Gaming PC Build-Off, $10,000 Prize!! – LG Ultrawide Festival 2017

it's ultra-wide festival 2017 we've got three contestants each of which has been challenged as part of their final quest with the building the dream setup they submitted in the first two rounds so there were a couple of it can't be part of the video yeah you could be part of the video Jos weeks okay it's Austin so hey guys it's Austin let's go do everything like this just like holy yeah sure we'll tie her legs together the whole day will be three-legged race okay get out of my intro so each of them had to do a $2,000 dream set up including the LG 34 you see 89 G gaming monitor so this is our first contestants Taylor he's got a mad shout-out to his wife for putting up with his bull crap over the last couple weekend was working on these videos got a man shout out for your son who he was in the second video he was one of the little noobs and he is working on what was it biochemistry yeah I get my PhD in cell biology and biophysics it's going good so you should be able to handle building a computer you know that's not something they trained us how to do now Zachary our second contestant computer video making clearly you're pretty damn good at it but were you guys like actually for serious blacksmithing yeah we're amateur blacksmith with a beard like that you're an amateur blacksmith we had we have to look the part okay so give us give us a couple facts about yourself well I'm studying astrophysics we're all physics here so holy crap okay must've been a requirement and are you much of a gamer yeah absolutely awesome well that's good news because the monitor that is part of Zachary's ultimate dream set up here run set a hundred and forty four Hertz talk and overclocks to a hundred and sixty-six Hertz because this thing is g-sync meaning no stutter no tearing no all right you can start unboxing your $2,000 rig and as soon as I say go you can start building okay sorry I should have had you just open this I'm sorry yeah yeah why was I blaming myself when there were perfectly good other people to blame true I've got two arms I'm just lazy you know what yours is getting the rough unboxing treatment so here it is here's your monitor and you can go ahead and pull up all your stuff whoever builds the best system and we're gonna be looking at their component selections we're gonna be looking at the way they put it together everything from cable management to the way that they did their hair this morning whoever builds the best system gets not only the $2,000 system to take away with them but also eight thousand dollars in additional gear all right okay ready yeah okay three two one Clark oh my god so what's your stick I see you brought your own box cutter the weird part is how I got on the plane the right thing is I broke federal law to get here so tell me about what makes your rig optimized for what you're doing with it well I try to make sure that I had a fast enough ram that was good for the i7 which is 2400 makers okay and I used my extra money to dump into an overclocked 1080 TI which is very essential for 3d rendering Zack do you go by Zack yes okay not zachary nope things are going a little rough for you right now yeah you need some help can I help you want me to help you with the eye of shield not allowed to I don't know I have to ask you went with a b-series tip set on an unlocked processor see there's a secret to it I don't think anybody knows that it's because I'm stupid tell me why you would use that part of your budget for USB extension cables I need one no but it's for its for the secret weapon actually it's not really a secret weapon everybody knows what this interesting I gotta say I've tried Toby eye tracking have you and from a gaming perspective I was not too impressed I'll just leave what today their weight huh actually hold on I'm actually serious can I see this for a second yeah I think there might be a bent pin in your socket though this thing is like mangled there's a bunch of bent pins here and there's a bit pin here this is this thing brand new yeah I just took it out of the case okay so so here's the plan it's like not new but it's z170 which shouldn't have any performance impact on your system but like dude you got a bunk motherboard we don't want to take any points off for that so the one thing you're missing is the critical feature that everybody needs in 2017 can I can I have a minute so you went small form-factor why I did go ahead keep working but this is being hosted by LG and it's about the monitor so I wanted a case that would stand out and look like the monitor so it was something with curved side panels and this is the thing to get it so wow that is a hell of a lot more fun than I would have put into it I came here with the mindset of trying to win the whole thing and so I did kind of build this around the competition more than anything else I see now last time I was here you didn't have your motherboard in the case and I helped you install your i/o shield and you still don't have the motherboard in the kit you want for the i/o shield it's all squishy you just need the appropriate tools so yeah I'm gonna show you a motherboard installation trick that I picked up back in Nam you can you can press on it pretty hard like I think you're being a little bit thyme some ginger yeah and so then all you want to do is just check I couldn't help noticing that you've got our GB RAM on and on our DB motherboard yeah I really should have thought about that are you really should have fund ahead a little bit better all right how you doing you seem a little stressed I'm a little hot yeah it's you man I'm glad you got something with Aris ink because this build is sunk so so far your build is going kind of uneventful II I'm sorry so uh you tried to convince us that this flame band thing is flair but it's that was a lie yeah it's hot in here so Tyler lineThe see if I can find something to criticize this one has two connectors on it you didn't need this one at all ouch that was all I really had like you haven't done much so there's not a lot to criticize I've been very flippant so far but we actually have to decide who's walking away with the thing totally I think Zack so the motherboards a big oversight it's a big oversight oversights like I've been giving Taylor about you know his broken motherboard or whatever yeah Zack actually like scratched up the back of his board did it and here's what I actually don't like about Taylor's build he designed it to win instead of designing it to be a balanced build I don't think we can talk him for that I think we can I think is that part of the competition the idea is to build your dream setup I think John has the most balanced build it does in the budget he managed to get an unlocked processor an overclocking capable board and a 1080 Ti so he's got as good a graphics card as anyone else and if you talk to him about what he's planning to do with it it all makes it total sense perfect sense I think John Taylor are pretty even for me right now I feel like they're both fairly close there's a lot that can kind of go wrong or right with either of them all right you've gotta wow you've got a lot of PCI Express connectors connected right now I'm not done yet not the cable management scoring is done now though but it's it's not like a score out of a hundred it's like kind of more of like a subjective score so this I'm just I'm giving yours like a business in the front party in the back kind of it's like a naked party in the back though it's like everyone's writhing around kind of party I'm gonna go judge some other people look at this this guy is you're billed as a logo disaster right side-up logo okay right-side-up logo right-side-up logo what the hell is this they install that at the factory Oh having a lot of factory problems today so your mo so this is his plan to manufacture times a fluke the second time is a pattern sir I think that's the third time so yeah you know what I'm not an expert on math okay Zack how's progress not too bad you've got your water cooler in mm-hmm very nice that is mounted correctly you got thermal paste in there got your logo right side up he's got his logo right side up Tyler jackass is what it is Wow your cable management is really coming along that is looking really good now let's do that I had to grade it before it's fine that's a shame dude you broke the USB three header I'm telling you it's not me these manufacturers have it out for me you know what I shouldn't have called you jackass before I actually feel kind of bad about that because what I should have called you was captain excuses that was my nickname in high school with any luck like it's just not gonna turn on at all all right you're powered up you're the first one to be powered up but what you didn't know is that part of the lightning round is for us to short out the first move are gondor's kidding only Tyler Taylor see he actually screwed me up only Taylor gets to have a broken motherboard today fricking awesome man no keyboard detected though no keyboard detected press one ten drift for one tender set up yet this this is what's wrong with the PC industry Wow you've made a lot of progress since the last time I was here thank you cable management looks good in the front you know I I was a little worried about about you getting done in a reasonable amount of time here and then you kind of pulled it together man it's looking good dude not a bad little system yeah and it's on which is an improvement over Taylor how do you show you the the greatest piece of this whole build how do you have a secret weapon – I do it's called a background doctor yes Wow that is just about the most like overly masculine thing of all time this might take several minutes AK but that's okay because you are actually the entire Windows installation process ahead of Taylor over there he was way out ahead did you really put this 20-sided die on your power button you are actually the last one to start your windows install you were way ahead of the game you need to still overclocking cable management or should be you got to download your drivers alright that's okay you still got time we can do this we actually I guess it is we at this point okay so hold on so what what have I not done in your system I you installed your power supply let's take a moment to reflect on the fact that none of our contestants managed to kill the monitor this video brought to you by LG ultra-wide alright so everyone's ready yes I'm ready running you're ready are you ready 14 yeah judgement time I was waiting for it were you waiting for it that time I was not so for Ghost Recon we're running at the native resolution of these monitors as 2560 by 1080 and we're using the ultra preset because we figure for 2-grand you should be having a pretty ultra gaming experience now one of the things that we're gonna be looking for is not just being able to run the game but being able to run it at a framerate where you're gonna be taking advantage of these high refresh rate monitors so gentlemen hit it and let's have a look at those benchmark scores oh here comes 65 765 9a 53.4 okay he's basically tied you guys are gonna have to run it like medium details to get all those juicy buttery frames I think that it did pretty well I have a really nice graphics card a really good eye seven processor one of the advantages I have over them is that I have a Corsair or name-brand keyboard and mouse and I also brought along a headset and a mousepad I thought everyone was doing that I could have saved that money and put it into a trident RGB Ram set it's that way I could have had a much nicer looking build overall I think I did really well I've got a decent build I kind of went for more value spread out throughout the build I wanted peripherals that will last a while I wanted an immersive experience but to use a monitor for an immersive experience I figured you would probably need an extra peripheral so that's why I chose the Tobii eye tracker yeah my whole thing was based on immersion I feel like I did worse than I could have if I had had the original motherboard I planned for um I think I managed to pull it together alright I'm hoping that Linus and Austin give me a little bit of extra credit knowing that I had to go through a few broken components so we'll just have to see all right so third place is Zachary you you fought hard the scores were super close actually it was actually we basically agreed on almost everything yeah the performance hurts you the good news is that you come out of this with a wicked awesome gaming rig and hopefully you have fun today and you get this dope ass trophy can I put this on a resume you can put it on a resume yeah there you go number two is pretty obvious when you do number one that makes sense so why don't you give each of us one of them randomly all right two out of ten 210 for these guys before we announce the winner you guys all did really well it was close you guys had such similar sort of setups you obviously ran into a lot of bottlenecks and sort of issues but you handled it really well and most of them weren't your fault so you know that was really well done but Don you took it home wonderful and Taylor you fought hard and you were a lot of fun to hang out with today you were okay too I mean it's not it doesn't really look like a check I don't think she can't go cash this yeah yeah is this 21 by 9 hold on hold on let's get a validation here no it's not congratulations though I think you did a great job you put the system together really well you had no real issues with time performance was the best I think you have you know RGB and like the lighting and color is all completely on point the configuration was pretty much what I would have built yeah so good work good work good work thank you guys so thanks to everyone for coming and participating even Austin even though I don't like that guy and especially thanks to LG for sponsoring ultra festival 2017 and thanks to you guys of course for watching

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