[Applause] we're gonna do a video today just talking about relationships because a subscriber India girl very she wanted to see more of grant and videos just might be about relationships because we started dating like when we're 14 so just talking about how leads you on relationship you PLL be me talking what's the time he'll I do like very minimal and Leslie yeah it's also really it's really sleek these high right now we've been up with our puppy all day which bear will make an appearance in this video so you got to stay tuned for life these are dating rumor 14 so we were freshmen in high school and like through that literally have so much change in life and a lot of people would like fall apart then and I think a lot of people just get it really um what's the word like selfish or just like really they they don't want to grow they don't want the other person to grow what's the word know like you're controlling they get really controlling and that does not help when you're young you're gonna have so many like changes and it's totally okay if you guys don't see together so don't just try to make the relationship work like you have to do with the best for yourself and if it's not going to work it's not going to work if you have to break up then you come back together in the end people are like in a relationship in high school I feel like they just want it to work so bad that they're like forcing it to and they're just scared of change they're scared of like learning another family another person going out and dating and stuff so they're just like I don't need to complaisance the right word there just like comfortable and you definitely cannot do that throughout like high school a million to college he's going to college he moves away and stuff that's just so much change in like your early 20s to even mid 20s you're gonna change so much so you just have to like either change together and if you don't don't try to make it work and peace out so something I think too is like you really really have to pick your battles um so like if grants gonna do something grants gonna do it if I'm gonna do something I'm gonna do it we're our own people and that is very very important in our relationship to let that grow grant supports me and like yeah there are some things that maybe I don't necessarily want him to do or whatnot but I'm not gonna pick an argument about it because that's just stupid unless it's something like really big I just think getting mad in like yelling I freaking hate you always II have talked about that in another video I just think it's I needed a relationship I think you I just because I need it okay I'm really thriving right now because I act me in such a full swing and I'm using the light literally off my laptop screen right now I don't yeah you can hear me but anyway so why I'm on here is because sorry about my camera goes in out and out with focusing I seriously promise I am trying to fix it but you know what who cares just put this video in the background just use it like a podcast and just listen okay okay just definitely watch till the end Thanks being in a young relationship is absolutely not for everyone and it's so funny because whenever my friends are like about to break up with someone or they're just like confused about their relationship I think it's so okay I'm like the first person to be like dude you're so young there's no need to find your husband and it's so funny that I think that means I'm sitting here engaged and gonna like be getting married in six months and that's totally for me I have complete peace and like I've just known up for literally so many years I wish I was married tomorrow day but it's just funny because if you take that out of the equation my first instinct every taste Patito every single time is just for like young girls don't settle and do you and like that's just so important um but it's what wood wood wood wood you gotta support each other he supports me so much and I support him I don't support him I do not support his mustache right now I do like his facial hair now man this grows in told him the other day he deleted it and Wilson you shaved it off and back to the pedo meadow come on show your personality he doesn't have one show personality and showed people what they want oh like literally any time I am talking to someone just not like relationship things just anything in a relationship I always like at the end of that conversation with literally any person I always feel like so much peace and so much gratitude just for grant and just for our relationship because our relationship is just it's not perfect but it's so perfect for us and it's just like it just makes me so happy and just so grateful it's something like so crazy it's not crazy but okay so I was young when I started dating him but when I was 14 or whatever like before that been middle school people always wanting boyfriends and stuff and I just did not care Taylor Fisher has a note that I wrote to her a long time ago she said that like my neck my my boyfriend I have to become a boyfriend with a girlfriend too it's gonna be like the person I want to marry like that's always been my main goal just from the jump and that's not everyone's goal but that always just was mine I knew I wanted to marry marry oh I can't talk I wanted to date for a purpose and I wanted to date to be with my husband and I wanted my first kiss even to be with just not just anyone I wanted to be with someone special when I was in Florida in sixth grade I had this boyfriend his name was Wyatt and he wanted to kiss me at the bathrooms and I was hello it's just the ghosts we have in our house fudge okay quick fast before it goes out again I want to get married big yawn sleepy boy here you go just so my boys are in the video you know they're both very interested I just don't think for everyone that they need to be worried about getting married right now I was seriously never worried about that I never wanted a boyfriend at all I was like this next person has to be serious grantwriter where he told his story but I did not want to talk to him I just I knew my boyfriend was gonna be like someone that could be a potential husband and something that I could marry from just such a young age so I thought like falling in love in high school is the stupidest thing I really not possible so seriously don't worry about like if you do end up needing to break up with your boyfriend if it's just not the right fit don't worry about it you're so young and you can marry when you're 30 like there's time okay I don't rush into things do not rush into an engagement don't rush into an engagement that's stupid both parties have to equally be wanting to do it you can't for some and yada yada peace peace pinched Apple Crunch let's not chicken little Chicopee okay I don't know when we first started dating um I would like look up different articles on how to be a good wife or how to be a badly wife I'd look up like just so many like things people would say and I took those like completely asked truth and I just really implemented them into our relationship and one of the main things there's two big things that just really stand out from that time when we were just boyfriend and girlfriend but I took it to the next level I took it how to be a good wife and there's two things that stuck out to me number one thing was like if you guys are in an argument in a disagreement and in the beginning yes we'd have we had many disagreements those about me being a young little needy which I'm still need but a young little needy I'm 80 but I'm not like I'm super independent I can hold my own and I also say my brains nearly five different five different directions I also say I don't need grant I do not need grant I am my own person on my own I'm me and I'm going to continuously change and grow throughout our relationship so will he and we well together I think that's really important but I don't need him I'm I'm good without him like I'm good but at the same time I want him he completes me say I never met him he never was in my life I don't need a man I'm fine I be good being single I mean I'm not saying now I want to be single but I think you catch my drift just want to put that out there but um I don't even know what other thing I'm gonna talk about but when I was younger the two things that like really stood out to me is if you are in an argument don't go and tell like your family members or even like your close friend I mean you can't tell your close friends and say no a lot of people do that I just don't really I just don't do that myself but also there's not many you miss to be had it's just like it's just you know him being a dingbat hmm okay but on don't tell you're like family if your boyfriend's doings up being ridiculous and off-the-wall because they love you the most and then what's the best for you and it and that person did something wrong to you they're gonna automatically always have that in the back of their head remembering that they did that something bad could come about from it because they want the best for you and that's not the case you resolve your relationships your relationship stuff relationship problems together and then you forgive them or you have the idea of your person and that's that you don't need to go tell all these people tell your mom or whatever because they're gonna always want the best for you and they're I think the other person looks bad so keep it between you guys and fix your problems together yourself um and just do not hide anything from each other something I always say is it's better to know even if he's doing something like I'm not saying he's not a bad guy but like if your person is doing something that you don't really love like I'm just treating cigarettes as an example or smoking weed or something grant doesn't smoke cigarette he doesn't smoke weed I'm just using those that was like two really extreme things um if he's gonna do that I would rather know about it rather than finding out about it later down the road you know I'd rather know about it and then I can't be mad at him for when like I can't be mad at him because he's me up front hey I'm gonna do this and that's that and then if I really didn't want him to which he's not gonna do either one if he were to go I don't know what a free thing I don't know but like those are two like extreme things for me personally not for I don't think smoking a cigarette if your person smokes a cigarette is like a worst thing in the world just for me personally I don't want him doing that and that is one of the things I would put my foot down on but I think there only needs to be like that's something I put my foot down just us personally as hippies cigarette and if he cheated on me obviously if he's going around like those are just literally the only two things I've put my foot down for and I think you have to really narrow it down literally pick your battles because if you're mad at just all these little things who wants to be in a relationship like that like that's not healthy for him to go for me to grow or for our relationship to grow that's just not a healthy environment and your your clashing at that point and you can't be your own two individuals tell it's coming together at that point yeah that was really drawn out everything I say is wrong out um there ought to be coming hi very good honey good boy both good boy to the camera your self one last time yes pinky but speech but boy thank you but further ways thank you but you okay any way something else I did talk about in a video I think when I was like doing my makeup or something but that 8020 rule okay so you have a minute I just go over really briefly you have a hundred percent a person you're never gonna have the perfect hundred percent I'm not perfect he's not perfect no literally no it's perfect so you have a hundred percent of the most perfect person ever eighty percent of the person is great but there's always that 20 percent that they fail and say they're annoying they talk in their sleep me or they throw socks on the floor or just something like that that's the twenty percent you don't like or maybe it's something a little bit more in your bag than that but don't leave them for that small twenty percent and then you leave them for that and then you're never like you just lost all that eighty percent I'm not saying if it's something really big and you do need to leave them for that leave them for that you don't need that person but just out just weigh it out what's important are you losing out on all these amazing qualities of how he respects you and all that all these amazing things just because you put the socks on the floor or whatever once again that's not like a really like dramatic thing but just think of the 80/20 rule no one can be perfect don't get angry don't leave someone for that because you're not perfect and you have false – that your partner has to work through or whatever and yasss friends if you are really young cuz I dunno I have a lot of like not a lot okay but I have like some younger like viewers actually my main like targeted audience YouTube said is like 18 to 24 year olds but anyways a lot of them like people I talked with on Instagram are like much younger so if you're in middle school you don't need a boyfriend if you're in high school you don't need a boyfriend you are just fine and it is not normal to date your high school person so you're just fine if you're in college and you break up with your boyfriend you're just fine you don't need today someone that's trying to think of like what girls talk about and what conversations would come up it's kind of hard to have a conversation when I'm with myself your hands I can't talk about hugs bedtime I should talk about the time okay hopefully this video even freaking hopefully this video view made sense because I don't really know but it's just somebody that people wanted to talk about I do want to give a shout out I don't think I'm gonna do this in every video because I don't have like a million little subscribers but seriously if anyone's like whoever subscribes to be and also like talks being connects with me on Instagram or whatever it's that's where I can like I talk to so many am i really freaking appreciate it and I do want to give a shout out to someone who's been following me for a very long time remember her name on the screen – its nuts with a Z underscore 666 underscore and she's just so amazing she dammed me this morning and sent me a very long message about just what I've done for her in her life and I was like I know we just talked back and forth and I know she watches my videos like impacted her life so I just asked her like how am i an inspiration to you like I just I'm appreciative of that beyond belief I just wanted to know like how and she explained it to me and I didn't know if it was gonna be just like because you are like it she's actually gonna like have raisins and like like she did and that's just so amazing and so I just really wanted to shout out I love you so much I'm sure you're watching and seriously I love talking to you it's so cool cuz you're all the way from India so it's freaking like how the internet brings people together so if you guys do follow me literally I think every single person who follows me this is so fun but the main reason I even created this there are several reasons actually but like one of the main reasons is because I just want to connect with people and I want like conversation going and just like true connection so the number doesn't matter but if you do following follow me I just think life is so interesting there's just so many like so much stuff so I just want to talk and like connect and just get to know people so thank you and please subscribe to support my journey but um yeah that's not what I'm doing I'm doing it's making me happy it's always been a dream and connected with people it's just fun for me gives me something to do to talk to the camera to not annoy grant but now I'm annoying right cuz he wants to go to bed so please subscribe to me I hope you like to stars all over the place sorry Nia I don't know if I'm saying your name even right but sorry that grant was hardly in this video Barrett was hardly in the video he's the cutest one I'll keep making more and I'll get better at videos and yeah I've just been doing it like huh continuously for a year now victory I'm really excited for my year in review I've done that the past like this will be my third year doing it um that made no sense I just said I've been doing it for you're consistently but anyways like I posted randomly and then now I'm posting consistently and it's gonna be my third one I'm so excited excited talk about like how the year has been and I now video editing software and I've just gotten I have gotten better at it you can't tell from this video because this video is like gonna be like but I just had such a crazy year this year that I literally did not expect I thought my great amazing year was gonna be next year when I marry grant which it's still gonna be amazing like I bought a house got my first car I got a dog like I literally did not expect any of those things Oh oh my gosh okay something I really really really want to say is it don't plan your life and do not like make this big plan because it's not gonna happen I promise you it will and it's just gonna ruin things seriously live in the moment I know when I was younger I did not follow that I know if so many people want to engage at this point so they can be married at this point have a kid at this point get this job and plan these things it's great to have goals for your future duh you need to have goals um and continuously get better but it's a very very negative thing to want these things to happen especially when you're partnering up in a relationship and you're wanting these things to happen because at the end of the day a relationship is two separate individual people and people have their own lives our own thoughts their own no no no no I do not want me to pull it down I don't want you to pull that but yeah um don't plant in your life it's all gonna come and play like I literally did not think I'd have a house funny note or funny I know is that I I don't think anything is wrong if you have to live with a family member okay I don't know how to wear this look at me friend a married young and I thought we didn't have the right financial money in our bank account that I didn't feel comfortable yet to buy um I was willing to live with grandparents after we got married I was willing to live with grandparents after he got married just for the time being just until grant graduated and we had steady income coming in and that we could buy because I did not want to rent out all we did not want to rent we only wanted to buy and so I was totally okay with that but I didn't have any plans and now all of a sudden without these plans I have this house and I have these things which things don't matter I'm just saying don't overplay in your life but just how close you were stress anxiety or whatnot it will come together just keep working and keep focusing on into the future it will come together I promise you I hope this was decently interesting Rory oh I'm such an interesting person did such a good youtuber okay that was stupid okay

Michael Martin

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  1. Yep you either change together for the best or you change separately and separate and fall apart. I've been married for 13 years…all of my 20s and picking your battles is the truth every fight think "is this worth it, if this was the last straw would it be important? " and also hurry up and apologize, the sooner you make up the faster you can get back to loving. Good for you to be smart about life!

  2. You & Grant are such goals. My dad was my mom’s first and only boyfriend and they’ve now been married 50 years. He was her first kiss and all of that. That’s exactly what I wanted. To this day I’ve only had 1 boyfriend and I wanted it to work out SO BAD to the point that I forgave him for any and every thing. He cheated (even had a baby on me), beat me, stole from me…any thing had a man can do to a woman basically. I was devastated of course. I suffer w/depression and anxiety and I think I kept telling myself I should be grateful anyone wanted to be with me and I should just deal with it. I kept telling myself no one would ever love me. I’m no longer with that guy but I still haven’t found love again and I kinda don’t feel like I will. I have a career and I can “take care” of myself just fine. I don’t “need” a man – no one does.

    I really want to be loved but I know I need to love myself first. Like Rupaul says “if you can’t love yourself, how in the hell u gonna love somebody else?” I also don’t want my depression and anxiety to be a burden on someone else because I KNOW it’s a lot to deal with it. One day I hope to find love like you guys have 😊❤️

  3. OMG you and grant are such a cute couple and I hope that someday I find someone that I can be happy with just like you girl ❤❤❤

  4. sooo true !!! Cuz when i was in hight school i didnt hv one and i didnt evn wanted to have one but later in then end of school days i got one (i accepted him cuz he was my bff) well i liked him a lootttt later more than he deserved and ppl arnd me used to be like dont he does not deserve you and stuff later i tried my best to fit in his world but that always made feel down or low.. so eventually broke up like after 4 months or smthng i dont evn rmmbr now😅 but at that time everyday was like a hell to me bein without him i dont know how was he ..where wld he be … nthng .. i went sooo mad abt it that i started cutting my hand (yeah u know just take a blade and start getting cuts ) but i never felt the pain in the hand cuz tht time the pain in my heart was the wayyyyy more so i used to cry like hell all the time ..
    Later he came back to my life cuz i missed him soo much and still had feelings for him i accepted him again but this time it was different i was like who im i didnt chamge my personality to him neither my life but if he wanted to enter my life he was allowed .. he did his best to understand my world my life what i like what i dont and more than that.. but there had to be a limit he just cant literally goon more than that he was soooo irratating je wanted me to not have anymore guy friends he didnt like me mssgs my frnds and just talk to him all the time at the start it felt cute and romantic but later when my college started i didnt have time to do anything and i was sooo tired doing my college works that i mostly forgot to call him for a longgggg time (like a month) ik thats lonnngggg but i had works to be done i had to study too… soo we started fighting more and more and recently we broke up again but this time it was different i cried aloottt but i did not cut my hand or hurt my self in any way i just ignored him from my life completely and just trying to forget him ✌ but ill be thankful to him for one thing that he though me how to put on a fake😊

  5. I think everything you said is so valid. You def had some very insightful points and for sure some things I need to remember myself. Thank you so much for all of your hard work on the uploads!!!❤️

  6. First of all thank u soooo much for the shout out…I seriously adore u guys. .dnt knw why I have seen many couples but u guys are my favourite..u look soo complete with each other .❤️
    I had 2 past relationships which went a lil too bad..I have one awesome frnd frm past 5 years he was there with me in my bad n gud times despite of fact tht I am in relation with another guy he still used to love n care fr me a lot..3 years back i had breakup n my frnd was thr with me dealing with my depression…
    He taught me how to love selflessly to love someone without expecting the same love n affection frm them…he changed my thoughts…n last year October I said yes to me…more than love I feel care respect fr him..n most importantly I feel very comfortable with me.. compatibility is the key according to me fr a good relation
    The best part abt u guys is I feel soo much love wen I see u guys together…wish u both all the happiness..💕💕💕💕

  7. Arguments, fusing, fighting (all the same lol) just makes couples stronger. you need to work out the stuff and become stronger ❤️

  8. I 100% agree abt not telling your family abt arguments unless if you really need their help. Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and Enjoy your weekend!

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