So we’ve all been there before, you’re
walking down the street you turn a corner and bam!! You’ve run into an ex.
Half a you wants to run away half of you doesn’t know what to do or say but
you’re there and you’re in the moment. I had this happen a couple of days ago and it really got me thinking because I’ve seen such a contrast between the person
who I was when I was in a breakup moment to the person that I am now years later.
How many of you have sat back and really looked at your breakups and your
relationships and what you’ve learned in the process? Believe it or not everyone
that you are in contact with, everyone that you talk to is in your life for a
reason even if they’re there for 30 seconds. Find the lesson and why somebody
is in your life. I wasn’t loving myself the way that I needed to I was looking
for that person to show me all the love that I needed. I was looking to that
person to tell me that I was special that I was worthy and it took that
breakup it took that breakup for me to realize that I needed to listen to
myself now I needed to focus on me. I needed to depend on me and I needed to
love myself. Self love shines brighter shines so much brighter then the neglect that you might feel from somebody who says they no longer
want to be with you. Another relationship I had years ago we fought like cats and dogs our communication was way off. We’ve all been there before right? Where you you just can’t seem to to click and then you find yourselves in this
whirlwind of argument and yelling and and it just doesn’t make any sense. I realize I needed to work on my communication not getting that person to
understand what I’m saying. I needed to understand them. If you’re going through
a break right now if you’re feeling alone if
you’re feeling let down you can learn from these moments. It’s not about
sinking into the depths of darkness it’s about floating up into the light of
learning. Feeling finding having that happiness at all times no matter what. Turn that break up into a breakthrough Find something that makes you feel good
about you. Not the relationship, not who you were in the relationship, not how the
relationship made you feel. How do you feel, by yourself, who are you right now? Am I proud of this person, am i loving the way I’m moving, am i loving where I’m going? If somebody says they don’t want you
that is their problem because you are beautiful somebody out there is going to
want you but you have to want yourself first you have to love yourself first
you cannot get anything that you can’t serve yourself remember that. If you
don’t see it for yourself, if you don’t see it in yourself you’re never gonna
get it from somebody else. The only thing that’s gonna happen when you keep looking to outside things, outside people, is they’re gonna let you down until you
learn that you’re your biggest fan that you are perfect exactly how you are that
you have growth that you have learning that you have the ability to move and
change and be the best version of yourself. No more asking the universe why
me, what did I do wrong, what do I need to change, who do I need
to be to get this person. NO, the questions you say are what is it that I am supposed to learn right now What is it that I’m supposed to be gaining right
now? Remember every relationship is a mirror so whatever you see wrong in your
partner or whatever you think was wrong with the relationship slap
that right back on to you and start to work on that Maybe this is a time for
you to sit with yourself a little while Self-love is the best love – take yourself
out on a date, buy yourself some flowers, Shower yourself with compliments Let me
know in the comments below if you’ve had any breakthroughs through a breakup are
there any lessons that you’ve really really learned that you didn’t see in
the moment but a few months to a year(s) later, you realize that actually
everything happens exactly the way it’s supposed to be.

Michael Martin

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