Get Ready With Me on My Wedding Day! | Soft Sparkly Bridal Makeup

Good morning everybody today I am doing Probably the most important makeup. I will ever do in my life my wedding day makeup Which means I probably shouldn’t be doing it at all. I should have hired someone but Okay, because I want to look like me just a slightly sparkly err version of me So I should be able to handle this although I probably shouldn’t have left it to two hours before I need to be ready and I Might look kind of sick right now because there’s just two white LED lights in the in the mirror behind you. It’s completely dark and there’s no windows in here So yeah, we’re enough to do with this lighting but um, let us begin Some people are messaging me. I haven’t actually told everyone that this is happening today my immediate family knows But yeah, not many people know some people I just told this morning, so I’m getting a lot of messages, but I need to focus Okay, it’s happening. So I forgot primer I’m in a hotel right now are getting married sort of around here taking photos. So we stayed here last night I am using I’m using a new foundation. Don’t do this on your wedding day You need to test it before I literally topped it on top of my makeup that I was already wearing last night at 10 p.m But I was shopping yesterday. I just got most of my outfit yesterday, too so, uh, and I was walking by the beauty counter and I was like Ooh, cause Charlotte Tilbury just opened like several months ago here in Hong Kong and I love their stuff So I decided to get a few new products because I want to you something with you something fresh for my wedding day So I’m trying a new foundation I’m using the magic foundation in the color won fair know why but something’s telling me to use my fingers. I Used to always use my fingers before beauty blenders were invented and my skin’s a bit dry and lately I find the warmth of my fingers and just like patting it in makes it look a bit more natural See can’t even see it going back to basics today such a good match Except for my redness which you can’t really see because of this light But another thing you probably shouldn’t do before your wedding day is Too extreme anime makeup using wax and chemicals and special effects and face tape your skin Probably won’t like that. I don’t know why I had to do it Something was telling me I need to try this and I needed to try it. Now this foundation is so pretty so A lot of the products I’m using today are gonna be Charlotte Ober in this video is not sponsored by them in any way I just like I said randomly stumbled upon their counter yesterday and I was like, ooh, I want some new stuff this way definitely takes a lot longer than using a beauty sponge or brush But I find you use less product and it really just gets into the skin and looks more natural. Okay concealer I’m using NARS in Chantilly. My skin is actually not that bad right now I know it kind of looks like it ever looked like it at the beginning but actually everything is just scars It’s red scar every time I get a pimple scars, so there’s lots of marks But I have to tell you I am taking a new medication and it’s working. I Have the bottle at home, but it’s gonna baggy It’s these little pink pills and I take them three times a day and it’s called Erythromycin and it’s not strong as accutane. It basically just kills off bacteria. So I read that even women that are pregnant can take it if they have bacterial infections, so it’s not that strong but It’s working I’m using that and clindamycin gel Twice a day probably make an acne video if I get it completely clear and looking good soon But so far that medicine is working, so if you haven’t found anything that really works for you Maybe you want to look it up. But also my problem is my hormones because this is the hormone area. So this is just Sort of masking the symptoms on the surface, but I know I need to treat the root problem So I’m also other stuff for that. So a little bit of sleep last night. I slept pretty good here We checked in this hotel last night We both got up at 6:00 to eat breakfast. We had a huge breakfast And I don’t feel that tired. I think I’m really excited. I don’t know why I’m so chill I really didn’t plan that much like I just Sort of chose my makeup last night my outfit yesterday. I brought all these like serums and whitening strips I don’t know why I thought like suddenly it’s gonna work in one day I was just thinking like oh I should have done all that But whatever. I’m not even gonna do a whitening strip now because and then I can’t talk to you guys I’m just gonna add another layer this is why I always do just a little bit and I let it dry a bit more while I do my eyebrows because I Find this gives better coverage when it dries a little bit for my eyebrows. I’m using my new Charlotte Tilbury legendary brows in the color Bridget I found this yesterday and The color is this ashy Brown which I love because it matches my hair tone better a lot of the lighter Brown colors I find look a bit orange on me But then the brush is super super thin and it really gets around every hair to make it more thick and like Stay in place and just cleaning up around the edges a bit with some concealer Now I’m using the benefit stay. Don’t stray eyelid primer now I’m just blending out my under eye concealer and right away I’m setting it with my k’kaw baked powder and number one I’m just putting a bit on a brush and I’m not gonna bake it because like I said my skin is on the drier side and Baking it just makes it look Kakie and Creasy and I don’t know it just not good So for me a little powder goes a long way I’m adding some loose powder only to the areas that need it, which is basically just my t-zone I’m using a new palette. I got yesterday from Charlotte Tilbury. It is the Uptown girl palette I’m gonna mix these two on my finger and apply to my lid The sparkles in this are really small. They’re not like thick chunky glitter So it just looks slightly shimmery and think when I’m in natural light, it will look keep it better and we’re getting married at 11:00 A.m. So it’s basically a daytime thing So that is why I am keeping it very light and natural looking And soft that’s what I’m trying to do soft like daytime makeup with a brush I’m gonna go in with this lighter grey color just on the outer corner of my eye and Then also in my crease I’m also gonna take it down to the lower lash line and now with a clean fluffy brush, I’m just gonna blend it to make sure it’s all soft and Smooth and blended really nicely eyeliner I’m just using a black liquid eyeliner and I’m gonna do a slight Flick here a slight cut I I Actually wanted it to be much thinner But I keep adding more layers to it to get it to match and it’s becoming thicker and thicker That is okay. If it’s not exactly perfect because The next step is we’re gonna take this really dark gray and just this sort of brush press it on the eyeliner To soften it up and it’s gonna blur any strong lines Even more definition with the darker gray on the outer lash line, so I’m gonna mix this shimmery white color With this pink sparkly color. I’m gonna add it to the inner corners of my eyes I’m sort of blend it with this dark color in the corner I’m also gonna add a bit of that to my Brow bone using my makeup forever can feel a pencil. I’m gonna add a bit of a light beige color to my lower eyelid by adding concealer to a need Of these scars and blemishes that I have using the hoola light. I’m gonna add it under my cheekbones And jawline and outline my forehead for blush. I’m using the one I always use the Jill Stuart Blush palette and number one baby blush. I’m gonna add a bit of jeffree star highlighter using ice cold and pink Jill I’m using the lash expander a long long long from majolica Majorca for mascara I’m putting on my mascara Outward angled direction. I really want my eyes to be Look wider and open so you can see I focused the liner more thickly on the outside edges. I want really long fluttery lashes Not really thick or clumped or anything like that And I think this mascara does a really good job with that and a little bit on the lower lashes And I’m just gonna add a few individual lashes mostly focusing on the edge. I Just added four in total to each side and now I’m going to do one more layer of mascara lips final thing lips I have a few colors. I’m thinking of so my outfit is this sort of pink salmon color? Like that’s light peachy and this color looks pretty close to it. So I’m going to try this It’s the Kylie Jenner lip kit in penelope So I think no this actually looks like an orange highlighter on me, I don’t know if it just my skin tone But when they say you can now kiss the bride. Can you please proceed to place your lips on the highlighted area? This is not it I’m gonna try something new I bought is a Charlotte Tilbury lip liner in pillow talk with their matte lipstick in the colour Rising star if this doesn’t look good I can Also brought my trusty charm. So I’ll just probably end up with that but Lizzie. Ooh This actually looks quite similar to charm I’m going to put it on my hand to see the difference This actually feels creamier though on the Kylie Lip kit rising stars Super similar actually, this one’s slightly more purplish, I guess Looks like I didn’t bring the lip gloss. So this is my final makeup. Look. Yeah now the hair the hard part I’m okay at makeup surprisingly it went a lot smoother and better than I thought it would but I’m not that good at hair, especially because My hair has been newly cut off. So I don’t really know many short hairstyles I’m gonna add some dry shampoo to the roots just to lift it and give it a bit more texture It’s also rainy and damp outside so To just Chunks of hair out in the front in the back. I’m gonna add this very low ponytail You think my fingers I’m separating it to create a hole in the middle, but my ponytail over and through That loosely Hug on the hair to pull it out. So it doesn’t look so smooth and perfect Fill itself in messy I looked up some short hair up do tutorials yesterday on YouTube. So I actually got this idea Close YouTube a link to a tutorial below you want to leave some pieces around the front of your face to frame your face and make it look soft and romantic and Do so right now Beautiful, oh you did a little Faint we’re doing a the wrong thing to we’re getting ready together. We’re not supposed to see me. We’re not doing anything, right? We’re rebels Okay, so I’m just tying this together in another ponytail about the other ponytail And then again, I’m gonna pull it under Pull it out You want to take two ponytails together? I’m just Roll the hair under and through the top ponytail And I’m gonna add a ton of bobby pins to hold it in place And now I think I’m just gonna do some loose curls on the front pieces, okay And the final thing for my head is this pillbox hat with a little veil I’m gonna add this after I get all dressed. So if you want to see the full look, please go to my wedding video I’m gonna post that before this one so I’m gonna get dressed now and this concludes this video Thank you guys so so much for watching This has been how to get ready for your wedding day in an hour and a half hair makeup everything done it went so smoothly and I Don’t know why But that’s okay. Hopefully the rest of the day is like that so yeah Mariko’s I’m gonna go get married now I will see you in my next video

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  1. you look so beautiful! congrats sweetheart ♡
    i hope this love lasts for more than anyone can think of! best wishes for u and ur husband ^^

  2. Congratulations on your marriage! I realize I'm a lot late, but I just recently subscribed to your channel.

    Do yourself a favor and take a probiotic while taking antibiotics. They help protect/restore the lining of your intestines where your immune system lives. There is a couple on YouTube, Ellie and Jared, and they have a video they put out several months ago about her visit to a hormone specialist. She used Accutane when she was a teenager.

  3. Oh my gosh I know this girl wow time goes fast she is getting married now, I remember her video talking about her life.
    I'm so happy for her she is such an angel.

  4. Belated congratulations! I'm glad you've chosen to stay true to yourself (as you've mentioned elsewhere) and I enjoy your content very much. It sometimes brings back good memories for me… bonus. Much continued good fortune to you.

  5. Your pink pills are an antibiotic, make sure you dont get the side effect of thrush. Drink loads of plain still water throughout the day, and avoid yoghurt.

  6. if you can have a medication during pregabnacy isn’t decided by strength it decided on if there are harmful effects to the baby called taratogenic

  7. I'm suuuuper late but:
    Congrats on ur wedding! I hope u and Elbow-san (LOL) have many many years of happiness, good health, and love with each other. May you be blessed with all the children you desire who will love you unconditionally and that you continue to have all the best in the world.

  8. 😲😲wow! So your getting married XDD!!! It’s been awhile since I last watched this channel time sure flies😊😊

  9. Hi 🙂 How do you make bridal makeup last all day? I had my trail done today and noticed it's looking cakey after 6 hours. I have try skin as it is. Thank you anyone for suggestions!

  10. The best thing is, you know what suits you. You just spoke what came to your mind and what you think is right. Nice that you didn't edit the part that you felt didn't look good! That was honest! (You looked good in that lip color though! )

  11. Hi Taylor! Let me give some pieces of advice for a perfect make up for dry skin (like me) please try de foundation estee lauder double wear, loose powder you can try Coco Chanel or Laura Mercier, both are perfect. For concealer try tarte you ll like it. All of this work very good for dry skin, for the rest it doesnt matter. Please stop to use KKW or Kylie make up, they are bad, I ve tried them. For lips MAC matte is fine too. Bye! ✌

  12. Erythromycin is a strong anti biotic, I went through all that and ended up taking the roacutain by that time I was 40, had, had my family and had a hysterectomy when I was 29, so their was no worry of me getting pregnant. So I went through the red face, peeling face etc, and when all that was done……fantastic, not another spot!!! I’m now 60, and face has stayed clear, though the tiny little spot here and there, but nothing to worry about, now it’s how to keep away wrinkles lol………you looked beautiful in your wedding make up xAnnx

  13. Erythromycin is an antibiotic if you taking it you have to complete its dosage .otherwise it will be resistant for have to take it 5days and 3 times a day.or you have to talk about it with pharmacist.

  14. I'd elope instead of going through the trouble of a wedding. The money that would have gone to the wedding could go towards a retirement fund.

  15. I find it so bizarre to see brides getting ready themselves on their wedding day. In my culture, that's unheard of. Even the relatives have their makeup and hair done by professionals. Doing it yourself is just added stress that no bride needs.

  16. probably gonna be killed for being born like this…

    The mascara Majorca.
    It's more likely pronounced MAY–OR–KA.
    Majorca is an isle in Spain. The j kinda floats in Spanish, in some places is like an "i" and in others is more like "gee". I think it also depends on the placement in that work like a good Latin-based Iberian dialect.

  17. No worries girl, on my wedding day i had to get my hair, make up and dress on in about half an hour. My dad did my hair and i did my make up. It was fun heheh

  18. Change a diet to a clean plant based and skin issues are gone rather then poisoning yourself with pills.
    Also how do they know its safe for pregnant women? How did they do the study? Testing on pregnant women is highly unethical and I don't know who would agree to potentially endanger own baby this way.

  19. She’s saying that she’s gonna get married now .. like she’s going to market 😂😂damn soo chill ! I want this kinda confidence too ..

  20. I came back to see what foundation shade does she use because I have vitiligo and I can't even find a shade dat is close to my shade

  21. woah woah woah, who takes erythromycin for acne?!?! isnt that an antibiotic that people take for like lung and throat infections ( i mean in my family, thats what we use it for, like serious throat problems)… that safe for acne?

  22. I never understood why people were so keen to get married but I’ve found an amazing guy who I can see a future with with the commitment of marriage but there two problems a) he doesn’t see the point and doesn’t really want to ever be married and b) were still 15 lol. I know I’m way to young for marriage but this is the first time I’ve felt like this in a relationship. Lmao I ain’t getting married anytime soon Im not ready yet but I’d love to in the future

  23. You know what that bacteria is on your face? All the sweat and dirt that builds up and cant be released from all the makeup layers on top. If you want your skin to clear up dont use makeup

  24. it kind of seems like you are not taking the marriage seriously . Like I get that some people are chill but I cant imagine that someone who is so into hair and makeup and fashion would not have fantasized about their big day and taken the once in a lifetime opportunity to do something cool .

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