Good Growth Conference

the good growth conference is more than you know usual conference we're really bringing together a philosophy around what does multi-stakeholder collaboration look like in a depth of thoughtful way and if you apply that to the fact that we're really trying to change sectors and change systems in terms of sustainable production in agriculture and we're gonna live that in Lima and then also in the Amazon when we move there then that's partly just to be in the space of the forest that we're hoping to save often what we find is that people feel quite isolated in their work even though there are lots of other people doing similar things a lot of what we need to do is about persuading other people to change their mind or to cooperate or to shift values people will feel like more motivated more connected inspired and supported to do what is really big work and really important work in the world like in and now is the time we are a kind of point in the planet where I think we need everybody to feel like we can do something to get us back on track

Michael Martin

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