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Today, we’re gonna cover what everyone
has been asking for me to talk about which is, how do I get attendees to
actually show up to our events. Alright, let’s get started. I’d get this email nearly every week and
it says, “Ben, I’m freaking out. How do I drive more RSVP’s?” Or, “Ben can you help me, I need more ticket sales.” Or, oh geez, you know, “We just haven’t gotten enough
people to RSVP, I’m just, I’m nervous about not filling the room.” Have you been
there? I definitely have, I know how this feels, it’s terrifying, right? You can
spend all this time planning and thinking about how to create the perfect
event and you just aren’t able to actually get people to RSVP or to attend.
Now, this might be a lot of reasons for this and it could be something like, your
distribution mechanisms, it could be the timing of the event, it could be that the people just aren’t interested. But, what I found more often than not, that
when I look at people’s messaging, I look at their promotional material, they’ve
usually missed a couple things. They usually haven’t really gotten people to
understand the value of their event and so, what I’ve done is, I’ve created a
checklist. A checklist that I use for my events and I often communicate and
convey to the people who are asking me how they fill their events, a
checklist that helps them understand how to communicate and message the value of their event. And so, what I want to do is, I want to walk you through this
checklist and I think what you’ll find is that if you go through this checklist
step by step and make sure to include each of these points in each of your
communications around your event, you’re gonna see a huge uptick in actual
attendance. So, let’s walk through it together. I call this checklist G-I-V-E, give. And the reason I call it that is, because
you’re looking to give people a reason to actually show up. Okay, so let’s start
off with G. G stands for guests. This is actually the most important thing you
can focus on. Who else is going to be there? In a lot of emails that I write
I’ll say something like, “Hey, I hope you’ll show up to this event, we’re gonna
have a great crowd.” And guests are one of the prime things that we see driving
clicks or conversions on pages. That’s why you’ll often see people list their
sponsors or their speakers or the other guests that’ll be
attending an event. People want to meet other people at events. We have a human
drive to bond, so making sure people understand who else is going to be there
is a really big deal in your promotion. The next one is I, inspiration. Inspiration is what they’re going to learn or what is going to inspire them
to change. How will they transform into a future version of themselves
by attending your event? Now, this can often be communicated with who’s going
to be speaking with them, what the content at the event will be, what
they’re going to learn or understand by going to your event, or how inspiring the
music or the artwork at the event will be. I have to find that people spend time
on things, because of who they will become as a result of it. So, if you can communicate that, very very powerful. The next one is really powerful,
this is V for validation. Now, especially in today’s day and age people define
themselves not necessarily about what they have, but instead by what they do.
It’s quite existential, right? And so, you know, I often find that by telling people
that this event is going to validate their identity or show them that, you can
really drive attendance and action. Let’s give some quick examples just to make
sure you understand this one. It’s pretty easy when you see a band, like, Phish.
People who identify as Phish-heads, they validate that identity by making sure to
go to every single Phish show. And similarly, if you were to throw an event
for real estate agents, something you could do is say, “This is a gathering for
the top real estate agents in the world,” and you better believe that someone who
considers themselves to be a top or great real estate agent, they’re gonna be
there so they validate that identity. It’s a pretty powerful concept, it really
kind of almost plays with FOMO. Speaking of FOMO, E is the last one, he’s
a really interesting one, it’s the experience, right? What are you giving
them? What is the memory that they’re probably going to walk away with? And
this could be an experience of taste, or of sight, or of smell! Something they might hear, right? Experience often has a lot to do with senses, so, communicating how this is going to be a really interesting experience for them, something that
might walk away with a great pass along story from. That’s something that you’re
really gonna want to communicate early and often in your event communication. By the way, if you’re interested in hearing more about pass along stories, make sure
to check out that video, I walk through how to build a pass along story from
scratch. Okay, so that’s what it is, G-I- -V-E. You want to make sure to layer in
each of those different value propositions into each of your event
communications. And if you’re doing that, if you’re actually making sure to hit
each one of those, the next step is to layer in frequency and urgency. Those are
two really powerful drivers for getting people to attend your events. Frequency,
you’re usually looking to notify people weekly, leading up to the event
and you’d be surprised, people don’t mind hearing from you as long as it’s
something useful and as long as something relevant to them. And of course, if someone unsubscribes make sure to unsubscribe them, right? So, frequency is a great way to make sure to get people to remember your event and urgency. Urgency is one of the most powerful techniques that I’ve seen in terms of driving
ticket sales. And you can use urgency in things like, “Early bird sales end soon.” Or
you can say something like, “We’re almost full.” Or, “This is going to be a really
important event for you to attend,” right? Drive that point home with frequency and
urgency and make sure in all your communications to go through that
checklist, G-I-V-E. And if you have any ideas or things that you found to be
effective, please leave comments in the section below. We love to hear ideas, it’s
been a real kick to see how people have responded to these videos. And make sure to check out our next Run of Show. I’ll see you next time. If you felt like this episode made you
much smarter than when you started watching it, make sure to check out other
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