Griha Pravesh (HD) – Sanjeev Kumar – Sharmila Tagore – Superhit Hindi Movie – (With Eng Subtitles)

Will you’ve coffee?
– Coffee? Do you like it very much? Earlier, I just had a liking
for coffee, but now.. I like coffee even now itself. I’ll get the coffee. ‘Say some sweet words’ ‘Better you quit singing’ Why? What have I done?
– What have you done? Yeah. – You were supposed to
start the song from ‘pa’.. ..instead you started it from ‘ni’.
– Oh! Fine. I’ll start it from ‘pa’. ‘Say some sweet words’
– Wow! ‘Say some sweet words’ ‘The luscious words of those
sweet and sour eyes’ ‘The luscious words of those
sweet and sour eyes’ ‘Say some sweet words’ ‘Say some sweet words’ ‘The sweetness of the moon
dissolves in the night’ ‘The sweetness of the moon
dissolves in the night’ ‘The sorrows of the day
seem to appear salty’ ‘The sorrows of the day
seem to appear salty’ ‘The spirituous words
of those salty eyes’ ‘The spirituous words
of those salty eyes’ ‘Say some sweet words’ ‘Say some sweet words’ ‘The drowning shadows are echoing’ ‘The shadows’ ‘The drowning shadows’ ‘The drowning shadows are echoing’ ‘The hands are unable to catch
the evening fragrance’ ‘The drowning shadows are echoing’ ‘The hands are unable to catch
the evening fragrance’ ‘These are the spirituous
words of the echoing eyes’ ‘These are the spirituous
words of the echoing eyes’ ‘Say some sweet words’ ‘Say some sweet words’ ‘The luscious words of those
sweet and sour eyes’ ‘The luscious words of those
sweet and sour eyes’ ‘Say some sweet words’ ‘Say some sweet words’ Who sings better among the both? We cannot separate. I shall say when I hear
them sing separately. He tells me. One day we’ll invite them
both before going. Where’re we supposed to go?
– On the honeymoon. When will we go on the honeymoon? Why should we go on the honeymoon?
– Why? We haven’t had a love marriage. Their love has gone stale before
even getting married. So, let them go to Kashmir
to freshen it up. My honey is here and my
moon is here as well. Listen.
– Yes? If even we go to Kashmir, this
moment, then we won’t.. going for the purpose
of going to Kashmir. Right? We shall be going
for each other, isn’t it? Then what’s the
need to go so far? Simply, wastage of money. But, if we get tired of
each other, then maybe.. ..that day we might
go for the honeymoon. Why will we get tired of each other? It happens, Mansi.
It happens with everybody. People just stay close to each
other while staying together. The togetherness tends
to get shortened. You see, Mansi. One day we might be together
to each other in the bed. But, we might not be as close. Today’s togetherness
will get shortened. And, then we’ll go on the honeymoon. To freshen up our today. But, everybody goes as soon
as they get married. That’s why we won’t go. See, Mansi. What generally
people do is.. ..they get married and
raise their expenses. We will minimize our expenses
and save the money. We’ll save 50-60 thousand
in 8 to 10 years and.. a beautiful house for us. We won’t stay in this house. Have you seen this house properly? This bloody house is just
meant for rental purpose. There was a verandah over there.
– What? Over there. The verandah. The verandah was made
after encroaching.. ..some land around the drawing room. Moreover, the rent is 30 rupees. Now, if we want to go
to that verandah.. ..then we have to go
through the bedroom. It seems there’s no entry
point in this house. The bathroom is one side and
the kitchen is on the other.. ..and the bedroom is
right in the center. The guests are literally
prohibited in this house. I think.. ‘Life shouldn’t be like flowers
yet it should have their aroma’ ‘Life shouldn’t be like flowers
yet it should have their aroma’ ‘Life shouldn’t be like flowers
yet it should have their aroma’ ‘When some flower blossoms
somewhere.. ..there’s indeed no trace of sound’ ‘When some flower blossoms
somewhere.. ..there’s indeed no trace of sound’ ‘But, the message of the
fragrance arrives.. the fragrance remains alive’ ‘Life shouldn’t be like flowers
yet it should have their aroma’ ‘Life.’ ‘When some way takes
a turn somewhere.. ..indeed the destination
is still unknown’ ‘When some way takes
a turn somewhere.. ..indeed the destination
is still unknown’ ‘But, one finds yet another
way as ways keep on turning’ ‘Life shouldn’t be like flowers
yet it should have their aroma’ ‘Life shouldn’t be like flowers
yet it should have their aroma’ ‘Life.’ Hey, where are you? Deposit this salary check of yours. How much are the savings? 55,2721. Oh my God! We’ve so much
money with us, daddy! Then why don’t you
buy a cycle for me? Had we bought the cycle
then how could have we.. ..saved 55,000 rupees, sonny? Then what will we do with
so much money, mummy? We will buy a home.
– We can’t buy a home. Daddy, is it possible to buy a home? No, sonny. A house can be bought. But, the home has to be made. Don’t forget to take the Tiffin box.
– Fine, mummy. Were you so much prompt
at the Babla’s age? The promptness is of Bombay
and not of Babla. Do you know; what happened?
It was some days ago. Babla had a quarrel with
a boy in his school. So, he came home crying. What happened?
– Chandu beat me. Why do you cry?
– Shouldn’t I cry if he beats me? Not at all. If someone beats
you then thrash him and come. This is a wrong philosophy
to teach a child. Now, listen what happened yesterday. Babla came back from school and.. ..a fat lady came after him as well. Where is your wrestler? He keeps on hitting my child always. You’re a buffalo.
Why did your calf beat me? Mother, he beat me first.
Then I beat him. No, mother. He beat me first
and then kept on beating me. Won’t I beat you if you hit me?
– Why will you beat? Can’t you complain to auntie
or can’t you tell it to me? That day when I came home crying,
you said to me.. ..If someone beats, then
thrash him and come. And, today you’re saying
the exact opposite? Can anyone say, while looking
at Babla’s face.. ..that he has so many
knots in his stomach? None can say as to who’s having
how many knots in the stomach? After all how much we know of Babla? As he grows, we get
to know the more. If we can’t know Babla,
then who else will? No one. At least, not me.
– What are you talking about? He’s born from my womb. I know him. You don’t know about the intestines
in your stomach.. ..then how are you gonna know him? What do you mean?
– I mean if you had known him so well.. ..then why would have
you been bewildered? He might have learnt all
this in the school. God knows what all he
learns in the school.. ..that we don’t know of? Anyway, it’s better if we
don’t know much about him. About what? About what we don’t
know that he knows. It seems that you’re gonna
come late tonight as well. Oh, darling, you even
suspect my love. Can’t anybody love without a reason? Anybody can, but not the husband. There’s certainly some purpose? Purpose? What the hell is a husband gonna
do after coming early.. ..with a witch like you
being in the house? So that’s why you come so late?
I’m a witch? – Yes. Don’t I know the witch who’s
holding you by the nose.. ..and because of whom you come late. I know you lick her feet.
You should be ashamed. I don’t know; I married
in which cursed moment? That wasn’t a cursed moment,
in fact the moment.. ..that I came to know about
this was a cursed one. What? Hey, your secret’s out in the open.
Everyone knows about it. Like an ostrich.
– Like an ostrich? You sit beside her like an ostrich.. ..and seem to think that
nobody has seen you? Shut up! I’m gonna come very late.
Maybe I won’t come. Then, don’t come.
Who the hell is dying for you? I’ll kill you. Mind you?
Being a wife you raise.. ..your hands on the husband?
You shameless. If the wife’s not gonna raise
her hand on the husband.. ..then will that woman raise? I’m gonna see to it; how come
you’re gonna downstairs? You go there daily. It’s fine. Clean it the
same way every morning. And, listen. Give these files
to Daruwala when he comes. He’s already come, sir.
– He’s come?! But, he never came
before 10 o’clock. These days everyone comes
before 10 o’clock. Why? Is there any special
reason for it? Give this to sir.
– Fine. But, sir. No more excuses. I’ve been hearing the same thing
since the past 2 weeks. Now you may go. And bear
it in your mind.. ..that I won’t have to call
you again for such things. Listen. You were a good employee
sometime back. Come in, Mrs. Joshi. Please sit down. Sir, I’ve been telling Mr. Sharma
since past 8-10 days. But, the matter is something
else, sir. Whatever’s happening; is happening
because of Sapna. Because of Sapna? What do you mean? Sir, the thing is Sapna.. Mrs. Joshi, 2 weeks earlier you
wrote in your report that.. ..Sapna is not only a good
employee, but because of her.. ..arrival, the discipline of this
office has been set to right. Everyone comes on time.
No one takes a holiday. But, none of them work as well, sir.
– So then? I’m unable to understand anything. A separate cabin either
can’t be made for her. I think we..
– But, she’s a very good worker. She works very well. Amar. Please do come here. Anything else, sir? No, that’s all.
I called you for this. Mrs. Joshi, please send Sapna in.
Come, Amar. Have a seat. Amar, a table space can
be created in your cabin? Table? Yeah, a table
space can be created. Not only a table, a chair
space is also there. And, the girl, who’ll sit
on it; is also there. A girl will sit in my cabin? May I come in, sir?
– Come, Sapna. Come. Amar, Sapna will sit in
your cabin from tomorrow. In my cabin? Yeah. Don’t you know Sapna? The thing is;
I haven’t seen her before. Amar, she’s our new typist. She’s working here since
last one month. Okay. Hello. Hello. So, sir, may I..
– Yeah. I called you for this reason. From tomorrow you’ll sit
in Amar sir’s cabin. Thank you, sir. But, sir, it’s all about accounts.
Concentration is needed in it. But, it’s only for a short while. Yeah. Hello. Yeah. We’re meeting
in the evening, isn’t it? Just a second. Okay? But, sir..
If you think it’s okay.. It’s okay. Don’t you know Sapna? The thing is; I haven’t
seen her before. Amar, our new typist. She’s working here since
last one month. Okay. Hello. Good morning, madam. From today onwards you’re gonna
sit in Amar sir’s cabin. Stare more of like this with
wide eyes! She’s gone! Now, you’ll only able to see
her while coming and going! Now, Amar sir’s gonna
see in totality. Excuse me. Do you have a rubber? Rubber?
– Yes. Give a rubber to the madam.
– Yes. But, sister-in-law, you’ve got the
walls brushed since so many days. Why haven’t you got them painted?
It doesn’t look nice. When we’re not gonna stay here.. ..then what’s the used
of getting it painted? If we get a new house, then.. See, he’s come. Come, brother. Come. Have you brought everything?
– Yes. Still, you check it. Got to see you after a long time.
– Yeah, it’s just.. How are you, Meena?
– I’m fine. I heard that you had a bad
throat sometime back. Yeah. It was totally choked. She got two days of rest
and then it just opened. Listen, Shashi has brought the
news of a very good house. It’s in their neighborhood. You see, that’s the problem. We’ll have to hear them sing again. And, now Meena’s throat
has opened as well. Don’t make fun. The carpet
area is 650 sq. ft. There’re two bedrooms.
And they’ve two balconies as well. And, the two bedrooms have
attached bathrooms also. Oh God! You people have already
sketched the whole place. Tell me, when will we go to see it. We’ll. We’ll. But, let’s analyze
our situation at first. What’s there with the situation? Don’t you want to buy the house? You were talking since
so many years? Mansi, hasn’t anything changed
in so many years? What has changed? Don’t be so fervent.
Try to understand. Don’t you see how we’re
making the two ends meet? If we buy the house
in such a situation.. ..then the issue of survival will
be at stake because of it. It might seem that we’re just
living for the sake of a house. This is very true, sister-in-law. Nowadays, when I sing
then it seems.. ..that a couple more cement
sacks have arrived. Fine. Let’s go. We’ve to go to one more
important place. You’ve come after so many days
have the meal with us and then go. No, let them go. You people go. Now, I’m not in the mood
to prepare the food. Fine. We’ll come the day
when you’re in the mood. Fine, brother. Where did you bring the battery from?
It is a new battery. Good morning, Sapna! What the hell is this happening!?
I’m asking.. Being a kid, you.. Do I look like a kid? Maybe you’re not a kid!
But, I’m old! You’re old; yet you’re
getting nervous. Actually, the thing is.. Actually, the thing is not that. The thing is; neither you’re
old nor am I a kid. You’ve grown up and
I’m still growing. Will you’ve tea? I don’t drink tea.
– You don’t drink tea? Yes, I don’t drink tea.
I. I don’t like tea. You don’t like tea?
– No! You never drank it?
– No! So strange?
– What’s so strange about it? You never drank yet you
say you don’t like it. Would you mind your own
tea! I mean business. Nobody could work over there
because of you and.. ..that’s why you were send in here!
And, even after coming here, you.. I’m sorry. Do your work quietly. Yes? I’m coming right away, sir. I’ve told you so many times
that I should get this list.. the 30th of every month
and today is the 1st. But, sir.. But, sir there weren’t
30 days in February. The month was of 28 days. The work was of 28 days as well.
– Yes, sir.. Get this completed.
– Yes, sir. By 4 p.m.
– Yes, sir. Okay?
– Yes, sir. Oh, hello. Hello, Amar.
Come, have a seat. By the way, is the job suffering
because of her arrival? No, but only if she minds
her own work. But.. She’ll certainly do her
own work. But, you.. She can say anything?
– Like? Like. Like. She said about tea. Amar, whom exactly you’re scared of? The girl or the tea? I.. I.. Why should I be scared of her? What have I got to do with her? That’s what exactly I mean.
What have you got to do with her? You do your job and
let her do her own. Why is the tea on my table? Sir, madam ordered for
two cups of tea. Madam ordered for two cups of tea.. ..then keep the cups on her table! Yes, sir. And, get coffee for me.
– Fine. What happened?
What’s the worry about? Nothing. Actually, there’s a sort of chaos
in the office these days. It’s..
– Is the staff getting pruned? No. There’s no pruning, but.. See. Leave your official problems
in the office and come. Just look at this.
Is it okay? The total? It’s same in the office
and same in the house. You do the accountings in
the house by yourself. Fine. I’ll get them
checked by Babla. Like, he’s really gonna do it. He would have done it; if
at all you had taught him. No, no. That movie’s not nice. What’s that other one’s name? Go and watch ‘Mrigya’. It’s Mrinal Sen’s film. No. This time Mrinal Sen
has made such a film.. ..that everyone’s gonna
understand it. No, no. Try watching
it in a day or two. It’s a nice film and it’s not
gonna run for many days. Okay? Bye. Good morning. Good morning! Listen.
– Yes? Bring two cups of tea.
– But, sir doesn’t.. I know it.
– Yes? What yes? Get two cups of tea.
– Yes. Are you.. tense because of me? Not at all. Why do you always order
for two cups of tea? Outside, I was seated
amidst everybody.. ..hence, I just ordered for one cup. But, in this cabin, we’re all alone.
– So what? When I can share the cabin
with you, then can’t you.. I can’t share everything with you. Not even a cup of tea? I don’t understand
what type of tea.. Sapna, why do we come to the office? You’ve called me first
time by my name? I’ve asked you something?
– Ask it again. Why do we come to the office?
– To work together. Not to work together but
to do our own work. Do your own work and..
Let me do mine. I can do your work as
well if you need so. If I need so, then I’ll tell. Is it clear? Mr. Subramaniam, you’re
aware of our budget. Do anything and try
to find a house.. ..wherein we can build our home. Sister, I’m very well
aware of your problem. But, nowadays it’s difficult
to find a Brahmin’s cow. What? I mean.. eat less and give more milk. The same way a house in the
city can’t be so cheap. The job is a bit difficult. But, by the grace of Lord Murugan.. ..I shall definitely find
out some house for you. I’m in a bit of hurry. So, bye. Shashi, before you sing,
I would like to say something. Whatever be the tune of
the song, you should be.. ..knowing the theme of the film. And, unless you don’t.. that, the song won’t
get the right expression. I’ll tell you the
theme of this film. See, every husband can be a lover. Every wife can be a lover. Every house can be a home. But, it doesn’t happen normally. This is the theme of the film. Now, try singing keeping
this theme in your mind. I’ll try. No doubt it’s difficult. Listen, sister-in-law. ‘I dwell in people’s house’ ‘I dwell in people’s house’ ‘When will I have a house of mine’ ‘I dwell in people’s house’ ‘When will I have a house of mine’ ‘So as when will the walls
have a house around’ ‘I dwell in people’s house’ ‘The market place seems
to be my father’s house’ ‘My maternal uncle’s abode seems
to be the over-bridge’ ‘The market place seems
to be my father’s house’ ‘My maternal uncle’s abode seems
to be the over-bridge’ ‘The paternal uncle’s house
is in Shyam nagar’ ‘And, Shyama’s house is
at the street-corner’ ‘There might be certainly
some house.. ‘There might be certainly
some house.. ..near my own relative’s
and in law’s place’ ‘There might be certainly
some house.. ..near my own relative’s
and in law’s place’ ‘I’m worried about the walls’ ‘So as when will the walls
have a house around’ ‘I dwell in people’s house’ ‘I quietly bear the drenched
lashes of my desires’ ‘I quietly bear the drenched
lashes of my desires’ ‘It seems that I’m
wearing my socks.. ..while in some other’s house’ ‘So, when will I sit
with bare feet.. ‘So, when will I sit
with bare feet.. the verandah of my own house?’ ‘So, when will I sit
with bare feet.. the verandah of my own house?’ ‘I dwell in people’s house’ ‘When will I have a house of mine?’ ‘I’m worried about the walls’ ‘So as when will the walls
have a house around’ ‘I dwell in people’s house’ This Sethi sir of yours;
what type of a man is he? Good. Why? ‘I mean, he’s married, isn’t it?
He’s a family man. Is it?
Yes. But, why? Then, he can certainly
understand our problem. See, Mansi. The problem
is not his. It’s ours. We’ve to purchase the
house and not he. But, we can get a loan through him. We would have purchased
the house long back.. ..had we wanted to purchase
it with the loan. We’ll purchase it with
whatever we have. But, we won’t be able to find
such a nice place again. What’s so special about that place? The place has a fishy stink
from all the four corners. And, the name is strange
as well. Danda! What good a name is Worli
that you like it? Hello. Who? Sapna!
She’s inside. One minute. Hold on, he’s gone to call her. Stop. Where’re you going?
Who told you to go in? You made a gesture to me.
– I gestured at you? Aren’t you ashamed to lie? Who told you to go in?
– You told me. I told you? I’m gonna teach
you such a lesson. That I’m gonna remember my grandma? Trying to become a henpecked? C’mon. Go to your bed. Do your homework before
going to sleep. What do you do with
these old threads? Why don’t you buy new ones? Don’t they require money? Do you know we’ve become misers
while saving money. Why misers? We’re saving it.
For our new house. New house! Don’t know when are we gonna
built this new house? What do you mean by when
are we gonna built? No, no. Do it fast. I’m not able
to stay in this house anymore. Me too. But, Mansi. There’s a
practical side of it. Practical, practical! Do you
know what happened today? What happened?
– A guy.. What did he do?
– He winked at me. Did it hurt you? – What do you
mean by; did it hurt you? Are you being funny? I too am observing that
guy since 10 years. He looks at you with
quite a fascination. 10 years back he might
have been 9 years old. Then, that might be some other
guy who might be 19. Whatever it is; now I’m not
gonna stay in this house. Look, Mansi. You’ll find boys
of this age wherever you go. Why only guys?
One can even find girls. There’s no need to change
houses for girls. Are they found in the offices? It’s just tea. Taste it and see.
You might find it nice. You’re very resolute, Sapna. If you don’t find it nice
then don’t drink it. I’ll see. What happened?
Didn’t you find it nice? It takes time to define
the taste of such things. It would have been good if
you hadn’t had it. Why? I would have had some
reason to talk to you. If I get used to it then maybe
there will a bigger reason. You’re very decent.
– Don’t say that. The tea is anyway sweeter. You’ve sweetened my tea as well. Sir, you.. You, sir.. Tea! Yes. I. Tea. That wasn’t right. Did you saw that? That man’s mouth went
bitterer than yours. Amar sir had the tea.
– What!? What are you saying!? I’m telling the truth. Amar sir had the tea.
– What? Who had the tea? Amar sir. Amar sir had the tea.
– He had it!? Listen. Give this tea to Amar sir. Amar sir, keep on drinking.
Keep on drinking the hot tea. Keep on drinking. Keep on drinking. Sapna. Why did you do that?
– I didn’t do anything. Whatever happened; it was
you who made me do it. What do you mean?
– Look. Had you ogled at me as the others.. ..then this might not have happened. You didn’t look at me, so
I had to look at you. Just for this reason? Not just for this reason. The real thing happened
when you looked at me. First time, such an eye gazed
at me that had no desire in it. That undesired look of yours gave
birth to the desire in me. I saw my desire in your eyes. My desire in your eyes. That’s it. That was
the whole mishap. My desire became my dream. I dwell in the same dream. Do you know? I dream when
you’re not there. But, even if you’re there;
I stay in dreams. Sapna, you.. No, no. Not you. The age of your imagination
is bigger than yours. How do you imagine so clearly? And, moreover you express
it so easily. Do you watch films? Sometimes (Kabhi Kabhi). Have you seen Kabhi Kabhi (movie)? No. Nowadays, films are
very close to reality. Moreover, I don’t like unnatural
and unrealistic films. Okay, just think. Whatever that’s happening
between us.. ..had it been in some film,
then had it looked good? Will you find it realistic?
– Realistic! You watch too many films. Did you see that? How different is a person
from another. Even between different people
something matches.. ..that’s why those people
meet each other. Not at all. What is the similarity
between you and me? Nothing. Nothing? Now, look. You never
met a girl like me. And, I never met a man like you. Yet we met.
– We met? Why? Haven’t we met?
Of course we’ve met. That’s because both
of us are incomplete. We haven’t met for what we are. We’ve met to complete
what is not there. How strange it is, Sapna? Before I met you; I used to
think that I’m complete. Even I never knew before this
that I’m so incomplete. Bring two cups of tea. What is this? ‘I don’t want anything from you’ ‘Just leave me on my own’ ‘I.. ‘Don’t leave me as I’m
yet not contented’ ‘I’ve seen the fragrance
of those eyes’ ‘Don’t touch them and make a
relation that seems like a slur. ‘This is a feeling to try
to feel it with your soul’ ‘And, let love remain just love
and don’t give it any name’ ‘I’ve seen.’ ‘If you hadn’t been yourself,
then what would have you been?’ ‘If you hadn’t been yourself,
then what would have you been?’ ‘People say that you would have
been a messiah of stone’ ‘If, on the face of
a carved marble.’ ‘If, on the face of
a carved marble.’ ‘Your laughing style would
have been similar’ ‘The eyes were asleep
as he shied and bent’ ‘How come I wouldn’t have
fallen for such shyness’ ‘If you hadn’t been yourself,
then what would have you been?’ ‘People say that you would have
been a messiah of stone’ ‘The morning for youth settles
on your forehead.’ ‘The morning for youth settles
on your forehead.’ ‘But, even then I like
your forehead’ ‘The sweat that trickles down
your forehead sometimes’ ‘How come people won’t have
fallen for such a forehead’ ‘If you hadn’t been yourself,
then what would have you been?’ ‘People say that you would have
been a messiah of stone’ ‘If you hadn’t been yourself,
then what would have you been?’ ‘If you hadn’t been yourself.’ Do you remember? When we
met for the first time.. said that I’m an old man. And, today you’re saying,
I’m not young. So, what’s the difference? There’s no difference. But, today the word ‘old’ doesn’t come.. easily on your tongue. Okay, tell me?
Don’t you feel any difference in yourself? I do. I.. I.. I’m trying to be young.
I’m trying to become young. And, you..
You are trying to reach my age. I don’t understand where
shall we reach? I do. Both of us will get married.
Both of us will have a home. And, then we’ll spend
the rest of our lives happily. Last night I saw the same
thing in the dream. A person does
whatever he wants in the dream. But, what he wants;
is a dream that is difficult to fulfilled. You.. You’re a one woman’s man. You are one woman man. I was.
– You’re still. First, you just belonged to your wife. But, now you belong only to me. How can you say that?
– Because I know that. And, if I hadn’t that confidence then.. ..I wouldn’t have come so far with you. What is there and what is not;
I don’t know. I know. Because, I understand what I feel. And, if you don’t believe that
you don’t love me.. ..then don’t try to go ahead than this. You can’t eat the cake and have it too.
This isn’t possible. But, I know it. You love only me. Drink the tea or else it will get cold. Hey, what are you doing?
– What’s the problem with it? Go. It’s a man’s privilege.
– Lets not talk for it. Don’t show these incomplete houses!
They’re unable to understand. What are you looking here
and there, sister? Come, I’ll explain you properly. This is the bathroom.
This is the kitchen. This is the drawing room.
This is the kids’ room. Really sir. You’re very very lucky. But you are getting sunshine
and breeze for 24 hours.. The sun rises from here
and sets in here. And, Amar sir,
by the grace of Lord Murugan.. ..we found your house in your budget. Look, Amar sir,
the first installment is of 3000. After the 3000, the second
installment is of 20,000. The rest of is loan.
– Where does the question of loan arise? Mr. Subramaniam,
if it’s about loan.. We don’t want this room. Hey, come here. This is a government loan. This loan is not the one
that you’re thinking. Take it here. Hey, it’s tea. Oh! Oh! But, you had it.
So, finish it off. What’s the problem?
Drink it, please. If you find it nice then drink it. No.. that.. What’s there to be so tense? It’s a matter to be tense. You love me. I love you. You don’t love your wife. But, if she loves you then think.. tense is the whole matter. No. Look. Hatred. Hatred can always be from one side. It means, you might not hate someone. But, that person might hate you. The same way anger, pity.. ..and mercy can be from one side. But, love can never
be from one side. Because, in love until the two.. ..the two respond to each
other’s emotions.. Are you getting what I mean to say?
– Yes. That’s why,
if I don’t love her, then.. wouldn’t have been possible
for her to love me. If, she loves someone else, then? What are you talking about? I’m talking about the possibility. Impossible. Why? She.. She’s not like that.
– You too are not like that. If you can love someone else
in spite of having a wife.. ..then, why can’t she? She can do.. But, she won’t do.
– How do you know? If she had done it then she would
have been as alert as I’m. She would have fumbled
while talking.. I do these days. She would have been awake
the whole night as I do. She would keep on dreaming. But, I’ve seen it, Sapna. She never seemed to be off-balance. Even today,
she sleeps quite peacefully. What happened again? Tell me something. What is she gonna do
when you leave her? How will she live? The money that I’ve saved
for the new house.. ..I’ll give that money to
her when I leave the house. Then, tell her. Tell her everything. The sooner she knows the better.
For all of us. ‘Topaz! Stainless blade!’ ‘Yes, topaz, stainless blade.
For just 1.35 bucks’ ‘The issue might go far
if it gets started once.’ ‘And then, people might ask me
the reason of my sadness.’ ‘They might also ask as
to why am I so tense.’ ‘ If you come, towards the dry hair.’ ‘Try to turn and gaze for once
at the years that have passed.’ ‘The trembling hands
will get some strength.’ ‘ People are torturers.
They nag about everything.’ ‘They might even discuss
me in their chats.’ ‘They might even discuss
me in their chats.’ ‘Don’t try to get affected
by their chat.’ ‘Otherwise, they will understand
with the scruples on your face.’ ‘May the questions be whatever.’
– You want to say something? Who broke this plug?
– It just broke off. And, who fixed it? Babla. You see, he’s gonna
become an engineer. He repairs the plug and everything. Do you want to say something? You aren’t free eve
if I want to say something. You are so much busy
on Sundays as well. I’ll get you coffee. As the kids get tired
after playing.. ..and as you get tired after
a day in the office.. ..then mix a spoonful of Blakefield
Glucose-D with.. ..tea, coffee, milk,
fruit juice or water and.. ..drink it and regain
the lost energy. ‘A spoonful is enough’ ‘A spoonful is enough’ ‘Blakefield Glucose-D’ ‘Blakefield Glucose-D’ ‘Ends the weariness and
gives back the energy’ ‘Blakefield Glucose-D’ Another song is being presented.. ..that has been sang by Bhupinder. ‘Tears trickle down
those childish eyes.’ You’re looking at me as if..
Oh my God! ‘Tears trickle down
those childish eyes.’ ‘Tears trickle down
those childish eyes.’ ‘Tears trickle down..’ ‘Oh, God! Let this burning
flame douse now.’ ‘Oh, God! Let this burning
flame douse now.’ What has happened to you today? Nothing. I.. Do one thing. Hold this. C’mon. Iron the clothes.
I’ll get coffee for you. ‘Tears trickle down
those childish eyes.’ ‘Tears trickle down
those childish eyes.’ ‘What should I do as she
has asked me innocently?’ ‘What should I do as she
has asked me innocently?’ Take it. It’s gone cold. Okay. Put it off. ‘Tears trickle down
those childish eyes.’ Let’s go on an outing today. Where do you want to go? Anywhere. It’s been so many days
since we both.. I mean..
– Shall we go to Marine drive? What’s there? Whenever anybody comes to Bombay.. ..then he definitely goes to
see Marine drive and Juhu. Though we stay here, still.. Even we went in our beginning days. It’s been many years. Marine drive has also
changed a lot. Also? Mansi, there’s only one thing in
this world that can’t change. Which thing? That.. That.. The same.. changing thing. This city has really
changed so much. It seems nice. You might have certainly
seen it changing. While you daily go to the office. You pass from here, isn’t it? Yes. But, it doesn’t look nice
during day. Why? When there’s so much of light
wherein everything is visible.. ..then nothing seems to look nice. So many house all around.
But, not one for us. Let’s do one thing.
Should we go by walking? – C’mon. Please, stop. This.. take this. C’mon. It’s feels good to walk
on these paths. These paths make one wander. They do not lead anywhere. It seems failure turns a
man into a philosopher. What’s the time? 8:30. I couldn’t say what I wanted to say. God knows when will we have a house? Life’s getting over in this dream. If I tell you about Sapna.. Don’t know whether you’ll
be able to bear it or not? Until we don’t have a house.. It seems there’s a long way to go. She is a strange girl. If you’re unable to bear it
then I too can’t bear it. If you.. You want to say something? No. First you say. You said once, there
shall be a day.. ..when, while living
close to each other.. ..only the togetherness shall exist. The closeness will cease to exist. C’mon. Let’s go on honeymoon. Shall we go? One tea. One coffee.
– No. Both tea. I think we should end it here. You go back to your coffee. And, I’ll live with my tea. Now, I can’t leave tea. Neither you can leave coffee. Why don’t you understand? I understand;
and that’s why I’m saying. There’s no way out
of this dark lane. It’s not like that, Sapna. I try to say it everyday. But, everyday.. Everyday, some or the
other thing comes up. And, I remain where I was. The thing is not that.
The fact is that you love your wife. And, desire for me. You’re also like anyone else. You’re telling me
all this because.. ..I couldn’t say Mansi
that I don’t love her? Do know you we’re married
for how many years? Both of us.. Both of us are like a
support to each other. Since so many years
I thought I loved her. And, now I’ve understood
that I don’t love her. It’s, when I’ve fallen
in love with you. Now, you.. Don’t be so cruel. Don’t misunderstand me.
If I don’t say what I feel.. ..then, I will be lying to myself. I’m sorry. Whatever qualities that
I liked of yours.. ..were not of your own,
but that was your upbringing. That was a part of your culture
and your behavior. Or else, you’re also
like a common man. It’s only that I couldn’t identify you. I too was akin to the
bribe money for you. I am not worth any payment. Sapna.. I know.. I’ve known it. I.. I.. I don’t love Mansi. But, I.. But, I’ve another
relation with her. There’re other stems that grew
along since so many years. Now, they can’t be cut off.
They’ll have to be untied. It’ll take some time. Give me 24 days more.
That’s all. Fine. Whatever you want to do, do it fast. Or else, it might get difficult
for everybody. These days he’s been addicted
to comic books. Hey.
– Yes? Read the comic later and
drink the milk first. Kedar will be coming
to take the milk. To take what!? To take the comic. It happens when you concentrate
on two things. C’mon, first drink the milk. Can I go to your room to read it?
– Go. Be careful. Don’t spill the milk.
– Fine. How is it? Okay. Where’s your mind? Why? Drink it and see. Oh, yes. It just got off the mind. Why did you make it so light? The coffee is over. That’s why. It was my fault.
I forgot to bring it. It’s no big deal that you forgot.
But, how did that happen? It happened for the first
time in so many years. No problem. The shop’s close-by. Let’s get it. What happened? Don’t know. I think the muscle
twisted while sleeping. Did you apply something?
Some medication? I don’t know the illness,
how can I cure it? C’mon. It seems we’ve come
at the wrong shop. Excuse me, madam.
What do you want? Coffee! Do you’ve coffee?
– Of course. Which brand do you drink?
– Nescafe. You’ll certainly get it. Coffee addicts say that
Nescafe is the best. No. You eat brains too. Only for Nescafe. This won’t do. You want family size? There’s only one size
of the family.. ..small family, happy family. 22.50. Do you want anything else? I think we should end it here. You go back to your coffee. And, I’ll live with my tea. I understand;
and that’s why I’m saying. There’s no way out
of this dark lane. The fact is that you
love your wife. And, desire for me.
You’re also like anyone else. Whatever qualities that
I liked of yours.. ..were not of your own,
but that was your upbringing. That was a part of your culture
and your behavior. Or else, you’re also
like a common man. It’s only that I couldn’t identify you. I too was akin to the
bribe money for you. I am not worth payment. Whatever you want to do;
do it fast. Or else, it might get difficult
for everybody. Mansi. Are you awake? Turn over here. It’s paining in the back. I wanna say you something. Tell me. Turn a here.
Without facing you.. Then, leave it for now. Please. Here. That’s it. The thing is.. No, no. Let it be there. I don’t know why I couldn’t
tell you this till now. I forgot to tell you.
Babla came 2nd in the whole class. I know. I know. I have seen his report. Mansi! Before.. Before it’s too late.. I would want to tell you that.. Is it a marriage or some drama? We didn’t even do this much.
Just kept on saving. Mansi.
– Yes. I don’t love you, Mansi! I don’t love you! I don’t love.. I too loved you immensely. But.. Tell me one thing. You don’t love me? How did you come
to know about it? Will.. Will.. Will it help if you know that? Yes.. won’t. But.. But.. Do you? Amar! You’re in love with
someone else. You.. You.. Amar, did you hid the fact from
me that you love someone.. ..or was it I who couldn’t
know about it? I couldn’t be able to
tell this to you. I tried many a times, but.. Since when? Since when do you love her? Since a long time. I want to.. You loved someone since months.. ..and I couldn’t get
the wind of it. I couldn’t even feel her
in your fragrance. I touched you so many times. And.. And, I couldn’t.. ..even feel someone else. How dumb of me? The house that I dreamt
of is no more. But, Amar,
why did you tell it to me? You could have hidden it? I could have hidden it.
But, that would have been cheating. The one whom we don’t love.. ..we can’t really live
with that person. Really? So, you told me because
it’s wrong to live with me. Or, because,
it’s right to live with her? Isn’t both same? Are they? Of course, they’re same. Amar, we never fought for
so many years even though.. ..we were under the illusion
that we loved each other. And, today,
why are you getting angered.. ..when we know that we
don’t love each other. When I saw people beside us
fighting with each other.. ..I used to think there’s no
one on this earth like us.. ..who love each other so much. People get reasons
from quarrels.. break apart,
to get scattered.. ..and to get separated. Sometimes, that corner broke.. Sometimes, that piece shattered. And, now I think.. I too thought. I thought immensely. Where did we separate? Where did we break apart? Don’t know. Maybe, we didn’t break apart.
Just.. Don’t know. We haven’t broken apart.
Instead, we’ve gone stale. We’ve become stale
for each other. We’re just together while
living close to each other. We’re just living
for the sake of it. Anyway. Now.. You go to sleep. You go to sleep. Whatever has to happen.. What has to happen.. It has happened? What is the need of being tired now? The dawn has approached.
You’ll have to go to the office. Babla has to be sent
to the school. And, I’ve to take care
of the kitchen. Now, go to sleep. Daddy, sign on this please. Next time you must come first. If you teach me then
I’ll come first. Whether I teach you or not,
you’ve to come first. When will we go
on the honeymoon? Why should we go on the honeymoon?
– Why? We haven’t had a love marriage. Their love has gone stale
before even getting married. So, let them go to Kashmir
to freshen it up. My honey is here
and my moon is here as well. Sister, I’ve found a
house in your budget. Right now, I’m a bit busy.
So, I’ll fix the deal by Saturday. Hello, Amar sir. Oh god Oh god! Oh Blessed God! Listen. Can you bring her home for once. Whom? The one.. ..with whom you’re in love. Amar. We don’t love each other. But.. But, we are still
husband and wife. Maybe we’re not even that. As you love someone else. I won’t even keep this right. I’ll get aside from your way. Yet.. Yet, we’re something
to each other. So? I don’t know why?
But, I feel like seeing her for once. If, Babla’s marriage
is fixed somewhere.. ..won’t you feel like
seeing the bride? Babla and me..
Are we both alike? Are you not? You.. Have I brought anyone
home from the office? Have I ever taken
you to the office? Amar. Amar. Don’t be angry. The one who loves you..
has never seen you in fact. She has not even met you. She has just seen an accountant. When has she seen you? Tell her to look
at you for once.. the way you are;
in the way you are in your world. The way you don’t
like to wear a tie. You stay so displeased in the house. You hate accounts. The one that is your true self. Let her see it for once. Just by looking at an obligated
officer in the office.. ..does she think that
she has understood you? Do one thing.
Don’t tell her that you’ve told me. But, at least bring her
here for once. So that.. I’ll try. I don’t understand how
will I tell her that? I’ll see. Sharma sir, what’s the problem? Isn’t the typewriter
working today? Let alone the typewriter,
even the telephone is not working. The whole work is going inside. What are you looking there? When the girl was seated here;
we were not working. Now, the girl has gone in;
we’re unable to work. Tiffin, madam! Today, the Tiffin won’t go. Hey, you used to paint,
isn’t it? Yes. Not used to, madam, I still do. Come here and look. How many hours will it take
to paint this house? What is this, ma’am?
Nothing was done in all these years. And, now you want
it done in hours. Tell me fast,
how many hours will it take? If I do it alone then
it will take 3 days. And, if you permit
3 men to work then.. Will it be done by 4 p.m.? Yeah. I’ll bring 3 men
along tomorrow morning. I want it by today 4 p.m.
– Today!? My mother! It can be done with 4 men. ‘I tried identifying;
yet I couldn’t identify myself.’ ‘Hence, I couldn’t recognize myself.’ ‘I tried identifying;
yet I couldn’t identify myself.’ ‘I tried identifying.’ ‘When the sun spreads overhead.’ ‘There is shadows on the feet.’ ‘I had forgot that if one gets
shadow one gets warmth too.’ ‘ In this game of shadow and warmth,
I didn’t understand the game of life’ ‘I didn’t recognize myself,
I didn’t know myself.’ ‘I tried identifying;
yet I couldn’t identify myself.’ ‘I kept awake in some dreams.’ ‘But, I slept when I thought I was awake.’ ‘In the quagmire of sorrows.’ ‘I was lost and a bit forgotten.’ ‘I was ready to die for him;
but I couldn’t get his gesture.’ ‘I tried identifying;
yet I couldn’t identify myself’ ‘Hence, I couldn’t
recognize myself’ ‘I tried identifying;
yet I couldn’t identify myself’ ‘Hence, I couldn’t recognize myself.’ ‘I tried identifying.’ What are you looking at?
– You’re bad. You’re very bad. What did I do?
– Why don’t you keep the house like this? Why don’t you remain like this? You like it? Yes, very much. Mummy, should I go
To Kedar’s house. He has promised me
to give two comics. Go after having your milk.
And, stay there till I call you. Thank you, mummy. Look, Sapna. You’ve only seen
me in the office. And, I’m really not what
I’m in the office. I’m just an officer in the office.
And, nothing else. I feel that you haven’t
really seen me. What am I in the house?
How am I? You’ve never known it. You’ve to know me.
You’ve to ascertain my identity me. That’s very important. Now, see this pant, coat and tie.
I really don’t like all this. I wear this only for the office. And, the loads of perfume
That Mansi sprays on me. Do you know why is it? My sweat stinks. And, she doesn’t want anybody
else to know about it. I stay shabbily in the house. The way I’m organized
in the office.. quite different from the
way I stay in the house. And, I like that way. Maybe, if you see
me in the house.. might change your opinion. If, You feel that your
wife should see me.. Then, okay. I am game. She’ll come. She won’t. She’ll come. She won’t. She’ll come. What happened? Let’s go.
– Yeah. Mansi. This is Sapna. She works
with me in the office. Sapna, this Mansi. My wife. Come. Please, do come. Please come. What’s this? It’s tea. She drinks. The packet is very beautiful. The tea might also be nice. Hey, please, sit down. What? What was her name? Sapna. Sapna. A very beautiful name. What?
– I’ve seen for the first time. The name is as beautiful
as the face. And, the face is as beautiful
as the name. I’ll make the tea.
But, I don’t know to prepare tea. If, it isn’t made well, then..
– Let it be. I’ll have coffee. No, no. You should drink
what you like. It’s said, that a person
gets rid of his habits.. ..but, he shouldn’t
get rid of his likes. Sit down. I’ll be back. You’re in your own house. Why are looking around
like guests? Sit down. Sit down. Look at me.
Do I look like a guest? I’m in my own house. Tell me something. Where’s that disorganized
and untidy house of yours? I don’t know.
– What? Speak in a low voice.
The ears are sharp. The eyes are sharper. Hey, I was thinking.. You two sit. I’ll wash
myself and come back. No, you be seated. I was thinking what to
make along with tea. Will sandwiches be okay?
– Lovely. I like sandwiches very much. He also likes them very much. Every person is busy and the
one who has less time.. ..likes sandwiches very much.
It’s very practical. I too was saying the same thing. I’ll soon be back. Two minutes. I’m feeling sticky. She’s gone to make sandwiches. You’re going to wash your face. What am I supposed to
do sitting lonely? You do watch a film alone. Am I here to watch a film? Those who can watch a film
alone can do anything alone. And, if there’s nothing to
do then what should one do? Forget it. Go. Or else, you feel stickier. Listen. I’m in the bathroom. Hey! He left you alone?
Men are always like this. Take it. Yours. I shall be formal with you.. Are you married? No. Do you stay with your parents?
– No. I stay with a girlfriend. How is it?
– The aroma is quite great. How old is your son? He’ll complete 8 in the next month. Drink it and see.
I really don’t know to make tea. It’s really very good. It must be done. What are you doing for so long? It seems that he is
shying from us. I’ll just call him. Good. The girl is very good. She’s very fortunate. I don’t know how the lover is.
You know it very well. But, she’ll make a good wife. You’ll be happy.
You’ll be very much happy. I’ll leave you. He’s combing. Your sari is very nice.
Where did you purchase it? This sari?
– Yes. It’s quite old.
It’s a common sort of thing. Sometimes, common things
become special. Sometimes, it happens in reverse. Are you getting late or what? Your tea is getting cold. And, Sapna is also getting late. Wait for a minute,
he’ll drop you to your house. No, no. I’ll go alone.
I’m used to it. You might be going alone
from the office. But, you can’t go from my house. Go. Drop Sapna. Hey, drink your tea at least. Yeah, drink it. No. Let it be. It’s gone cold. Okay. I’ll leave now. I’m glad that you came home. It was nice that I met you. I’ll leave. Hey! Daddy is seated in darkness! Daddy, I’ll also have coffee today. What happened? What’s the hurry? It’s hot.
Blow on it and drink. ‘Life shouldn’t be like flowers.. ..yet it should have their aroma’ ‘Life shouldn’t be like flowers
yet it should have their aroma’ ‘Life shouldn’t be like flowers
yet it should have their aroma’

Michael Martin

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  1. Sharmila ,shabana n smita patal sanjev best n fine artist ,i diehearted fan of non-commercial cenima ,gulzar ,the best he belong our punjab in pakistan ,,,,,,,,,from pakistan

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    Anyways,these bengali actresses just rock!!

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  4. This movie gives the wonderful message to everyone very quietly…that…"Live happily every time …whatever will be the situation…do not wait for the perfect moment….try to make the every moment perfect and enjoy it..otherwise you will loose the interest in your current life…and …you will try to find out the happiness elsewhere…But the real happiness is within you & your home…just you want to remove the dust over it and repaint it with the new colors…then you will get the real picture of the life.." This "Grihapravesh" does not shows the entry in the home but it showed the real entry within your happy life. Movie is slow but watch it till the end.

  5. Movie is excellent but the dress of Sapna is inappropriate. No lady going to office dresses like this. Also, the character of Mrs Joshi is very shabbily dressed. Working women are usually impeccably dressed

  6. sarmilaji, sanjivkumar and Sarika..All done best. fabulous acting. love and respect to each of you. wonderfull message given by this movie..

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    Gulzar sahab the legend was way ahead of his time… Epic reality beautifully portrayed in a realistic and to the heart manner!!


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  13. I loved how Sharmila handles the situation. She doesn't cry, doesn't go hysteric, blames neither Sanjeev Kumar nor Sarika. She treats the whole incident like a mother tolerating a child gone astray for a while. She realises that her marriage is going stale and is quick enough to give it an uplift by colouring the walls and by doing a long needed round of the beauty parlour. I also liked the way Sanjeev Kumar leaves Sarika halfway in the end and a marriage procession walks between them proving that marriage always wins over an affair!!!!!

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