal saw show has a weird way of fucking with people yeah well I thought I was through with all that shit I don’t know what the hell’s going on oh shit I think we’re about to find out Do You Know Who I am You Know Who I am do you now oh you you I think so gun I know who you are I know where you live who are you Oh Franklin license no Franklin maybe he’ll mr. de Santa here Who am I I think Martin Madrazo good boy now maybe give him a little of a background man Mr Madrazo mister Madrazo is a legitimate businessman he was wrongfully accused of running a Mexican American gang and a narcotic ring but the charges were dropped because of the witnesses came up missing smart go ahead now Michael I’ve got a question for you significant modernist water home down the hillside invite wood hills I thought the owner was banging my wife well there was a strange house for a tennis coach how does it take it straight clearly yeah well Natalia will need a hotel well you’ll find out there reveals once you sure good and I’m guessing here that their rebuild will be somewhere in the DuPont 5 million range of course great that’s nice come on amu I never better so what name looks like I’m gonna have to postpone my retirement fuck I’m and I’m mortgaged up to my eyeballs look I only know one way to make money I’m gonna have to give an old friend a call Lester I think he’s in town somewhere i’ma have to track him down just give me a little alone time all right all right Noah hello is this still the number for Lester crest who’s asking who’s asking who’s asking you’re awful cagey even for a dead man Michael hmm you don’t sound good buddy mmm tactful and charming even in death come see me old friend I’m living in love Santos just like you Murrieta Heights whoa whoa wait hey how do you hello you fucker Hey how’s it going doc hey Michael I’m looking through my appointment book and I don’t see your name yeah well I’m more of a walk-in guy doc you know that walkins are more expensive but I’m always happy to accommodate sure you’ll accommodate me as long as I got money in my pocket right I’m in a bad way thought I might come by soon

Michael Martin

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  1. From what I’ve read about this little weasel Amanda wasn’t the only client’s wife he was messing around with so it was only a matter of time before he got himself into trouble.

  2. This is how the whole journey started. Amanda did the tennis coach and then he hid in that green light green light lady’s house and then M had to somehow get the money to fix the house so he did a jewel store robbery and then it got on the news and Trevor was watching at that time and then he had to try and find him and then he did and then that’s how all the bank robberies, gunfights and crime scenes happened.

    Edit: how the hell did the tennis coach get up to that balcony so quick?! His car was parked at the bottom of the house on the dirt road and there’s no way he could’ve climbed up that steep ass hill that quickly or he could’ve never climbed up the hill because in real life he would still be driving. That’s R* I guess

  3. So you know how near the ending part of this mission how Franklin tells Micheal who Martin Madrazo is and how he is saying how he was wrongfully accused about running a drug ring but the charges were dropped after the witness went missing, They went missing in those Dispatch missions online because remember the events of GTA online were before GTA 5 story

  4. The only problem I have with the story line of this game is that Michael got back into the criminal underworld not because he had a passion for robbing but because his wife was cheating on him and he destroyed some mexican gangster’s house. It doesn’t completely ruin the plot (Atleast not for me.) but I wish they gave him a better reason for “getting back in the game.”

  5. man i love Franklin 1:30 he be like whatsup man come calm down, wtf going on then Michael the asshole bang my wife then he like let kill the motherfucker

  6. this made my day thanks for posting this you have a great mind and an eye for this the comenters here are so funy and inteligent and cool

  7. 5:59 Michael: green light green light martin madrazo

    Me: ha ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  8. "Hey man, I don't think my boy Matthew was thinking trucks when he wrote that shit."
    Honestly like one of the best fucking lines in the game.

  9. damn if only Michael had just shot the tennis coach instead of going the dramatic route, the entire rest of the game wouldn't have happened.

  10. If Amanda never cheated: Trevor could've gone his whole life not knowing Michael was alive, maybe Johnny would've lived longer too

  11. LOL these Hispanic people on this game be killing me how are going to tell the girl to fuck off and she didn't even say anything bad to you

  12. What am I good at, Roman? What is my trade? I deal in death because that is all that is open to me.

    gta 4 is better than gta 5 to me that is!

  13. 1:09–1:21 someone please tell me how’d he switched into Franklin during these time intervals
    How to be Franklin during that stage man???????????????

  14. Why Didn't Franklin Ice The Tennis Coach While He's Escaping
    I Mean If You Saw A Weird F-ing Guy Crashing Through The Window of Your Best Friend's House You Would Totaly Try To Stop Him Right,RIGHT !!!
    Because If You Don't,Your An F-ing A-hole !!!

  15. We all needs friends like Franklin. Only hears 1 statement and instantly picks up for his friend is like let's roll

  16. Michael De Santa: Looks like I'm gonna have to postpone my retirement.
    Michael Corleone: Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

  17. Amanda is actully the reason everything happend in GTA 5 Michael pulls down Martin Madrazos house over the Tennis Coach is hiding there and Martin make Michael Rob The Jewlery Store and then Trevor finds out that Michael Robbed the Jewlery Store and kills Johnny out of Rage and starts killing all The Lost Mc and The Aztecas and The O Neill Brothers and then moves to Los Santos and goes to Michaels house to confront him after 10 Years of thinking he was Dead after that The FIB also find out Michael Robbed The Jewlery Store and start making Michael Franklin and Trevor doing Jobs for them like attacking and killing IAA Agents and tourching Mr K and then when Devin Weston finds out The FIB are making Michael Franklin and Trevor do all these Job for them Devin then makes them do his own dirty work like Boosting Cars and beating up or killing people in the proscess but in the end Michael Franklin and Trevor Rob The Union Deposatory which has 200 Million Dollors worth of Gold and they do this as one last Score and they get away with it and they then descide to tie up loose end and the 3 of them go around Los Santos kill Stretch and The Ballas and Steve Haines and The FIB Agents and The Chineise Mob and finaly Devin Weston and Merrywether and after all that Michael goes back to his family happy and Franklin goes back to his Mansion and leaves his Gang life behind him and Trevor even tho he is now a Millionare he still goes around Killing and Robbing people because a crazy MotherFucker

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