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English subtitle was added by Q1Q2 Team Based on Cartoon "Mo Shi Mo Yan Wang" President 2 Fake Bride Sir, here you are, keep the change Hi, I'm Qiao Chuchu, from Chinese Entertainment Weekly it's my honor as an exclusive media to be invited to the grandest wedding ceremony in Sheng Hua Let's interview a big shot Mr. Mo Excuse me Doesn't matter, just be yourself Today your manor is lively An Shihui, daughter of An Group, is going to marry into your family It is said she is from Wall Street Financial Circle, as well as your son You all guessed wrong Shihui has loved art since childhood especially painting Now she is a student of Damien Hirst, a great master of Modern Art and she is a delicate and elegant girl besides, she had been a well-known ballet dancer, before she went abroad She got an offer from Sotheby's before graduation and became a special consultant now people ask her to determine painting and art are occupying her house my son Jingqian can marry her It makes us happy very happy Congratulations Hey, why don't they come? Just wait Look, who's that? Yeah, look like them Piao Xing, He Yun Hey, whose bike is it? Qin Heyun, Piao Xing Xiao An, I'm right at the gate Come to pick me up later, please Hello, Huasheng Daojiao your take-out food is here I'm at the gate Second Miss I overslept Sorry, your package is here How could you be so late? Make a hurry Turn right in the front, the first room, hurry sorry, take-out food can't be brought in Are you my bridesmaid? Nonsense God, miss, you're so fast Shi Hui? I'm Shi Hui Don't you remember me? Hurry up, go and change your clothes Beautiful, Shi Hui, you match Mr. Mo perfectly I think Miss Piao is better than me Shi Hui, Miss Piao is our idol only Chairman Mo can invite her Miss Piao, I'm glad you can attend my wedding ceremony I'm sorry to offended you just now can't imagine Miss Mo is so unusual Groom is coming Don't worry, I can handle it Can't imagine Miss An is good at sewing Please change your shoes Hi, Mo Jingqian, haven't seen you Shi Hui, finally we won't separate Sneakers You didn't wear sneakers I remember you once told me sneakers enlarge your feet So what's wrong with you? I left home in a rush I wore the wrong pairs You shouldn't forget to tie your shoelaces Shi Hui, is there anything wrong with you? No no no, I'm fine Well I bring you a gift Look Should I wear these? I like them very much I must collect them well Collect? Shouldn't you wear them to dance? Don't you love ballet the most? How couldn't I dance? I mean after our wedding I'll put them on to dance Shi Hui, what's wrong with you? Well, maybe I was unhealthy these days so I got irritable Look, I almost forgot you had a surgery here But I am totally ok now The doctor sent by Mr. Mo was very good I recovered very fast after that and my sister took care of me well she was good so I came back to life fast Is she Shi Ning? the one who had a star dream She is an actress, not a star no difference It's fine only with you stay with me Let me change shoes for you Well, Mr. and Mrs. Mo Mr. and Mrs. An from now on you are a family Finally the time comes No matter the kids' wedding or our families' future are going well What a time! Let's have a toast Ok Ok, plz Cheers Your foot? It's ok, let me do this You have learnt dance for a long time Where are those malformed toes? I had a toe plastic operation in hospital Who are you? You don't say You're alike with An Shihui but you're not her, who are you? Listen to me it is not what you thought Just show me a dance right now I can't dance today Not today? I see you can't dance at all You still keep silence, ok I'm going to cancel the wedding ceremony right now You can't! Definitely not Just tell me My sister She has gone Her surgery was successful and she was totally recovered Unfortunately half a month ago She suddenly suddenly passed away Impossible Where is Shi Hui? It's impossible Sorry I'm An Shi Ning You met me when we were kids Cheers! She told me An Shi Hui has passed away Explain Jing Qian Don't bullshit She is Shi Hui Father She has committed You're looking at An Shi Hui's sister An Shi Ning His parents What's going on? Actually Shi Hui has passed away half a month ago -What? -How could it be? She became better actually but suddenly it went worse So you found An Shi Ning to marry me, right? If I do any harm to Jing Qian for what I have done My family will bear any responsibility If what you've said is true I think it is forgivable Jing Qian No matter the elder sister Shi Hui or the young sister Shi Ning both are Mr. An's daughters That's the most important point Understand? Father How could you be so ridiculous? Will you let me marry a cheater as your daughter-in-law? Shut up! Jing Qian I know you've been falling in love with Shi Hui but she can't be back Although you can't accept this now you'll forget it with time goes by Listen to me I mustn't marry her in any case Stop Mo Jing Qian, I tell you if you screw up this wedding You're the biggest sinner in our family Shi Ning, listen to me from now on we are a family No one can change this Everyone, I'm Qiao Chuchu, the host First, thank you for coming to Mo's Manor to witness the wedding of our prince and princess After a few hours' waiting the most exciting moment is coming Before I show you the couple let's welcome the special Groomsman and Bridesmaid They are Mr. Qin Heyun and Mrs. Piao Xing welcome Mrs. Mo An Shi Hui It is said she is not only beautiful but very excellent Why do you pay so much attention? Well, are you getting jealous? Let's welcome our Mr. and Mrs. the bride and bridegroom Hey, watch out! Mrs. Shi Hui, be careful Save your words Hypocritical We can see they are moved and love each other so much then let the couple leave each other the love kisses under our witness Today is a big day let's get drunk Water… Shi Hui Shi Hui Shi Hui Shi Hui Shi Hui Go away I'll go to U.S. I'll go act in U.S. No wonder you're good at acting You're the Drama Queen Sooner or later I'll leave this place but not now Tell me how could An Shi Hui has a sister like you? I'll leave right now Do you think my home is a hotel for you to get in and out freely? Then what do you want? Since you want to marry into my family Fine Then I will let you experience to be my family's daughter-in-law Can't you eat? You must remember you marry into my home as An Shi Hui so that you can only be her Thanks for your notice Artificial flower? Do you let me practice ikebana with these? You are a fake one too Ugly Stop eating Keep practicing Take this garbage away Stand up and keep going Won't you listen? Don't stop until 100 steps Gently, it's hurt You should leave if you met this Because I had my elder sister I could go to U.S. to learn acting freely They meant to do that Although my parents disagreed with words they supported me with actions My elder sister told me at her last time But now should they bring you home? The others can be home but I have my whole family behind I'm the only kid of my family How could I keep away from this? But you shouldn't play with your life I can't play with this family marriage It is very important to my family so that I need to bear I can not be kicked out Let me check your ankle Rose means I love you Daisy means naivety and hope Violet means eternal love Tulip means being out of loneliness Rose means I love you Daisy means naivety and hope What happened? Are you nonsense? It's midnight I'm practicing deportment 10 more times I'll finish Why did you get out? Who knows why you roam around at night? You didn't try hard in the daytime but roam around at night What a jerk You're a jerk monster and psychopath Say it again I tell you It's not over yet You said you can be as well as Shi Hui Show me Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong Stand up and continue Wrong Wrong Wrong Wrong How could you be so stupid? Why don't you have any Shi Hui's talent? So be it I admit I am lack of talent in ballet Do you know talent decides everything? You have neither cleverness nor elegance as Shi Hui Whatever you try you can't be as well as her You just want to decorate your family with cleverness nor elegance, don't you? Don't refute Did you work as hard as Shi Hui? Crying after a few tumbles you'd better give up You thought I cared about that? I just don't want to disappoint my sister my family be looked down by you Miss, finally you wake up Is there hurt? An, I want to leave Really? While I have kept something for a long time I dare not to tell you Invitation of Audition I found it when I took out the trash They have gone too far What else can I miss? Let's go You must realize your dream to become an actress Miss, nobody here, hurry up Nobody here, go, run You're in such a rush, where are you going? An Shi Ning You're calling me Yeah, but if you get out of the gate People just know you're An Shi Hui What do you mean? If you leave here like this Our marriage is broken without any reason rumors will be spread soon At that time your family will be treated as cheaters But I can't do as well as my elder sister You give up so quickly? Mr. Mo To be an actress is her dream it's the invitation of audition It is not enough to act in my home and you want to promote your skill? Mr. Mo, I beg you, just let her go You're really good at acting You pretended to sacrifice for your family
at the first time Now a piece of invitation is your excuse to escape with a great title – your dream I came here sincerely I want to audition sincerely too Why do you slander me? Slander you? You're slandering An Shi Hui Your so-called dream is beyond everything include your parents and your family and An Shi Hui Don't you know you're selfish? Let's go Only to play this role well can't I let them down Miss Miss Miss Cheng Peng? Anybody? Cheng Peng? Anybody here? Mo Jing Qian Mo Jing Qian Mo Jing Qian What's wrong? Don't be afraid How about let's check the distribution room? Come on Don't be afraid Turn on your mobile flash, hold my hand Come on, follow me Be careful Is it this? Give me some light You can repair the circuit? It's not difficult Who taught you this? No one, I learnt it by myself At my 18 I went to U.S. alone to learn acting My father told me If I dared to go he wouldn't support me any penny At that time I lived in a basement and learnt these skills So I'm good at seeking light in the dark Mo Jing Qian Mo Jing Qian Mo Jing Qian I'm sorry Since you're afraid of darkness I didn't mean to do that Sorry I found your weakness Well, how about I tell you a joke? There was a mungbean which was talkative and it liked to judge the others While it had a weakness that it's afraid of darkness It walked outside someday just walked and walked It suddenly fell into a dark rice cooker Well it thought it was over and turned to be mungbean paste and it kept crying Guess what? It kept crying because it cried too much and filled the cooker finally it turned to be a mungbean sprout Is it funny? Isn't it? You're satirizing me No no no You misunderstood How dare I It's a coincidence, I didn't mean that Okay, don't be like this well How about I tell you another story? Long long time ago There was a very remote mountain in which a very old man lived He got up very early every morning and then he went to a very… Mr. Mo Well you could give her a role or something No way You realize your sin? You said you would turn her into Mrs. Shi Hui I think if you killed her right now she won't become her It is a waste of life if I keep wasting time on her Then we'd better put her into the play and let her get involved in gossip In order to save their faces my parents will agree with our divorce I can escape from the chaos with reasons Do you hate me very much? Yes, I'd better to poison you There is a chance for you to stop seeing me What kind of idea do you have? How about I offer you a role in the play? What kind of play? Where it is? Your answer comes so fast I need to consider Consider? How about have an ikebana class first? An, let's move out right now Shi Ning I tell you a joke There was a mungbean it was talkative and liked to judge others but it had a weakness that it afraid of darkness How could you know that? What a Mo Jing Qian! So beautiful It was founded by our Gong He Entertainment It means Mr.Mo own all of these You don't surprise? Whoops It is awesome grand and splendid and rich Yes, it is You guys be quiet Miss Xing is in bad mood What's the matter NG so many times We have shot her for the whole forenoon She was late again, WTF Relax, director I'll have a talk with Mrs. Piao Hello, Mrs. Mo I'm Zheng Yan, producer of this movie Everyone, meet our new member Mrs. Mo, An Shi Ning I know you're An Shi Hui Is An Shi Ning your stage name? Boss told me he calls you Shi Hui at home Welcome, Mrs. Mo Forgive my rudeness Nice to meet you Thank you you can call me Shi Ning Director, how about this scene? Director Zhang, I'm ready Ok, fine Go ahead Mrs. An Hello, handsome icon Hey, you're tacit Have a try? Me? Yeah Princess Piao is freshening up You can have a try Okay Have a seat, let's start Which scene shall we try? 39 Ok, start at here 39? Yes, here it is Hurry up, Mrs. Xing Qin He Yun is acting with Mr. Mo Director said they are good What? Why do they have the audition? Take a look It's ok Director, I'm sorry I'm a little late Costumer, take me the second actress dress What do you mean? I think she is good with good image Professional Change the actress Is it good? Why shouldn't I change with a better actress here? Yes, you're right We should respect the art rule Xing, you have many chances to act No.1 role Have a try to play No. 2 this time Why should I have a try? Piao Xing, you're not good to play No.1 I was born on a nameless planet 500 years ago to find you We miss each other this life I hope we could be together afterlife Finally I see what is called the vast world Just run, your road ahead is smooth A bunch of green sprouts have grown in your heart I will watch you in a distance But without your trim my heart will be full of weeds Mo Jing Qian, help me with the script Is there anyone who is not sad for secret love? We always think that kind of love is heavy as it is the heaviest in the world When you look back one day suddenly we find it is always light We thought we loved each other very deep but the oncoming days told you that love was very shallow The deepest and heaviest love must be lived with time I have schedule tomorrow I'll go to bed Elder sister, you're the Prince's natural mother now you need to have broad mind wider than the world Younger sister, I would remember your warn Prince likes to travel around the countries I would support him from now on I want to go to the bathroom You keep going Look How about to have a change here? Here? I think so Ok I'm tortured to death by her The shoot afternoon I hope we can finish it one time don't be a drag I'll have a look at Piao Xing You come here to act Can you pay more attention? Shouldn't I have a rest? The heroine didn't Heroine She took it from me I'm angry with this Have a look we have been acted for years Have you ever seen a partner who works as hard as she does? Qin He Yun Since she came here You're affected Piao Xing you can't make a living with appearance in entertainment circle What do you mean? You mean I depend on my appearance Qin He Yun You never talk with me in this attitude Calm down See you at the scene Relax, Mrs. Xing Mr. Mo, what are you looking? Do you want to look around here? I have invest meeting afternoon time is short You have enough time as you have two hours left after the meeting Sure, you can arrange my schedule Shi Ning's advice is good Watch out your move, Piao Xing Once more Ready Go Cut, perfect Shi Ning, you're great Are you ready for our next shoot? Didn't you find a substitute? Substitute? Next scene is our love story in the rain Nothing special just get wet In U.S. Substitute is only needed in burning and exploding Am I wrong? Really? Qin He Yun Let's go dinner I think if I use a substitute in this shoot he can't perform that deadly separation So you want to stay in the rain for one hour with only one line? How about we get prepared first? Go Actually, she works hard Hard? I work hard You work hard, how about her? She works with her life Is it necessary? Just a shoot, why do they make it like truth? She is already Mrs. Mo Why does she work so hard? Ok, director, no problem We know that Start Water You have promised me you would never leave me behind Cut, perfect Next, Piao Xing Get ready Director Piao Xing said she is uncomfortable She can come tomorrow I would never use her again Sorry, sorry He gets angry Mr. Mo, are you angrier? When Piao Xing's contract expired Stop renewing Take some warm clothes food and drink to An Shi Ning Don't mention me No problem I agree I'll go Superstar What's wrong, who provoke you? Chu Chu You must help me this time I feel wronged Someone took my role Do you think it is fair? Who is the big fish? Mrs. Mo An Shi Hui She got a stage name called An Shi Ning But I think there is a problem inside Don't worry, I'll check it out She left home so early Yes, she said she will live with the staff from now on It is a waste of time to go and back home Did she say when she would be back? After the movie is finished Mr. Mo, you don't go? No, I have no time I got these in a week the company list that against Gong He Entertainment Then our plan can be put on schedule Did you cancel your contract with Gong He? They kicked me away first I supposed it was An Shi Ning's idea Well, I'll make a layout at the points for our whole plan This time they'll lose all standing and reputation Sir don't forget your luggage Hello, Mo Jing Qian Your car has been scratched What? How could you be here? I come to inspect a project Tell me directly if you want to see me What? Well, why are you nervous? You look like a thief I really come to a project Hey, you just know business negotiation I'm free today How about I lead you out? Hey, come on, let's go Every actress hopes to succeed to act as a heroine in a play Just like you, trying your best for the play to become a popular star or why do you act? Am I right? You thought every actress wants to be popular? An actress gives her mood, spirit and body to a role which you didn't know before Sometimes you can't get out of the role so that I think this sacrifice is great I thought so many people scrambled for a role in the circle were avaricious But when I see your concentration and seriousness in performance I suddenly found performance is a dream should be respected Yeah, a beautiful and distressful dream I will support you try my best Are you ready? Don't be scared later I'm waiting for you down here Don't worry, there won't be any problem They have checked for many times Relax, boss Mo What do you call me? Boss, boss Mo Chairman Mo, Manager Mo Please call me Old Mo You guys, come to put more layers of sponge cushions and you guys crowd around later Open your hands to protect her Don't worry, there's no problem Come on, smile I can't smile now Hey, smile Ok, Mo, I'm going up Come on, lift Slowly… Wait and see Keep up with the focus Start Shi Ning Are you ok, Shi Ning Shi Ning Shi Ning… Shi Ning Shi Ning Shi Ning Are you her family member? Yes, I'm her husband Her brain has been severely impacted I'm afraid she won't wake up Impossible Please, doctor Please bring her back to life No matter how much I pay Believe me, we'll try our best OK, old Mo, I'm going up The god is unfair We have lost a daughter, now… Shi Ning… Father, would you please stop talking? Jing Qian I heard Shi Ning got hurt in a scene How could she be an actress? She is daughter-in-law of our family How could she get into entertainment circle? Father, mother Shi Ning started to play three months ago Jing Qian, come out We have to talk with you To be an actress is always her dream I just gave her a chance You're foolish Our family is famous in Sheng Hua How could we let her get into entertainment? No, mother, she wants to an actress, not a star I don't care if she is an actress or a star Getting involved in entertainment is full of judgements Ok, please tell me what should I do? You ask for divorce as soon as possible Finish the procedures Father, Shi Ning is lying on the bed They have only one daughter left We ask for divorce now? We could wait You decide the time Three Months Later Recently there is a play has win-win in praise and rating Online viewings are high It becomes the champion with internet click It is Queen of the World, published by Gong He Entertainment Let's review the wonderful play trailers Jing Qian Shi Ning You wake up Jing Qian, finally we'll get married Shi Ning Shi Ning I'm An Shi Hui No You're An Shi Ning An Shi Hui has passed away Don't you remember? No, I'm An Shi Hui I can dance ballet Don't you remember I dance on the stage? I'll dance for you after I get recovered I beg you, don't play joke on me I have totally got out from An Shi Hui's shadow Whom I loved is An Shi Ning Why did you forget everything? Why? Why? Why? I was playing a joke on you I can't imagine you speak it out I'm sorry Thank you Excuse me Congratulations, Mr. Mo and Mrs. Mo's recovery -Thank you -Thank you Congratulations, you deserved this Is it true? Yes I'll go with you after your recovery Congratulations, award ceremony comes next week The coming award is more exciting Let's watch the screen Listen to me Don't be nervous later You must relax I want you to get on the stage with me It's me Right away What's wrong? My new servant told me that my father was in hospital with heart attack Just go I'll come to you after ceremony Okay The next award is the Best Actress Let's welcome the presenter tonight a famous star – Piao Xing Everyone, it's my honor to be here to award the Best Actress voted on the internet Just now the Best Group is won
by the Queen of the World As one of the main actresses in the play I hope I could win the award I'm wondering if I am the lucky one tonight Here she is Let's welcome the Best Actress-An Shi Ning To be an actress has been my dream since I was a child I never give it up I've been queried and hit When my confidence got collapsed someone told me that I could be an actress He would support me forever I couldn't be here without him I am showing my appreciations to all the play staffs and he is the one I appreciate the most Mr. Mo Jing Qian Congratulations to my partner again-Mrs. An Shi Ning Thanks Mo Jing Qian for bringing us a great actress with this good play I have a network survey here which shows us the best fragment in the play is the confession of the two lovers with kisses Do you guys want to watch them to replay here? Let's welcome the hero of the play-Qin He Yun -Congratulations
-Thank you You two must be addicted in the play as
you played very good? Exactly I was addicted in the play because of Shi Ning She is dedicated and professional Sometimes a good actress is the mainstay of a play I can even recognize the moment we discussed the script we played agin and again Awesome Thanks, you must put your heart and soul into the play whenever you are What's wrong? Why is there an ad? How could I know? What's wrong? As you said, how about show us a part? Everyone next is a teacher-level performance demonstration Shi Ning, my father was not in hospital I don't know what happened I contact him and he is at home Have you finished? Mr. old Mo You've been absented my ceremony How could you compensate me? How to compensate? How about… How? share my bed? You naughty Hurry up, just one hour left It must be published in the morning Will people believe this? If An Shi Ning and Qin He Yun had affairs was seen by the audiences at the ceremony There is no truth in entertainment Stars will make affairs to hit the headline so that people can have gossips Do you think someone will prove a gossip? How about Mo Jing Qian? He loves An Shi Ning Will he believe? Yes, he will, definitely What he loves is the elder sister An Shi Hui not the younger sister An Shi Ning You mean An Shi Ning is not An Shi Hui Yes If the daughter of An family and also the daughter-in-law of Mo family has got involved in entertainment with sexy affairs It must be a great hit to both families Mo Jing Qian must be the one who gets hurt the worst Maybe he will be kicked out She's a substitute She must be abandoned with this scandal Done Well done Upload to the public accounts with a title-Affairs between Mrs.Mo of Gong He Entertainment and a young man Everyone will know this by tomorrow morning What's going on with this? It's from my award ceremony Someone planed this You mean you've been framed? I'm going to find someone to prove my innocence Shi Ning Wait Cheng Peng is here just go and investigate this These are not true Shi Ning, you know I stand in you side but the photos and videos are revealed, I… Impossible Jing Qian, I'll find my witness Are you going to find someone to prove or to collude? What do you mean? These photos and videos are fake everything is fake in your eyes then just tell me what is true? The truth is all of these are fake and never exist Is Cheng Peng framing you? Why don't you believe me? Are they in collusion? Mo Jing Qian These are cyber violence You are the Best Actress Since the first day I met you You have been playing with me Don't be nervous later on the stage I am waiting for you here How could this happened? I've told you to divorce You told me to wait for her How about now? The whole world know about this now Jing Qian, you should consider about our status and reputation I disagreed with your idea to break off the engagement Now you also can get rid of it Your mother and I support you this time Make a hurry My divorce is under process But I must figure out what has happened Mr. Mo Don't you forget you arranged An Shi Ning to the play was to kick her off after some kind of scandals I know It's your plan! Everything is reasonable now Make a divorce, hurry up Ok Mr. Mo There is nothing on it but your name Have a look I'm out Hello, is that your plan to let An Shi Ning drop from the wire? She was so arrogant and she deserved that Was it enough for her to take my No.1 place? I'm telling you I have more plan I need your help What are you want to do? If you refuse I'll tell the others about your gambling in U.S. Let's wait and see You… Cheng Peng Rearrange my schedule to give a press conference afternoon Father, mother An Shi Ning was the victim I'll pay more attention after this Pay more attention? Is that work? I tell you, Mo Jing Qian Take my advice Don't waste time on her It is a waste of time to marry one who I don't love I've lost Shi Hui I mustn't lose Shi Ning this time Take a look The latest financial reports of An Group His Group meets a serious financial crisis but he doesn't tell us If you don't cut off your relationship our family will be got involved and it would ruin us Well In case of affecting your family I can cut loose from you Jing Qian Do you know what are you talking about? Get out! Now! Father, mother I won't be your bargaining chip at the cost of sacrificing my love any more My son Shi Ning Shi Ning Shi Ning Shi Ning Shi Ning Shi Ning Jing Qian When you read this letter I'm on the plane back to U.S. I'm sorry My father's group has a serious financial crisis it would affect your family and especially you and even let you pay our debt I decide to end our Interest-bound and impure marriage Although I am falling in love with you simply and persistently our marriage must be ended Too many things have happened in recent half a year with sorrow and happiness They all be collected and locked into my memory box I threw out the key and cut off my pain I will continue realizing my dream as an actress in U.S. May you have good life and work and enlarge your business What's more I leave you a repair list behind and methods to overcome Nyctophobia Come on See you, Jing Qian Methods to overcome Nyctophobia

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