Forward Conference 2018 Recap

we're from we actually drove nine hours to get here we woke up at four o'clock in the morning to get here yesterday Tampa Florida we're just want to be out for a conference or sir [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] I would love for God to take the broken dream and say I'm still going to use you and I still believe in you and I'm gonna take what looks broken and I'm gonna fix it and I'm gonna turn it around and show my glory and my beauty through your scars and through your words your mess needs to become your message not just a new feeling not just a new experience but a message that you can bring to your generation that you can bring to your high school and saying you know what I used to be bound but now i'm free i used to be skeptical but now i believe i have a new message he is the history maker he is the waymaker it don't matter what you see in the mirror god loves you he has a plan for you he has a purpose for you it don't matter what people say to you we can rise up as a generation and say you know what I'm gonna respond with compassion I'm gonna respond with kindness I'm gonna respond love and understanding people often think in religious culture if I'm struggling still I am bad God is mad and they run away from God and we need to change that equation because God is not man he's the great fig advocate who would invite you to run to them not broken I believe with all of my heart that this gathering is positioning your life that God is doing this right here because he wants your generation to see an awakening happen he still has a calling for you who still has a purpose for you he still has a dream for you and it's not dead he's just saying who will come in my presence in the presence of Jesus thank you you

Michael Martin

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  1. Let us know where you guys came from in the comments! We'll see you all next year.

    The song is P E A C E (HGHTS Remix) by Hillsong Young & Free

  2. This was my first year at forward and before going I honestly started to have doubts about God and Jesus but after going I had an out of world experience and I gave my life to Jesus. I was honestly taken over by Jesus and I felt that I was finally going to be okay.

  3. what was the name of the country singer that sang the song about his mom i cant remember for the life of me

  4. 2018 was my first time at forward con and I had the time of my life. I'll be back next year for 2019 for sure, I literally already bought my ticket.

  5. This was my first forward conference. I almost didn’t go but I’m so incredibly glad that I did! It was the best three days of my life and best trip I’ve ever been on!! I already bought a ticket for next year!!!! ❤️❤️

  6. This was my first forward conference. I almost didn’t go but I’m so incredibly glad that I did! It was the best three days of my life and best trip I’ve ever been on!! I already bought a ticket for next year!!!! ❤️❤️

  7. Wooow ! Amazing video !! this was my 2nd year at Forward and i would love to bring tons of people with me next year ! More people have to experience the love of God like I experienced it at Forward Confrence !

  8. This was my 2nd year at Forward and definitely not my last! I loved every second I was there! Every person, every song, every speaker, and every session was just outstanding. This Forward did something last year couldn't. I finally gave my heart completely to Jesus this year and now I'll see where He takes me.

  9. It was my youth groups 3rd year at Forward and definitely not our last!! Loved every minute of it! Hope to see more of Sy Rodgers, and Reggie. PUMPED for Andy Mineo next year!!

  10. Loved every minute of Forward 2018, and every Pastor and every song . It was my second time at Forward. I was with tribe HypeBeast . I also loved the pieces of confetti with the quotes on them. I will be coming next year. 💞 Stuck on Elevation Worship, Hillsong Y&F, Jesus Culture,and Free Chapel Music

  11. I must say Pastor Franklin did it again. I was in AWE to see a sea of so many youth give their life to Christ. It was so beautiful and amazing. This is what Christ died for 💞💖💞💖

  12. i loved forward so much[ AND THIS WAS MY FIRST YEAR] i have to go back next year [I HAVE NO CHOICE]

  13. Actually I am very happy I went it was all worth it and I am from citylife from Tampa Florida and each night after the conference we would gather around and share our testimonys and thoughts and how you should turn fear to love and how u should be thankful for ur insecurities it was amazing

  14. I was there it life changing for EVER team finesse (plz comment what team you were on don't be shy especially you team HYPE BEAST I wont bite ( or hate)) u to G.O.A.T and team SUPREME

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