Friends – Rachel runs away from the wedding

وأنا فقط أريد مليون دولار -روس تمنى الزواج مجددا وظهرت راتشيل- راتشيل يا الهي مونيكا مرحبا حمدا للرب ذهبت لشقتك لم تكوني هناك والرجل مع المطرقة الكبيرة اخبرني بأنك قد تكوني هنا وها انت ذا هل أحضر لكما قهوة بدون كافيين حسنا جميعا هذه راتشيل احد الناجين من ثانوية لينكون هؤلاء الجميع هذا تشاندلر وفيبي وجوي و تذكرين اخي روس؟ بالطبع مرحبا
-مرحبا إذًا هل تنوين اخبارنا الآن أم علينا انتظار وصيفاتك الأربعة يا الهي حسنا بدأ الأمر قبيل نصف ساعة من الزفاف كنت في تلك الغرفة حيث يبقون الهدايا ونظرت الى ابريق المرق يا له من ابريق مرق رائع

Michael Martin

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  1. Guys let's all talk about how Courtney, Jennifer, and Lisa were just so gorgeous in the first season of this show

  2. Am I the only one who noticed that Courteney Cox started to slimming through the seasons of the show? At the first seasons she was stunning and more beautiful than Jennifer, but since season 5 she became more skinny and ugly 🙁

  3. Omg they look so YOUNG! Joey,Rachel,Chandler and Monica look so different now tbh Phoebe still looks the same in a way, not much changed.

  4. What a horrible psycho! Miss, you didn't realize that your fiance is not attractive when you were dating him or making romance or when he asked you for marriage or one day before the wedding? You had to humiliate him on his wedding day? Then you go and dump yourself on a friend you didn't invite to your wedding? Why is this funny? Why is there laughter in the background? Why did this show have so many seasons?

  5. did phoebe sing 7 rings { ariana's song } ? 3:34 .. lmao wth !!

    edit : just figured out that the song name is my favorite things but damn it sounds exactly like 7 rings

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