Getting the Marriage Help we Needed – Mort Fertel’s Marriage Fitness Program – Review

Lisa: I would like to share how specific this
program is. It gives you immediate steps to take. It tells you exactly what to do and
fills in that gap from not knowing where to go and what to do. It sort of fills it in
and says these are the steps to take and they are easy steps to take and they are immediate
steps. Curtis: I have to say too we had a few people
advise us to go another route. They Didn’t think this was a good idea. But we are really
glad we came upon Mort’s program and it’s been really successful for us.
Lisa: Our relationship was down to (pause) before this program we were basically operating
a family. We were so busy, and I know a lot of people use that phrase,I”m so busy today,
but what happens in a marriage when you are so busy is that we take the attitude of divide
and conquer so when we did have time on the weekends that we could spend together instead
we were you go do this while I do this. This doesn’t happen over years and years. What
happens is you become roommates instead of having a relationship. This is what was happening
to us and until it got to the point where we don’t know each other anymore and we didn’t
want to wait until our children moved out to
have a relationship again. We
that it happens in some marriages that after the children moved out to figure that out again. the couple rediscovers their relationship again after their children move away from
home that – we didn’t want to wait that long.

Michael Martin

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