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God has given us a user’s manual for how to have a successful relationship. A user’s manual for how to live your life, and it’s called the bible. And so we need to go back to what God says in his word because he tells us how to have a marriage that will last a lifetime. To have a successful marriage two things must happen there must be a leaving and a cleaving. Remember that statement in the book of genesis For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother and be joined unto his wife and the two shall become one flesh. Then we read later and God called their name Adam so God saw Adam and Eve as one person and when a man and a woman come together in marriage They become one flesh in the sight of God so now what you want to do is leave and cleave And that’s something to do for the rest of your life first you leave leave what you leave all other relationships and by that I mean I’m not saying you’re no longer a son or a daughter to your parents or a sibling but I’m saying now there’s a number one relationship in your life And that number one relationship is that with your spouse whose bone of your bones and flesh of your flesh so I leave all other relationships and I make this my number one priority second only to my relationship with God. Does that make sense Number two there is a cleaving now the word cleave, means to be permanently glued together Actually the word implies there’ll be irreparable damage if the two are separated so it doesn’t mean i’m stuck to that person But I’m glued to that person, big difference. In other words I’m holding on to the person so I leave other relationships I’m holding on to my wife or to my husband Ephesians, chapter 5 verse 31 For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother And be joined to his wife and the two shall become one flesh This is a great mystery but I speak concerning Christ and the church Nevertheless lead each one of you in particular love his own wife as himself and the wife see that she respects her husband. So much I can say, let me just riff for a moment on those statements. If you would just do that It would transform your marriage do what Love your wife as Christ loves the church If you would just do that, by the way that’s a tall order Men are the initiators Men need to take point Men need to lead spiritually and men need to love their wife as Jesus loves his Church, putting her needs above his own. You girls are saying you you preach it to my husband Greg Yeah, but girls what does it say to you. Wives respect your husband Respect him, isn’t it interesting that it says respect him should you not love him, yes you’re told to do that elsewhere but in particular it says respect Women need love, men need respect That’s not to say women don’t need respect And men don’t need love but it is to say this passage says husbands love your wives and it says wives respect your husband. Are you respecting your husband girls Don’t ever tear your husband down in front of other people Denigrate him, make him the brunt of a joke When’s the last time you thanked him for what he does for you the sacrifices he makes for you. And how are we to love our wives men. Were to love her as Christ loves the church. And how did Christ show His love for the church. He died on the cross for the church, he died on the cross for the world. He died on the cross for all of humanity No greater love do we have than this and a man lay down his life for his friends and Jesus laid His life down for us and he sacrificed his life for us so we could come into a relationship with him and we could be forgiven of all of our sin. You know it’s an amazing thing of all of the illustrations God could have given us to show his love for humanity and to show how people who believe love him he chose marriage Love your wife as Christ loved the church so Jesus is effectively saying hey world that doesn’t believe check this out you see the way that christian husband loves his wife that’s how much I love my church look at that example. And then he says, hey people look at that lady there that married woman. You see how much he loves her husband that’s how much my church loves me. That’s why it’s so important to keep our marriages together because it’s a powerful witness to a lost world

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  1. amazing words of what marriage truly means, helps an individual like me, God should be the foundation of marriage.

  2. Right.But it's very difficult at present time to find a spouse like that. .There are various instances when a spouse hide various things from his/her partner , flirt other peoples.

  3. Please pray for my ex, we spent 6 years together but had to split because we are not married, he was my everything but does not want to accept Jesus and doesn't understand how important this is ..he wants us to continue but I'm trying to be close to God and pray for forgiveness for spending 6 years with a man I was not married with please pray for him to understand that at least there is a god up there in the sky, I tried to explain him a lot of times but doesn't take it seriously… please pray for him and me , pray for me to keep strong I want to repent and give my life to Jesus and I want to get baptized but I'm a sinner my thoughts are still not right but please pray for me and him, and I will pray for you too ..

  4. Awesome, on-time and relevant word for the people of God!
    Shalom "Peace"
    Minister Shanda
    "Marriage between a Christian man and a woman is honorable unto the Lord!"
    It's institution is truly a powerful witness to a lost world!"

  5. One man and one woman for life – that's the only definition God created for marriage as exemplified in Adam and Eve. Any other union claiming to be a marriage is a counterfeit of Satan.
    "This explains why a man leaves his father and mother and is joined to his wife, and the two are united into one." Genesis 2:24

  6. Excellent! At a time marriage is undervalued and seen as foolish, this depicts it perfectly! It has always been the best for most people.

  7. This is good. Important. I was told that marriage doesnt mean the same no more. Its just a piece of paper. Why did they get married? This person did not have a good example at home and was not taught it. If a parent is doing it and have no values then what does that child see. Smh

  8. Pray for those people who come together and marry in Gods name. Only for one to walk away and leave their partner after losing respect

  9. Daddy God,I m surrendering my life at your feet.U have seen my singleness and I believe at the suitable time you are going to bring that person into my life…I believe me and my family (together) will serve you.
    I trust you,Lord n Ur timing…
    Journey is long way but God I believe you are with me and guiding me..

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  12. Really a stunning advice for me on behalf of what Christian outlook is regarding a Husband & Wife relationship is ….! Really Great ….Oh ..! How i wish I were born a Christian …..Bless me Christ …

  13. Been married x2 outside of Christ. Both marriages came to and end. Now I can look back and know I was looking for a fairytale love because I never received this as a child growing up. Now that I’m born again and Christ is the centre of my life. Most wonderful gift from God above to live in his righteousness and be free from all condemnation.

  14. god knows that we are not perfect if you make a mistake but it's not intentionally then we are forgiven through Jesus Christ . now as for your husband you might think he doesn't believe in God but remember one thing God knows his thoughts you might be surprised he might tell you that he doesn't believe in God but in this heart of mine he does like I said only God knows him and as for your sins if you believe in Jesus Christ and don't sin again then you are forgiven don't dwell on the past take each day as if it was your last day and always put God first in your life through Jesus Christ our Lord and savior and don't worry about your husband he'll be fine keep praying for him that's all you can do and I hope these words conference your heart and mind leave everything up to God through Jesus Christ have faith amen

  15. ❤️🙌🏽♥️ praying for that special someone . It will come at the right time , only God knows when 🥰

  16. That was very true I wish I would've been straight head known this ahead of time was straight headed no excuses or nothing but my illness was driving me crazy and we both had a lot of learning to do I'm glad to hear this because it makes alot of sense and does lead you to a victory of a strong marriage thank you that message helps and puts me on level ground it told me alot thank you again god bless you🙂

  17. Here I am Lord, am ready now… in my waiting, I was kinda saying until am ready and the perfectionist in me keep telling not ready.. o Lord I will be good as we go along.. just ready this way

  18. We married because we don't know how to cut out our own flesh, we can pass all the 10 commandment but only one thing we cannot pass is our own flesh that's why married and experience it and learn, if between love and hate; words might say; stop don't even try many times like you try at Patmos! If it says stop and you arguing you will still stay at Narnia dark world mix in 3 way pass unto your children again but if not arguing can be free and wait on GOD'S WILL ONLY to see real connection between love and love. If GOD put two people together only HIM will separate them.

  19. That's why don't choose between love and hate; you might stock like me but I choose it because I didn't know if I pray GOD'S can hear us. Now I am scare to pray about everything, I just pray JESUS CHRIST PRAYERS! Even somebody will say; they want to hear what I pray about, cannot. Only prayer of JESUS CHRIST I know!

  20. I sure do hope I meet the woman I’m meant to be with soon. I’m tired of being single lol. But I’m waiting patiently on God

  21. Yes Jesus is our rock a firm foundation to build our faith upon. Who can be against us if God is for us praise God Amen

  22. I'm currently waiting on that special lady who is ordained for me, I'm tired of being single plus I'm doing God's will

  23. So beautiful 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

    God loves us that's why we love others 🤗🤗🇮🇳✝️✝️✝️✝️

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