hi guys welcome back to my channel today it's time to start a little bit of her any busy time to start playing with me cup for my wedding day I am going to be doing my own makeup from a wig and a lot of you guys have been asking me if that's the case and yes I'm going to be doing my own makeup I obviously play with makeup all the time I have a really good idea of what works for my skin my kind of favorite way to look also so I thought today it was a great day to sit down and do something like a taper Bridal makeup I've got no idea what I'm gonna end up looking like the reason it today is a good day for it is because I am going for my first dress fitting I also need to be looking somewhat like a braid and yeah I'm super excited so let's just get right into the first thing that we're going to do is our skincare at night I love my skincare routine at the moment my skin is really good apart from I've got a couple of little wing bones on my face but that's fine we're going to start with the early annex and Siraj brightening gel cream just a warning for you guys pretty much all the products that you're gonna see here are things that I have used in the past so I'm gonna take some of my shine sorry we're just gonna apply a nice even light layer all over so you get most of the products that you're gonna see here today are things that I have used things that can work right now at 10 a.m. my Jeff Sutton said why not but I'm going to keep my makeup on all day and wanted to check in with you guys later to see how it we lasted the winter in Scotland today is sunny I have a busy day so it's just a good kind of idea to see if my makeups gonna last I'm gonna be using the glossy 8 bubble wrap I have actually been using this a lot since I got it I really like it so I'm going to take that on my ring finger we're gonna apply that right under the eye yeah I just think it's super hydrating also we built mullet good refresh we're ready oh god I'm nervous for either favorite this is probably the only product here that you guys haven't seen it this is the air board Ian bamboo mat potent effect cream primer I'm gonna use this today just to see how we go only thing that I'm thinking is I really do not want to be shiny on and a leak in the center of my face I have used it before just not on camera I said it's got a powder effect or whatever it does not feel like powder on like a jail I am really interested to see how it works with my foundation choice because there are some products here that I'm going to use to date that I am pretty sure I'm going to be wearing on my wedding day I'm not going to tell you what they are right now because I want to see how we walk you can see my skin still kind of looks a little bit glory it's not too matte for a foundation I am going to be mixing my NARS natural radiant long word friend ation and these shade I think it's a circus you know and I'm also going to be mixing Stromboli and the sheer glow foundation so I'm going to go some shake I'm going to take one pump of the sheer glow and two pumps of the natural radiant mix that the back of my hand we're gonna play that although one piece of advice that I have is on your wedding day if you usually real natural makeup maybe don't go Phil Gramm and if you're a glam bitch like me don't go nacho pioneers would you want to look different on your wedding day right over months because I've heard quite a lot of makeup I did feel the pressure to be more of a natural bride because that is what kind of people talk about but I am NOT doing that I just want to look like my best self you know I want to feel great I want makeup to last but I also don't mean I look different I don't want to look crazy different male agent David quest I want to be able to look back at the pictures and just be like yep that's what I look like that was a very good makeup day you know and the reason that I think mixings a good idea for me is because I don't know hoped and I'm gonna be on a day I'm not gonna be rude and fake tan but I do catch the stone stupid easily and we will be in Italy for a little while before we get married Scotland it's getting really good weather at the moment and I am gonna be sunbathing I've said this before on my channel I am a Sun worshipper I've slept in loved it I know it's not good for me but I don't flip and care the Sun makes me happy and you can see you've still got a little bit and something going on with the doing this but it does just feel a wee tiny bit more matte in the center but I'm excited to see how we kind of melt through the date or concealer I'm gonna use radiant creamy concealer in the shade ginger I just this concealer I think that it's perfect coverage I'm not gonna get any surprises I know exactly how this concealer works I'm will use it for so long so I'm just gonna do my usual spots that Cramer definitely does feel more matte than usual but I don't think I mean we'll see how we get on ones or other products or on the brush amusement as the Smith won 5-1 it's like the huge version of the foundation brush I love flawless I'm also super interested to hear if you guys are in a year of married and if you have any tips or advice for me on your red and day makeup wise because I've never done this before I'm really happy with that I think that's a really nice flawless base these skin products are just my favorite but one last came product to use and it is eight blush this is the nudies matte Oliver bronze color and sunkissed I know that I need a little bit of blush on the day just to make sure that I'm looking alive so I'm just gonna apply that on top of my friend ation just on the kind of apples of my cheeks and going into the corn to it a little bit so you can see it is a kind of deep drawers color is more of a kind of Belushi bronze and I'm just gonna blend that and with my foundation brush oh my god brushing your bronze that is literally my worst nightmare I know the Lord's you guys love blusher but I really need the whole thing to be going on tomber blushing okay now we're going to go in with the hoola can Emil and the Smith would 1/8 brush whatever I say that I just think about advert with the two guys the trends or money well not always but you know I mean we do go in with a ruler and I'm just gonna start to bronze up my face and I'm using a best brush just know just to get the lines of exactly what I want it and I'm being really sneaky you guys best white t-shirt is the closest thing you're gonna see to me an address until the way I don't sorry yeah I'm just keeping it a big secret I do not want Jack see me in a wedding dress before the birthday I do not want you guys to see me in a wedding dress before the birthday but after were married I am making a Kenneth log all of it awaiting Jace you always have something to watch after but up until then it's a secret I'm just gonna use the bronzer in the sales models and I know that I'm gonna be and the heat when I'm away but I'm not becuase my famiiy cup doesn't really tend to move like I've been in for a beauties heat and Vegas and my makeup stayed on really well and when I was there at there was worth nourish so I used all these base products and it was perfect for highlighter I'm gonna use Baker ol pal and I'm going to strategically just place that right there I'm not bringing it too close to the apples of my cheeks so we're still gonna have a blinding highlight but we're just not gonna be like highlight or everywhere you know when you put highlighter and everywhere there's more of a chance of you lookin a little bit kind of sweaty especially in the heat a little bit above the brows well oh and if you think I'm getting married without 10 – your second wrong I'm so excited Teli clean all my brushes and pack them away for the wedding I'm so excited to like pack my weight and makeup bag I know that that's quite funny but let me know if that's something that you guys wanna watch because I will be getting really quite Brian advance just saw almost I was good to go and I know that I've not forgotten anything came for powder I am going to be using the Maybelline fit me loose powder as just my favorite pose oh and I know that for touch-ups I think I'm gonna be taking my shower to carry powder so I'm not used this in a little while it is pretty expensive but this is just the nicest HD powder it makes everything look flawless it's so good for photography and its really nice for touch-ups because it's so fine and true weird in taste oil I think I'm gonna take this with me today and just do blotting touch ups a funny – but I'm not going to be applying anymore other makeup than this maybe my lipstick I'll let you know what the end of the day I'm not gonna bake my eyes at the moment I'm just gonna take a little bit of powder and the lid and we're just gonna buff that under the eye and that's what's going to mattify everything down and I'm also going to use those pod so just around my mouth because I'm always constantly flappin and it gets oily and then a little touch of this podo at the sides of the nose at this stage I'm gonna set my face for the first time so Oh No oh really really dry the stone just imagine me in the way guys having heart palpitations like yes oh please say one please say one I'm gonna zoom you in and let's do our eyes and our rows so you guys today we're going to go in with Li and little pimp or weed baby I'm not used this in so long and I'm gonna bust out or in with a pie shadow brush and this way we definitely are not using too much I am terrified of using too much eyeshadow primer and it being to keep me and my eyes creasing imagine oh my god the murders would be doomed so we're gonna play that a nice lately if you guys are new here and you don't know about my love for lien law theories and I love it so much it's because look that satified it's not too late I do not want a light eyeshadow primer like the P Lewis base is great but it's too late for me I know you can get that some colors but it's also too sick for me frightened day although I'm gonna be a glam honey I'm doing one big sec eyeshadow primer this is the morphe m44 one buff and a nice light layer right over my eye and to the foundation up to the brow and we're just go end with an oldie but goodie this is the minimalist palette by Elysee cosmetics I have talked about those laws on my channel it's just such a beautiful neutral palette is so easy well I definitely be using this on the day don't know really not sure and I'm gonna go in with the light shade in the palette and we're gonna just do a little sweep of that all over just to say everything basically I just went to make it so beautifully blended and seamless that you know it just looks like I was born a little smokey eye so we're gonna go in with this shade first the neutral color and we're going to start building that up in the crease and I'm just doing my usual shape of smokey eye we're gonna do more intense notes a bringing that into it and Sade I think with way to make up the biggest thing for me is just being able to take my time because when I take my time I can just make sure that every step I do is the best I can possibly do it which means the makeup in general will just look a little bit more flawless I think because I am quite slapdash with my makeup so many times even though it's a light color ever do a nice big smokes and we're just leaving the arch of the brow three of product a great trick for under eyes and you really want it to last is to use a pen so fresh so I'm gonna use a pencil under my eyes to start getting a little bit small clear so I'm gonna apply it and then straight away get a brush and just smudge that and a little bit but see that that is not going anywhere right so we're gonna do that now and I this pencil by the way is the dose of colors eyeliner and unbox brushes the blank canvas eat or eat and then I'm gonna go in with a slightly bigger brush and we're gonna just go in with the color that we used on the top over the pencil and just make sure it's all tie in and I think I'm not getting my without as a smokey under eyes so there's that okay so I know it looks a little bit bottom heavy at the moment like me but when I've do my wings it's all gonna tie in great no I'm just gonna go in with the same shade and we're just gonna bring that one to the length of little but a layer and a wash it's gonna be it for me for the eyes this is this fun thing ever it tastes and it oh it's I can see in pictures today and see how it wears and stuff we've got eight weeks until the way then from when I'm filming this video so we've got Lord to paint to play around with ideas okay maybe just a tiny little bit of this dark brown make it a little bit more intense just in that era coroner yeah like that for our eyeliner I'm going to be using the Englert 77 gel liner I do like our sail tech pin from my eyes and I do like brush pain but I do find them a little bit unpredictable weeding through the sometimes the bleeds the best one in my opinion is the next epic ink liner but the last year I've had have exploded on me so I'm just not taking that risk did he's not a bit risks so what I've got here is my 77 Lena my dude Elaine and I also have my Smith two or three brush that actually has jelly Noronha already which is not great I've all have clean brushes emergency I'm gonna take one drop of Judah Lane and put it in a lid of the jail and this is just gonna help the product be a wee bit more malleable or the capillary and it's also gonna help me break down the product that's already on the brush so I'm going to click quiet during this but I'm going to do my little wings that I love doing our can I have your on the outside by Angwin Acharya on pretty much intimate and a coroner so let's just see how that's cool these winter taking me a little while I started using my gel then I thought it would be a good idea to go in with the fly liner but this is quite old and it's dried up so I'm just taking my time to make them perfect I think you're gonna end up being a little bit bigger than what I wanted but that's fine because we've got a little Saint Agnes I'm gonna have to listen to like classical music or something on the day to make sure I get this right absolutely not my famous work but I do think I managed to can achieve it they are just a little bit bigger than what I was planning but that's absolutely fine for our mascara I'm gonna be using the Maybelline lash sensational I absolutely love this mascara and I've done loads of weird tastes on it and it seems to be one of the ones that doesn't crumble or smudge on my eyes so we're gonna apply a little layer of that on the top because we will be wearing lashes and then apply it on the bottom as well that is one of the things that I honestly do not know port and we end up weird but I've picked up these ones from tacky lashes I am gonna be reading filler lashes on the date because there's my jam so these are the TL for get em I cut them to size and let's stick them on one thing that I'm definitely going to do is I'm going to use the gel liner for sure but I'm also going to use pin because it's so much easier to get this Lane on top of my lashes with a pain and I think the one I'm going to use as the ruler liner by benefit in black I use the drain one all the time I love the brown one so much for my weddings for I'm a little frayed curl so I'm going to be using a black one and then it for my brows I'm gonna not go mental so I'm gonna be using my benefit gimme brow I'm gonna just check that on first you know I gave my brows a trim so when I stand all the hairs up straight they go in a lane so I'm just doing this to see the shape we've got oh they're actually really nice house funny guys I've never used these ones before but I think they're just the perfect amount a thickness and cuddle for me because they're not actually as big as some of the ones I usually wear I don't know if you get me when I say this but I like my eyes to look almost a little bit sleepy like that gimme brow we're going with Capri and I'm just enhance the shape in certain areas depression good name with as amorphous the m15 8 the color I use in Cobra is 3 and make that arch nice and strong and by that I mean filling and you can see the difference all roads are just a little bit of felon in and I'd like the tail of the road to be Peretti devane's but the front of the rover can leave I just think anything too harsh on my braids can make me look quite severe and I do not mean looking severe but when my wedding day I do want to look not softer but you know just lace angry I want to look like I'm having a nice time ok happy with that wait Stan wrote into her lips okay so this is how I look at the moment I actually think that the wings are really nice I don't really think that anyone would be shocked if I had wings this big on the on the big day let's put a little bit of our all-pole and our inner corner and honor browbone now for our lips I'm going to be doing a little bit of a cork deal today because again that's another thing I'm not 100% on yet something else I'm really excited for is like sitting down and writing a list of all day like necessities things not to forget like a sharpener scissors tweezers robe Reaser all that good stuff so again let me know if you want me to to chat to you guys about that kind of stuff very good packing now very efficient and I haven't lost anything or forgot anything in ages touchwood so the first thing I'm gonna lay my lips with is one of my favorite look for you knows this is anywhere caffeine by make up forever and I'm gonna just go straight in with this first and get an overall shape now I'm going to be over drawing my lips a little bit for the weigh-in but I am going to be very careful not to do it too much so let's start in the middle and the key to over drawing is just over join the center keeping the sides made from natural okay so I can actually really nice shape the only thing that I'm worried about is if I'm any more tenderness on the day this is going to be quite late so what I've got as Mac lip liner and cork which I really love it but it is quite a dark brain so let's just see how we get on I'm just gonna use that right in the top lip just to get nice definition and in the center on the bottom okay so we look a little bit more defined this is the make up for ever pencil infill skill rust I don't it's good no it's good a little bit into the center and then the lipstick I'm going to use is actually my lipstick so this is my Mac Jimmy Genevieve lipstick is Aldo but Brown Thomas if you're Irish has someone late so that is the only place you can get it and apart from that it's going but I know that I will be using something like that somewhere away from day but I will be changing up the color a little bit with lip liners so let's just have a look and see and then I'm just going to use my lip liners again just to kind of blend in the color and give it a little bit more life I'm almost tempted to go in with the Sunkist Mac so that is my lipstick and I just Pat it on the Sunkist all over bronze color I don't know if I'm going to use that in your lips but I'd just be and then I'm going to go in with a shantak a powder right now this is a process you guys but trust the process this is only or by urban decay and when you go in with that next and I've still got my powder in my home because I'm going to wait for this to dry and then go in one last time with powder and that my friends should be as finished this is the longest I've spent in my makeup in so long and I love in early Jack parents see me wait you a girly nice yeah very nice maybe he's getting married can you believe it yes so that took me a little while and obviously on my wedding day I am going to be taking ages to get my makeup done I absolutely love the way that makeup turned out I think that I would be really happy to get my makeup I don't know whether I am very chilled out right because I would be happy to look at their sign that says great I'm excited to see how this makeup wears that's the most important thing obviously so what I'll do is I will go back and check in with you later so you guys that is me finished I hope you like the makeup look as always I like everything that I used own below I am so excited to go and try my dress on now I cannot wait thank this makeup turned out really really good there's a couple of things that I would have changed maybe I am pretty sure no after doing this makeup that on the day I will be doing my eyes first just because when I was doing my later my hand was kind of sitting on my face and it didn't move the foundation slightly just cuz I was really pressing on my skin the lane I was a bit of a faff but I think I'm going to be definitely using the benefit roller liner and the angle at 77 GLA now these lashes I'm a little bit shook by I think these might be really strong contenders like I said earlier I will be looking like myself I am NOT gonna go more natural if anything actually I think this is a really nice natural ish makeup for me the only thing that I think that me can I differ a little bit as the eyes I think that I could maybe do a little bit more of a smoky eye or I can do it smaller leaner so I'm actually interested to hear what you guys think of this makeup but I really like the let if that works and it were actually will that I will just do that concoction on the day you don't have to have just one lipstick it will make it a little bit more annoying but I could easy scrape a little bit of this and a little bit of this in Tahoe and have a lip liner to reapply for the night so we will see but other than that it's a good buy for me just know thank you so much for watching and I will back and check in with you guys later but now I'm back so I had Lily the over Jason went really really well this is the first time that I'm seeing my wedding dress not complete it's not completely finished but it's the first thing that I'm in my dress and it looks like my dress so I had the best day it was so good even if Li so the makeup I have purposefully not touched up whatsoever I actually haven't pulled it again and I haven't a reapplied my lipstick I've not looked at my face really apart from sanding a couple of pictures to friends to see my makeup Sterling's mom first thing I should tell you is after I finished filming I went and took some pictures I'm gonna put them right here the first set of pictures was Street after I phoned and I noticed that I was just a little bit too shiny for my liking so what I did was I grabbed my booty blender and my set me loose powder and I put handsome a moment on my face I literally went boom boom boom boom boom boom right under my eyes right around here and on my forehead as well and I just dusted that away and then reset with fix+ and this is the pictures after I wanted to take a bit flashback I also wanted to check about the shine and I was really happy after that yeah I've literally not touched my makeup up at all so there's a really good close-up of my entire face the time right now is half past 9 and I've finished my makeup half-past eleven so this has been on for ten hours I am absolutely thrilled the only thing that I'm thinking as my eyeshadow is creased slightly and here but if you remember I didn't really set my lid I actually just buffed the brown and that the liner and that was it I just said my leg really quickly with a better powder sure going back from that I will definitely be making sure it to sit that's part of my leg I took some pictures when I was in my dress and I actually think the makeup looked really beautiful I have not reapplied my lipstick so my natural lip colors come through but if you look the lip liner let's create my top lip actually still actually good to be honest I'm not gonna be real my makeup for ten hours and we're getting married at 5:00 p.m. and the way then finishes at 12 and by 12 I won't really care what it looked like so I really just want my makeup to be pretty immaculate for the first few hours that is when we will be getting married that is fun we'll be having a dinner and that is when you'll be getting more static photographs or if it holds up like this and I would be deleted the later and I'm really happy with my brows I'm really happy with the skin yes I do have a little bit of shame to my skin we've got a little bit of tiny crease in here but I actually have a really peculiar habit of bayonet inside of my cheeks and I guess so see that movement it's not normal and it accentuates my smiling so overall my under eyes look great they're a tiny wee bit creepy but if you look right here I'm not touching my face at all all day ever I don't do that we're smooth and I will be touching up on the day so yeah what a good time you guys so you guys that is my first ever raised Elle makeup trial and I'm so happy I'm so excited I love the way that this little ass said I will be doing more tutorials on other styles of makeup for braids you may be seeing a couple of products being repeated just because I think I've found my base makeup I don't know but you guys I'm really really happy with it yeah I really hope you enjoyed this I love the weird taste idea because I know that this is gonna last on me and you can look forward to a couple more Bridal makeup tutorials from me and a couple more videos Oliver are waiting and other than that I will see you in the next one bye and be a bride why am I scared and I'm just gonna quote over this is their duty in the back for concealer I'm gonna be using my NARS Nana I'll go ask you like the print shirts on you guys stop working on or bleed there is a great trick for oh my god my back if I may agree and these know my home paper so you guys that eight feet finished look I hope you like my video

Michael Martin

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  1. Ohhh you look lovely!! How exciting to be preparing for your wedding :))
    I’m in the same process!!
    For the brides I have done, I always have a nail file, just in case! And I will be bringing my nail/toenail color just in case something crazy happens lol
    Love this look for you. Glam but natural-ish 🙂

  2. Wooohoooo Wedding 👰🏽 🎩 💒 Makeup!!! SO smart to do a test!!!! Also GREAT ADVICE about being the best version of yourself! You don’t want to look back and be like “That’s not what I looked like”
    So excited!!! Your fine be the most gorgeous bride! Your so humble, and gorgeous! I love it! Also I LOVE your voice!!! I also just LOVE how you and Jack have so many tattoos but it’s just so classy, and part of y’all! YES TO PACK VIDEO! Make a list!

  3. I loved that urban decay glitter liner look with the baby wings in brown ❤️ I think if you did a look like the one in this video with that urban decay glitter and small little baby wings ❤️❤️ but this is obviously stunning 🙄😍😍

  4. Also don’t wear a bold lip or a lip that will transfer a lot! You would not believe how much a photographer will make you kiss for photos!

  5. On my wedding day i went and bought miniature versions of the makeup my makeup artist used that my maid of honour carried all day just incase I needed it!

  6. Beautiful Jamie! So excited for you guys! Would you consider trying a wedding look without winged liner for just a tutorial? Would love to see that!

  7. Don't forget to wear something button through so you don't have to mess up your hair etc taking it off to get in your dress, and put your shoes on first of you can step in to your dress x

  8. You look beautiful. Love that you want to look like you on your wedding day 👰🏼💕 xx

  9. I got married in Las Vegas in August (well over 100F that day) and mixed in MUFE aqua seal with my foundation-I looked perfect all day!

  10. My tip would be to wear a liquid lipstick. Believe me, the day goes so fast and there is not a lot of time to touch up. Even if you tap your mac lippie on top of a liquid lippie, it'll help stay on!

  11. Me: Beauty community fucked up
    finds Jamie
    Me: 😕 She's great at makeup,her voice is nice why i haven't heard of her before
    searches Jamie Genevieve Drama on google just in case
    *No relevant Results*
    *suscribed cause she underrated AND p good *

  12. I love these wedding/bridal type videos! After 9 years of being engaged but some financial bad luck, me and my fiancee have finally booked our date for 2020! This video was really helpful and you look STUNNING 😍

  13. Its greeeeeaaat but I do think it will be muuuuch more glam and less everyday if you put a gold or champagne shimmer on the lid ..

    And a question.. are you going to cover up your tattoos on your wedding day?

  14. Makeup is fab! Even after 10 hours. I do agree with a slightly smaller wing. Congrats to you and Jack! Love you 😘

  15. I’m getting married in Italy in September! Doing my own makeup too… I’m planning on using Nars sheer glow but I might give the long wear one a go to see if I like it before then. Perfect video for me right now 😂💍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 TY

  16. aww you look stunning! cant wait to see your gorg wedding photos!!!
    i got married at 20, in july we will have been married for 6 years 🙂 i wasnt into makeup back then but did my own lol Give someone a little clutch bag of top up products to keep so you can top up and powder your makeup in the day without having to go back to your room if its near by. Just enjoy your day, it goes so quick and you can feel abit deflated after as its all happened so fast after such a big build up

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