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  1. This is the first makeup tutorial of her wedding makeup that actually looks like her makeup. Well done! Looks beautiful.

  2. Does anyone know the camera she uses? If someone know please let me know! Beautiful video im inspired!!

  3. Perfect!! Gorgeous and affordable!! I had to subscribe you really got the Meagan Bridal look to the T!!😙

  4. Loved how you recreated the wedding look of our new Duchess of Sussex – wish I could get this palette in the UK!

  5. would love a vid of u recreating a funky avant garde look – solange inspired maybe? love all of your videos <3

  6. You look really nice but there are two things: 1 The best is your own face; you looked nice without freckles. 2 You should smile your own smile. Your smile is dazzling; don’t make it affected. Beautiful! ☺️

  7. Heyyy! I know this is weird but I was wondering what’s your color in Mac studio fix powder, I think we might be similar and I wanna know if I can buy the same colors as you :p because I never seem to find my shade

  8. This would definitely be my wedding look! I am gonna use your make up tutorial! I finally found it! Thank you!

  9. this is EXACTLY what I was looking for. I went to a makeup artist for a wedding practice run. She put so much crap on my face, it took me 3 scrubbings to get off. I loved that Meghan looked like she barely had any makeup on. You could still see her freckles.

  10. you've created the best meghan markle's wedding makeup so far and it is soooo similar yet better! nice work and well done!

  11. Definitely the best 💖😊. The papers etc here in England said she was wearing Laura Mercier tint, touche eclat concealer, Nars Orgasm blush and Dior Curl mascara. Yours looks the same for a fraction of the price 😊❤️❤️. Xx

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