Gross Things On My Body Under The Microscope

– Ew, let’s have a look at a pimple. Ew, oh, it’s an ingrown hair! Ahhhhhh! Ewww! This magnifying glass is just so weird. Ow! (laughs loudly) Oh my god! I look like I’ve been, that looks like a proper wound. And look at the skin, like
that looks disgusting. But it’s so tiny. It’s like the tiniest,
non-existent scratch on my, you can’t even tell! Look at all the other scratches. What is this scratch? Oh. What the fuck is wrong with my body?! Is that the scratch? I think that is. Oh my god! That’s a tiny scratch on my arm. Oh! Oh my god! Ewwwwww! Oh my nose is running. Oh my god! That is my disgusting nose. What does mucous look like? Ewwww! That’s when I pick my nose. Is that a vein in my finger?! I wanna pull out a hair. Oh my god, that’s it. Okay. How do I? Oh my god I missed it! Did you sorta see that? (slow motion) Oh my god I missed it! This, I just don’t think you understand, oh my god. Fucking, this is so difficult! So Mum told me, right? She said, oh my god that’s so gross, she said to me that I’m not
supposed to use pore strips because it removes some
sort of thing in my nose that I’m, look at the vein! I’m supposed to have, so she said mud. So remember last time I used the pore strip? That was literally like a week, maybe, no it was a week ago. Yeah it was actually a week ago. And just look how disgusting my pores are. It’s so gross. I’m gonna go and do a mud mask and we’ll see if the
mud mask actually helps this time around. Okay, so, I just did
a mud mask on my nose. So, well, this doesn’t
look promising already. What is wrong with me? Oh! I mean it looks like
it’s cleaned shit out! I didn’t wash the mud off properly. Ew, I mean it’s just like, aren’t pores disgusting? Like that’s on my goddamn nose! That is just, it’s foul! I just want them gone! What are the purpose of pores anyway?!

Michael Martin

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  1. A 1:1 activated charcoal powder and pva glue will sort out your pores. Apply like a mask wait 20-30 for it to dry and rip it up. Also dont get it in your hair or eyebrows it will wax them.

  2. I’m running out of episodes on iTunes! Let me be your “beard” hahaha. I absolutely adore you! 🖤

  3. I would honestly watch a whole video of u just pulling out hairs under a microscope lol its sòooooooooooooo satisfying

  4. you should go to get a facial, and do a before and after and post it for us. I bet you would be STUNNED, and so would we. that would be a great vid!

  5. Clearly no monetisation on this vid bahaaa 😅 Dr Pimple Popper Mark 2 👃🏻
    We need more microscopic investigations!!! 🔬🦠

  6. lol wtf is wrong with my body!. what is the purpose of pores anyway! well agree!. btw happy straya day to ya m8. who else here is waiting for: the return of chrishtal ep.3 on how to be spiritual!

  7. I feel compelled to wash my whole body. With sandpaper and petrol and a pressure washer. I feel like I have just broken in to the school science lab and found a random microscope to play with. The only difference is that my video would probably have to be on some other sort of 'tube'. Cheers mate.

  8. after you use a pore strip (which are freaking amazing and I need) you're supposed to then put a moisturiser or certain type of lotion that puts the good stuff back in that the strips also took off (so obviously I dont do it). My skin makes so much oil, trump is looking to invade my face next.

  9. I used a peel gel on my face and the amount of dead skin that came off was insane and disgusting but kinda fascinating too. I wish I had one of these so I could see the difference magnified

  10. I really wanna see your nose after a normal day, then washed with just a splash of water, then washed properly with face wash, then use a pore strip. I wanna see what happens at each step. Then what it looks like the next day.

    I want that camera thing.

  11. Eeeewww!!! OMG… I suffer from Trichotillomania. The compulsion to pull out hair… And this is exactly why… Most of pur skin inconsistencies is because of hair and their follicles. Seriously…. I wold feel my face and if I feel a bump or a hair that feels out of place it has to go… But it never ends because unless my face is completely smooth and hairless there is always a bump or hair out of place, so I'm always pulling them out to prevent all this muck…. I'm 86 yo but I look like Ryan Reynolds…

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