Get it in the Right Order

You know, a few years ago a young couple asked me if I would perform their wedding ceremony. And the wedding was to take place on a Saturday afternoon. And I told them that I had to leave immediately following the ceremony to get to the city where I was preaching Sunday morning. And I knew that it was important for me to sign the marriage certificate and return it to the courthouse in our town after the ceremony. But I was afraid that I would forget to do it when I returned, so I signed it a few days before the wedding and mailed it. Well, after I returned from my trip, the local probate judge contacted me to say that I signed and dated the marriage certificate the day before the wedding occurred. And because the dates were out of order someone could argue that the couple wasn’t legally married. You know, sometimes getting things in order is very important. Take a person having peace in their hearts. Did you know that it is impossible to experience the peace of God until you have experienced the grace of God in salvation? That’s why at every greeting Paul gave in the opening of his letters he said, “Grace to you and peace from God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.” It was always in that order – first grace, then peace. If you try to put it in any other order, you won’t have grace or peace. Well, what about you? Are you trying to have peace in your heart without experiencing the grace of God? If so, try getting it in the right order. You will be amazed at the difference. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Michael Martin

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