Gathbandhan – 19th September 2019 – गठ बंधन – Full Episode

Priest, where are you? Look at the time. The wedding procession will be
here soon. Everything is ready. Only you are missing. Am I supposed to conduct
the wedding or what? Come on, come quickly! Mai, I have called the priest. Have you? You should’ve also told him… …that the later he arrives… …the more of his
fees will be deducted. He would come running here. Mai, excuse me. Speak, Balti.
– A mistake happened. Mishra saw me! Where are you calling from then? I’m calling from a
different spot. He can’t see me right now. Nor can I see him. But I’m sure that he has seen me. What should I do now?
– Listen. Be careful.
He is a very dangerous man. He’d look for you. You wait, I’m coming over. Okay, Raghu. Aslam.
– Yes? Come here.
– Okay. It’s been 24 hours since rumors
about the evidence were spread. Why did Tiwari not react yet? Preeti will get married
in a few hours and then… Has this plan failed? Should I tell the commissioner?
– Balti is in danger. Tiwari has seen him. I’m going there to help him. You must handle the situation
here in my absence. Think again before you do anything. It’s not the time to think, Aslam. I’m entrusting everything with you. Please handle it. But… ‘Once I meet Tiwari… …all of Dhanak’s
problems will be solved.’ ‘Parag and dad are at the gate.
How should I pass through them?’ ‘All the paths are blocked.
How should I go?’ ‘But I must go anyhow.’ ‘Now this is the only way.’ ‘I will hide behind
those drums and go.’ Mister. Move the truck.
The procession will be here soon. ‘Thank God, nobody spotted me.’ Red string has been put here. I’m thinking, we should decorate… …this place… …with floral strings. And a red carpet will be laid here. Yes, dad.
– Yes, dad. ‘I’m out of the chawl.’ ‘Now all the problems
will be solved.’ Did you find him?
– No. You go there,
I’ll go the other way. Are you okay?
– You’ve arrived on time. Tiwari’s stooges
are looking for me. Where is your gun? I forgot it at home. Come with me.
– I left from downstairs… Do one thing. You leave.
– What about you? I will handle them. You leave. How will you handle
them all by yourself? Don’t you trust me? Go on! Aslam is waiting
for you at chawl. Go, help him. No, I can’t leave you alone. Try and understand! They have seen you. It will
be a problem if we get caught. Leave. Okay, Raghu.
– Listen. Dhanak shouldn’t know
anything about this. I will handle everything here. Okay, Raghu.
– Take care of yourself. Hey! Hey!
Hush! Don’t make noise,
or we’ll get caught? Move it without starting it. Preeti, I was wondering that… Preeti? Hello! Who is it? Hello, Dhanak!
It’s your well wisher speaking. Actually,
I want to give you free advice. The evidence you’ve collected
against the terrorists… …it could be injurious
for your health. Tiwari, you’re right. Evidences are very dangerous. But for people like you. You’ve made a big mistake. You shouldn’t have
betrayed the country. I will give you such
a harsh punishment… …you will suffer so much
that you would yearn for death. And I won’t even let you die. You are good at
delivering dialogues. Why don’t you work in films? Let’s do one thing. Let’s play a game. You be the heroine. I’ll be the villain. Villain just needs this. Whatever evidence you
have against me… …hand over all of it to me. I will spoil… …your sister’s wedding. What nonsense!
– I mean it. Look, Tiwari!
– Now think well… …and decide. What matters to you more?
Your… …sister’s life
or those evidence. Preeti! Preeti! Dad! Grandma! Parag! Aslam! Seju! Everybody come here right now! Dhanak, why are you shouting? Preeti isn’t at home.
– What do you mean? She must be in her room, right? No grandma, Preeti isn’t in her
room. – Dhanak, she will be around. Why are you so scared? Seju, stop guessing.
Preeti is missing. Aslam and Parag.
You both go now. Search for her in every nook
and corner of the chawl. It is indeed important for us to
find, Prieeti. I want Preeti. Go at once!
– Yes, Dhanak. Dhanak, what’s the matter?
– I will tell you everything. Right now it is extremely
important for us to find Preeti. Preeti. Dhanak,
I’ve checked everywhere but… …I couldn’t find
Preeti anywhere. I looked each and every
house in the chawl. Preeti isn’t anywhere. Dhanak, I looked for her on the
terrace and in the temple too. But Preeti isn’t there either. Dhanak, what is the matter?
Say something. Where is Preeti? If there is any tension… Raghu is missing too. He is always missing
in the time of need. Hey, girl. Tell me! Where is Preeti?
What has happened? Tiwari is behind all this. Is there a connection between… …Preeti and Raghu
having gone missing? Raghu’s ally was roaming
here, right? He was here but we
can’t find him now. He might have escaped
after being scared. Whatever but we must be
vigilant from here-on. We shouldn’t lose the focus. First we must give this stuff to
Tiwari after which our job is done. ‘I feel like whacking and
making them unconscious.’ ‘But no.’ ‘Tiwari will know
that I’m here.’ ‘He will become alert.’ ‘But why are they
carrying the stuff?’ ‘What is their intention?’ Jai Hind, sir!
Sir, our plan has backfired. Tiwari has got to
know about our plan. He has made my sister
Preeti, a hostage. Sir, I will have to take an action.
Else… Yes! I will explain you
everything but… …for time you
just understand… …that the time of wedding
has been slightly shifted. There is some problem… …therefore the procession
will arrive a bit late. Yes! Yes, I apologize to you. Thank you! Dhanak! Dhanak, check this out. I found this letter inside! After reading this did she… Sir, I have found out about Tiwari. I will message you the
address right away! You just send the police
force as soon as possible. Just remember this. Tiwari shouldn’t sense
about them being there. Else it would prove fatal
to my sister’s life. Thank you so much, sir!
I’m leaving right away. So as soon as I meet Tiwari… …I will pass the
signal to the team. It will be easy to grab Tiwari. Jai Hind, sir! Dhanak, even I’ll accompany you. Yes, even I will accompany you. No, Parag.
– No, dad. I cannot put all your lives
in danger to save Preeti. Believe me, dad. Police force has the power
to do the impossible. I will bring back
Preeti safe and sound. Dad. ‘Oh, God!
You can’t see me happy, can you?’ ‘Dhanak will reach Tiwari.
Which means… …I will be in a soup.’ ‘Where is Bharat right now?’ ‘Why did Tiwari abduct Preeti?’ ‘There was nothing
decided as such.’ ‘Yes. That Gujarati woman must
have provoked him to do that.’ ‘Oh, God! Take me out of this.’ You want money, right? I got everything I got. Here, take it all. But please… …let me go. Why are you getting
Dhanak in between? Please! I am getting married today. Please. Pintu, I told you. She is innocent. Very naive. She knows nothing. I am not
doing all this for money. But for the proof
that your sister has. Get it? Proof? What proof? What do you have to
do with Dhanak? You are Raghu’s partner. And you… …mentioned Kalyan Khatri
in the audio. This means… Get that business
partner deal… …out of your head. And focus on… …Kalyan Khatri. Get it? Am I clear? Tell me. We are Kalyan Khatri’s henchmen. And you assumed that we are
Raghu’s business partner… …and spilled out something
very important. That she is going to… …transfer Kalyan
and gave us the route. What did we do next? We helped him escape. Shinde, stop this man.
– Batli, wait! Stop! ‘Oh my!’ ‘Did he have to stop me now?’ ‘Batli, you are stuck.’ Hello, sir.
– Don’t pretend to be innocent. Just answer me. Where are you returning from? I am… How do I explain? That junction… You can’t make up a story right?
– No! Tell me the truth. What were you doing there? Nothing, sir.
– Tell me. You are with Raghu, right?
– Yes, sir. You were following Tiwari. Tiwari?
– Just say it. Otherwise I will put you
behind bars and beat you up. Tell me! I am just following. I know nothing.
Believe me. Trust me.
– Did Tiwari and his men see you? Yes. That is why Raghu
asked me to go. He is there. You are useless people. Why?
– You never let us do our job. Who asked you to think? Sir…
– Quiet. Our plan is ruined. We were out to trap Tiwari. But because of your foolishness… …we got trapped.
– Sir… Do you have any idea that
he has held Preeti captive? Preeti?
– Go from here. Go away! Shinde.
– Yes, sir? Raghu is at Tiwari’s spot. This means we must inform
the rest of our team. Come on. You are such a fool. Why do you make so many mistakes?
Why? You made a mistake
the first time. And you made your
sister lose her job. And the second biggest
mistake is that… …you came here. And you… …forced your sister
to get the proof. No. Please… …let me go. Please let me go. Help!
– Quiet! No one will come here to save you. No matter how loud you scream… …for someone to save you,
no one will come here. Don’t worry, Preeti. Very soon you will get to know… …what our intentions are. Who is it? Who is it over there?

Michael Martin

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