Greedy wife threatened to ‘Bobbit’ husband; divorce granted

Greedy wife threatened to “Bobbit” husband A 55-year old Chiayi man named Yeh who takes on any work to make ends meet
married a 21-year old Chinese bride 11 years ago. He thought he had bagged a beautiful wife but nobody knew she did no housework while demanding NT$20,000 per month pocket money. She visited China twice a year each time asking for another NT$300,000. After three years he had no more money left. “If you don’t give me money I’ll cut your pecker off.” When family tried to mediate she just shouted at them. “He’s too old and can’t get it up. I need sex.” Last August after Yeh was seriously injured in a car crash his wife neglected him and returned to China. She didn’t come back. Yeh applied for a divorce at the Chiayi Court and after listening to the evidence and failing to hear from his wife
it was granted. [Gender specialist] If you discover that she can’t get along with you, there is no feeling and all she wants is money then in the end you should call it quits. Apple Action News.

Michael Martin

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