Fyre Festival – The $100 Million Mistake

what happens when you get famous rapper Ja Rule and scam artist Billy McFarlane together to host an ultra luxury Music Festival in the Bahamas well it's called the fire festival and this is basically what happened then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked in this video we're going to be talking about the fire festival fiasco which you may have heard of you might say well oh that's old news but actually there's a hundred million dollar lawsuit in the works against the organizers of this event which we're going to talk about plus there's a lot of valuable lessons to be learned from this event and it's poor planning but Before we jump into it I should dress the part what the fuck now we're ready to talk about this tropical island refugee crisis I say refugee crisis because that's exactly what this event ended up looking like seriously you can compare it side-by-side to actual refugees and it doesn't look too different and that guy yeah that's the main organizer his name is Billy McFarlane and this isn't the first time he's tried to scam some young rich white kids you see he was the mastermind behind an extremely expensive credit card called Magnus's which actually did absolutely nothing for the customer other than completely ripped them off if they were naive enough to buy it now I don't know how mr. Billy McFarlane here convinced ja Rule and other celebrities that this was going to be a legitimate event but they clearly all bought into it this was hyped up as being like Coachella 2.0 as in being even more pretentious and expensive and boy did that backfire because all these celebrities are looking like complete idiots for hyping this up you see this music festival was promoted as being a premium luxury experience for Millennials with prices starting at around four to eight thousand dollars and then going up to potentially two hundred and fifty thousand dollars yeah Premium indeed so what could all the hype be about well there was an impressive lineup I mean I guess impressive if you're like into sort of mainstream pop and you know rap type music anyways you had artists like blink 182 lil yachty me DOS Major Lazer and thug fucker you know the type of music that you'll find on your average rich white kids playlist presumably but it wasn't just music in the promotional trailer the fire festival was touted as bringing the best in food art music and adventure well as it turns out none of the music really happened with blink-182 and others pulling out after realizing that they too might end up stranded on an island an angry mob of white kids the top quality food turned out to be some crap cheese dry lettuce and a couple slices of bread putting it at roughly the same quality of your standard Lunchables meal definitely not worth tens of thousands of dollars now as for the art I would argue this actually did come to fruition you see the images of the camp we got back from people on the island actually do resemble some post-apocalyptic Modern Art so good on that front least delivering on one of their promises I guess now aside from this overproduced generic promo on fires own YouTube channel there was this hilarious article from buffle calm titled 11 things you need to know about the fire festival because it's unlike any music event you've ever attended and well they're not wrong this ironic list includes things like it's not just a festival it's a vacation and Fire has a colorful history and it does because as the promo trailer also pointed out this island was previously owned by Pablo Escobar you know because nothing makes me want to go to a remote island more so than knowing that a fucking murderous drug kingpin once owned it yeah it pretty much just let that set the tone for how the rest of this festival experience pretty much went down and remember those incredibly expensive package deals that cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars yeah well apparently the top award was being a VIP which includes the benefits of meeting artists number six on this list stated that the lodging is a dream come true however lodging implies insulation and comfort not fucking disaster relief tents sprung up on an island which is what they got another selling point of this list was that Bella Hadid it was like a model or something guest starred in the music festivals promo video but at this point that's just another mark against her because well we all know how this festival turned out in I would say her name is now just tarnished because of it let's see and now oh this one this one's my favorite there's going to be top-notch food oh yeah top-notch food right and finally you don't have to be a music junkie to enjoy this festival no you don't need to be a music junkie you just need to have tens of thousands of dollars of disposable income and be incredibly naive to buy into this because as far as I'm aware a lot of the details of flights and accommodations were actually not provided at all to the guests they kind of just went in blindly as you might imagine the fact that most of these things turned out to be lies didn't really bode well with the guests across Twitter and social media many festival goers reported on the desperate situation some even reached out to the US Embassy for help with shelter and food which kind of speaks volumes in and of itself and then apparently people's phones were running out of battery because there wasn't a place to charge them on the island and honestly at this point this whole situation is starting to look like a post-apocalyptic Dead Island or 28 days later type situation most of these tweets look like they're coming out of a fucking war zone seriously look at this tweet for example apparently the luggage was brought down in the shipping container at night tell me this doesn't look like a fucking scene out of World War Z fire festival solution to all of this was to lock the attendees inside of a room with a giant chain on the door while they waited for planes to take them off to the island I've heard this was done to try and avoid lawsuits because it can be shown that the organisers were taking care of the guests I don't think that's going to save them in court though with a situation as absurd as this the lulls definitely ensued as a lot of trolls from 4chan and elsewhere started adding to the hysteria the reddit page for the fire festival is filled with hilarious memes and threads mocking the situation as well as some serious threads from actual attendees but mostly just means again all over social media people were talking about be an actual outrage or trolling or both so I'm going to give you a brief overview of some of the highlights there were personal reports of just how ill-prepared the staff on the island was including the lack of an actual medical team apparently and according to this guy included in that di P package was syrup for their waffles and the guy next to him does not look too happy about that VIP war winds yeah that's pretty much where this is headed I don't think this next tweet is real but nonetheless it it's pretty hilarious as compensation for any ill will caused by fire festival official staff has announced all attendees will get an extra hour in the ballpit given the circumstances this wouldn't surprise me as a follow up this image was posted on the subreddit never forget indeed there were even some fame aid posters of other potentially similar events like nuke festival off the coast of North Korea and Woodstock on a familiar island in Norway there was even this fake tweaked by ja rule explaining that this was all a social experiment to prove that Millennials don't understand the struggles of other cultures and honestly if this were actually the truth it would be pretty damn genius albeit probably highly illegal in reality though this was john rules actual statement in which he claimed that they were trying to sort things out and they ultimately sort of did as everyone did get flown off the island but the mess does not end there because now there are talks of a hundred million dollar class-action lawsuit against the organisers and rightfully so again after doing just a bit of research on this Billy MacFarlane character this was not the first time that he tried to pull a scam like this and if there is no punishment who's to say that he won't just try it again in fact apparently he was planning on doing exactly that with the fire festival go fucking figure this event was hyped up by celebrities and promoters as being like the next Coachella being this luxury music festival but instead what guest Scott was essentially a real-life enactment of the TV series lost and look I feel bad for these they didn't deserve this no one does but I'd be lying if I said there wasn't a little bit of schadenfreude to be had in this situation I mean if you're forking over tens of thousands of dollars for an event like this you should do some research into what exactly you're signing up for that being said it does seem like Billy McFarland here's being dealt some poetic justice you see after multiple scams targeting the Millennial demographic Billy McFarland seems to have dug his own grave here I imagine most of these rich white kids have access to some good lawyers and they're planning to sue the share this guy I guess you could say Billy was playing with fire to be connected to Google

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  1. to everyone correcting me about the ticket prices..Yes I know they werent THAT expensive. I'm assuming most of you came from Internet Historian's video where he found the right ticket prices. I made this a year ago and back then most of the articles and sources I found were saying the tickets were much more expensive, hence why I reported that in my video. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. For any of you watching this now and wondering what happened to the 26 year old playboy behind all this scamming, he was sentanced to just 6 years for the whole ordeal and thats including other charges against him for identity fraud. He'll get out in maybe 2 or 3 years to be honest….

  3. Wouldn't it have been amazing if it rained while the people were there? It rained like the night before the festival started

  4. A bunch of great artists with different type of music? CHECK
    A island owned by a Drug kingpin lord? CHECK
    0 information about the places and food? CHECK
    Hyper expense tickets? CHECK
    Flying of our country to a virgin island at the Caribbean? CHECK
    A questionable organizations backing up the whole project? CHECK

    Yup!. Just the kind of musical festival White rich kids love to visit!.

  5. The narrator for this video is not very funny at all. He should use a little bit less of the theatrics and just tell the story

  6. I know , I know …everybody has the same points about it. But what if Blink 182 and the rest had realized that it was a disaster…and came any way…played anyway. There would have been a Controversial experience . FYRE vs Water I guess. Expectations vs reality Bahamas tour. That would have made for something different. Also a script for a 2000 Hollywood collage movie, also for a Pepsi commercial!

  7. Why don't you redo this with a more honest account of who the scammed really were — largely non-rich people who scraped up $500-$1000 for a weeklong trip of a lifetime and were told by formerly credible "influencers" that it was all legit? Sure they may have been some trust fund pissants but those who bought very costly packages got decent housing at the hotels. You're no better than Billy and Ja when you click bait people to watch your inaccurate video.

  8. Millenials… This is what happens when you have more money than brains. It's a good social experiment, nonetheless. Gather all the "beautiful" people on a precarious island and they'll show their true colors.

  9. Believe it or not, there were black kids there too, wow !!! But you won't say angry black kids, will you…thanks captain racist 🙂

  10. Sorry, but anyone so desperate for attention that they spent several hundred dollars just because some social media twats cavorted around in a manipulative cheese video…got exactly what they had coming.

  11. I've heard the cheapest tickets were $350-500. I see you addressed this in the comments. I think it's key through to dwell on it for a bit. The vestival sold out in two days because most tickets were so cheap. This also resulted in them having this little money to throw at their problems.

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