Gogol Bordello – American Wedding

Michael Martin

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  1. I went to an Ukranian-American wedding once and it was a blast. There were groups of dancers with complicated choreography competing against each other. They were a joy to watch.

  2. I was an extra in that video 🙂 15 years ago, almost forgot about It:-) We shot in the middle of the night in Brooklyn. It was wild.

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  4. Heard he mentioned Trump in the song. Had to look up the video for all the political talk, and i am not disapointed at all.

  5. Женя очень тонкий тролль))) могёт.
    И да уважаемые комментаторы, вы заебали уже нести политоту в комментрии к музыкальным клипам.
    В группе есть и украинец и еврей и русский и на сколько я помню белорус и поют они на всех возможных для себя языках. Музыка должна объединяться людей, а вы пытаетесь разделиться людей на сорта. Заколебали блеать.

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  7. He's got a point about American weddings…we're all stiff and formal. I had more fun at my grandmothers' funeral than at the one and only wedding I've been too, because Nana's funeral had an open bar and a buffet (though it was smoked salmon rather than pickled herring…I took a plate of it home, but it got left under the seat of my Dad's Kia and was not found until it started to smell). All told, though…weddings are supposed to be FESTIVE, and we don't really do them right!

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