Gayle King Is Ready To Cover The Royal Wedding

Michael Martin

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  1. And I’m in the UK so I know what our coverage of the wedding will be like… I think I’d rather watch Gayle’s show, TBH!

  2. Us Brits actually don't care about these unelected, privileged idiots. Harry said himself none of them want to be the monarch, time to abolish the archaic "royals". Meghan can take him to America and we wouldn't care.

  3. and the queen is hiding money in Fiscal paradise and they cost a lot of money to the british people and monarchy is of time

  4. The only thing less relevant than the high fashion, celebrity and Catholicism on display at the Met Gala: the Royals.

    I will never understand anybody who gives a crap about any of this stuff. What appalling guests tonight.

  5. It just doesn't make sense to me that the US government would have a Black man move to Turkey with his family to conduct intelligence operations. Wouldn't he have stuck out like the proverbial sore thumb?

  6. Meghan Markle asked Queen Liz for marital advice to which Liz replied "just keep on your seatbelt and don't upset me"

  7. "It could be worse" is optimistic? It's usually true that things could be worse, but that doesn't reassure me.

  8. I'm the same. When things start getting to seem desperate I acknowledge that it could be worse. Magically effective!

  9. The British Royal family knows its 2018. That society has changed and that for a monarchy to survive you need to adapt to a ever changing world. That's how we here in Europe ended up with so many powerless monarchs that have a great symbolic and cultural siginificance in many of our cultures. The Dutch, the Begian, The Norwegean and Spanish royals for example all have adapted their roles to what the people expected of them instead of clinging to that what history had granted them, going back since the 19th century.

    The Queen, Elizabeth II, knows the heartache her relatives (her uncle, who abdicated the throne for an American actor and divorce and her sisters struggle for example) have suffered by puting country and duty above love (or the other way around).

    She's been on thrown for over 65 years. She's seen the world change. She knows people no longer care. No, thats not right, the people would care.
    They would care if the 'Royal Family' had denied Prince Harry one of the most primal and basic human rights, love!

    Good to see that she doesn't repeat the mistakes of histories past.

    I wish them a long and happy marriage ^^

  10. Yes, it's their culture, if the backwardness and inequity of primogeniture can be considered culture.

  11. Meghan will not be a Princess. She'll be a Duchess. Two reasons, 1, she's divorced and 2, she's not of royal blood. Prince William's wife is a Duchess, Prince Charles horse faced harridan is a Duchess. Even the saintly seat belt Dodger wasn't actually a Princess, she was Diana Princess of Wales, not Princess Diana.

  12. seems America's already made more fuss about the wedding than we will here in Britain. FA Cup final has priority, a local fayre near me, washing my shoes, hoovering my roof…. all take precedent

  13. Stay in the moment…thats all we have…..things can be worse, but thats being out of phase with the Now. Stay present!

  14. Descendants of thugs who slaughtered, raped, plundered, so-called royals deserve contempt, ridicule. Monarchies, an antiquated idea, belong in the trash can of history. Queen can work as a nanny, Charles a tour guide, William as butler for some rich American, Harry a London taxi driver. Their ill-gotten wealth should be returned to the public treasury.

  15. "She [Meghan Markle] is older — she's 36, he's 33." WTF?? "Older"??!! That's worth mentioning and characterizing as "older"!? And guys date/marry women young enough to be their daughters and no one even mentions the age difference. Very disappointed in you, Gayle.

  16. You got that right Stephen. The only way that we, in the UK, are behind the USA is keeping the monarchy. Thinking about it, perhaps I'm wrong, Liz could never be as utterly bigoted and ignorant as Trump.

  17. Why should Americans care about princesses, Kings, queens, and whatever! We fought a Revolutionary War against that! We got Presidents n sheeeeeit

  18. Seriously, why do Yanks like the Royals yet they're the reason they founded their own country #cognitivedissonance least your crapweasel head of State has to pretend he's doing some work.

  19. K, but not everyone in America sloughed off a tyrannical yoke when the states broke with England. Black people stayed slaves for hundreds of years after the white people "freed" themselves from a much less intense form of indentured servitude. So maybe don't act like the the royal family is a symbol of oppression when the USA itself hasn't ever succeeded in being a beacon of equality.

  20. Gayle, I'm a white British immigrant in the U.S. and I get the same question about knowing people by Americans. "Do you know the queen or the Royal Family?" "Did you live near London?" "Why don't you have bad teeth?" "Do you drink tea all the time?"

  21. Markle is not going to be a princess she'll be a duchess at best and to the spare not the heir anyway

  22. Talk about elitist,,,who cares about the royal wedding?????..while our government is lying and stealing from us,bombing foreign lands and never speak against war!! pricks.. Gayle is really aunty Tom…I like to eat the rich

  23. Anyone who can get SJP to stand still long enough to pry the nails out deserves her shoes. #farrierjokes

  24. I grew up watching Gail King on my local new in Connecticut. She and my mom resembled each other a lot. Seeing her now is sort of comforting especially after my mom passed away.

  25. Watch this façade as children are bring bombed all in Syria and Yemen. You are nothing more than a peasant reporter, a nothing.

  26. The teal Royal family actually was Irish. Thr kingdom resided their from the 12 tribes. Btitish royalty are nothing more than terrorists from the past, stealing and giving away peasant lands. Curse them all.

  27. Maybe Gayle King could train some folks in todays administration in how to only lie about things as harmless as MLKjr. being your cousin…

  28. Stephen he’s more than just a Prince of England, it really pisses me off when you Americans forget there’s more to the UK than just England, that’s why they call it the United Kingdom!

  29. She sounds like Opeah, some of the things she says! 😏

    Love the "Uncle Marty" Lie!!! 👏👏👏😂😂😂😂

  30. Low-class journalist, a total embarrassment to all Americans.Hope Meagan Markle has been given enough lessons in proper etiquette so the US is not going to be labeled as a bunch of commoners. People like this Gayle should be taken off the air!!! Language nothing than trash coming out of her mouth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. i adore Gayle yet
    it’s awkward when a Host interview a Host
    this what i love about Stephen 😆😂😂

  32. Why does every interview with black people race comes up? Can’t you just move forward? Kanye is right.

  33. I know of two Black Americans living in Turkey when Gayle and her parents were there:James Baldwin and Eartha Kitt. Check out James Baldwin’s Turkish Decade: Erotics of Exile. A fascinating read.

  34. The reason the Royals are so accommodating to Prince Harry could have something to do with his personal heritage. It is an open secret that Prince Charles is not his father – so Harry will never be King – and his older brother already has several children… So why not let him marry someone he loves?

  35. agree with Stephen's query about the huge US media interest about a British royal wedding from a nation that rejected British rulership and monarchy for their independence centuries ago. I get the impression that there is more excitement about the wedding in the US than here in the UK. I wish the couple well but feel concerned to watch a vibrant successful woman like Meghan enter a marriage for which she had to give up her life and career in the US/Canada, and to disappear into a royal institution which has required her to get baptized, give up her her freedom of self-expression (no more social media, has to meet Trump on state visit against her own values etc), no longer able to go anywhere without security and she even has to forgo bare legs without stockings. Throw in relentless press and paparazzi coverage, as we are already witnessing, and it is quite an overwhelming prospect. I do hope it works out for her and the sacrifices are worth it in the end.

  36. I watched Diana wedding, I watched Diana funeral…I watched William and Kate wedding and I can't wait for Harry and Meghan!! wedding..Me and my Mimosa

  37. Markle will never be a princess, and america doesn't have a royal family so no she won't be a american princess.

  38. OMG Gayle playing the black card in London wow you should have dropped it in the ocean! It's not about being black!

  39. Gayle King couldn't control herself when broadcasting for CBS. When they tricked her by bringing a fake car to the front of the hotel for the American wedding party…. and then was discovered that the party slipped out the back of the hotel leaving Gayle with a surprised look on her face…

  40. Gayle King should kiss Oprah's fat, smelly black ass everyday. Because without Oprah she is reading news on the radio in Peoria!!! She has no talent, and if you don't believe me just try to get through an entire episode…it's not humanly possible!!!

  41. Brothers and sisters understand. These are puppets. Gayle ( Greg ) King is a dragman sodomite. Stephen ( Stacy ) Colbert is the female. Mute, pause, focus. Both Dragomites on the masses.

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