Grand Opening | Josephine officially opens TNW Conference 2016

but it will be mistake to see me as an 11 year old because you're looking at is the future I'm the future I'm going to be your customer your cryptic your poems your competitor I'll be your at your enemy your biggest fan the person you will pay your bills I will help you out where our trouble I'm the one who is separate from the world's problems or our fix them today is the first day of the sculptures and I'm the opening act in this three days you will learn a lot you might do you only to thank your partner friends your business in a big or small way that will be progress it won't just be ordinary progresses it will be essential and molar mental progress at the next web they believe that technology is essential for the future of mankind and it is making the world a better place I can't solve all the world's problems in one go but together we can increase our knowledge making the world a better place at fance our collective state of being that's the waste of all the world's problems by improving every aspect of it that's my set I want you to have you're not just here to be inspired you're not just here to do business the work you're doing is making the world a better place you're not just doing this for yourself or for me you're doing this what is it to me and for your future self my name is Josephine and I'm 11 years old and on behalf of next web and my future self I hope you have a great conference ladies and gentlemen please give a warm welcome to the co-founder of The Next Web Boris belt house and Franz Anton thank you and welcome to Amsterdam two years ago we had the king of the Netherlands I've got his name which you all know him last year we have daily cruise and this year we thought how can we top that and we asked Josephine I hope you enjoyed that so this is the 11th edition of the next web conference and about 10 years ago a little bit more than 10 years ago me and Patrick my co-founder were sitting together and we were looking for a place to launch one of her products and we figured let's do a conference and I remember Patrick saying like the famous last words how hard can it be and you know you're in trouble when somebody on your team says that but we organized the conference and it was 250 people in a slightly smaller room than this and you got to imagine that we did almost everything ourselves so every chair that was there we pulled in I put up the Wi-Fi which of course didn't work we welcomed every visitor we announced every speaker asked them questions and I don't think we serve lunch but we were close and then we cleaned up the whole room in the evening and it was a very stressful event and then we thought well but the second one will be easier which of course was harder than ever because it was bigger and we still were doing everything and this continued for like the first six events was just super stressful and now this event is a hundred times bigger than the first offer ins which is amazing and as you can imagine it's not just I was doing it anymore not just me and Patrick we've got a whole team and this Monday I went to like in the morning I did a workouts and then I had some breakfast and I took a sauna and I arrived at the office at 11:00 and I saw Patrick sitting here and I went up to him and I said Patrick Patrick this is the week this is the week it's this week do you remember like in the past when we will be so stressed out and panic this is now where we can just sort of relax and of course panic struck and then you know no more relaxing for us but that first event and actually that every event since then always felt like our own personal private party and the best compliment I ever received was a journalist and it was this was three years ago and he said when you walk around at the next web it doesn't feel like a business conference it feels like a private party thrown by Boris and Patrick and our big question our challenge is to grow this another ten times a hundred times I don't know what the what the maximum is but we want to go until or stop before it becomes a business conference I want you to always feel like you can approach me ask me anything if you're stuck at the toilet and there's no toilet paper you tweet me and I'll come and save you that's that's the promise it's kind of weird for all the stuff I do this is what you give me your blouse for but anyway I I appreciate it so I hope you're going to have a great conference I want to invite my good friends pepp Roosevelt to the stage and he's going to take you through the whole conference and announce all the speakers and again I hope you have a great time thank you

Michael Martin

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  1. This company says “WHITE MALES ARE RUINING THIS COUNTRY”. Could somebody please remind them of just how many WHITE MEN DIED to Keep your freedoms intact? A little event called WW2? Never heard of it you say? Of course you haven’t. This country is so busy following tech BS like these idiots, that youve forgotten what’s important. You would all be speaking German right now if thousands of WHITE MALES didn’t get off their ass to go die in some foreign land. So quickly you forget. So quickly you all become so soft. I miss my strong country. Not this…..joke

  2. This is the most chilling opening of a conference I ever experienced! Children are the future @TNWConference. #MakeTheWorldABetterPlace

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