Fortnite PRO AM Game 1 Highlights – Summer Block Party Highlights

[Applause] the first match of the summer block party pro-am is beginning right now this is hit these final moments we've all been waiting for this a little look at all the players kind of loading in there and this is this is the lovely new shot right you get to see the camera the map the landings oh man take a look at the first storm circled there on top right half of the map looks like t who's gonna be pretty close there does not go too far but everyone else people down my frosty happy Hamlet even lucky landing there have to start making that move over over to action Jackson and Samaria they've already gotten elimination but action Jackson is on 16 HP right now he's in a rough spot there's someone pushing with the bother so careful up the side wall hoping gets taken down there Dylan it's cool-kid Dylan Branson look at this Dillon Francis is playing decoy he's rolling up in the baller saying look at me I'm Dillon Francis I'm gonna drop some hot tunes on you and close he's like look pop your head for just one moment you're gonna get popped that's exactly what happens there's more players here you saw Demaryius just underneath as well yeah good call and you're already saw him kind of pushing up towards the politicos got happiness oh man I talked about wanted to see Eli be successful but no Aidan just came out and shut that entire dream down Aidan making quick quick work of Kurt than Kurt in a walk Aidan I cannot believe you did that Ewoks are you how to sign ghost and this is how you repay her it's got some shots there that flare does not have any shield he's off elimination I'm honest so down site from lemonade's now this is where things get a little difficult right because gonna start applying pressure Joey's gotta get there very fast Bill's coming out of Joey I like this candy beat clutch here Pappy's snipe comes out takes a little bit of fall damage great grenades down there as well what is gonna connect see he's got to try and Bank them back so they're fracturing as much of the bills as possible look at this he's like I honestly I'm not in a great position marshawn's already gone I just probably need to fail on the entire situation he's got the launchpad monster but look at this they're just make keeping him from making decisions right keep him isolated making sure he can't leave dirt using so much – there's another table above oh this might be it for ninja as he is now back to gets the wall the wall replacement does happen for the high ground ego and air box beat some with the cop back to the face damn ghost ninja and Marshawn Lynch for making the wrong rotation he's just got his teammate Josh are over safely in the distance putting down fire here so people can get these balls trying to get these shots that's one can he get the second and he does deep it with four huge eliminations right now there are so many players migrating to the sunny steps area because this is the center of the next season and unfortunately cow cow is already gone if I had to guess nick is kind of moving towards what might be that the respawn bus but okay this just duo's everywhere he's probably honestly not gonna get the chance here you see him right on the other side of our big star is here these are two titans of the fortnight community and III gotta know what is going to unfold right now because cute mind the big stars first of all Martin Starr is gone but look at his he HP he has not hopped back up the 75 Nick though he's got that massive HP advantage big star gonna try and use the if pulse it makes me kind of look at this Oh Nick hurt it he's like yo there's someone in here where are you I need to shut you down Vic SARS sitting so still right now I'm surprised to see more of his face this is really cat and mouse and and Nick is the cat hunting right now SARS the mouse in the corner Caden away in his little tunnel here but lucky crime very just shy you didn't even want to get on the interview but airlocks is all about it what I expect from a World Cup qualifier now look at airlocks leading the push this is what I love the pro player saying follow my lead just follow my lead and Batum young set base right from underneath their feet and it's his now he's got some high ground he did lose his teammate though unfortunately but doesn't matter crime builds right up now they're at six eliminations as a team and this is really good so I like that air waxwing in first you know axis is so comfortable in these situations he's always been competing again a qualifier to go to the finals in New York City she's holding it now she said she would listen in case you don't know she's an absolute Slayer she was part of the llama record company yesterday they want her we got Jordan Fisher at courage ad and Leicester the golden ticket winner and at the end that the team collectively said loser fruit was the person that held off squads by herself she was the reason we want this entire thing hurt JD said I'm just repeating what courage said hey I mean if courage is to be that humble that you have to agree and appreciate that response about Eric still have that snide where you clip down some shops it is quite connect right there they are hunting this World Cup qualifier is on the hunt right now I'm traveling from across the world no one sees now that's one Ealing right there in a second that is he goes down the act rj1 watch his elimination feed in the top left you've seen not only air axe and grime eliminating people left and right but Teague as well he's on 6 e limbs air walks is on 7 Nick mercs and Nick 830 are both in is tied with 5 eliminations there are still so many players left we cleaned up and we're finally getting down nearer and nearer to top 15 just think about that monster this is the first game and we're not even a top 15 yet no one's gotten placement guys top 15 duo is gonna get them placement there are 20 teams remaining in this game that means there are loads of people that are solo at this point already Ross their teammate like gotaga top sitting there by himself right now air box does have another player knocked right by him grime is also very weak right now so they're in a little juvie to scuffle in that close quarter right there this is just a nice little aerial view of everything that's going on in the edge of the map all of your favorite player symphonies still in it oh man whose cell phone is still in it Oster you know what time it is for that moving circle we get a nice view with Nick 8:30 what's going on with him even though he knocked Joss heart you know the tape of lost his teammate but this is teeth when we're talking about he could clutch off things now look Nick is out of materials six eliminations and only the single magazine left in the AR but plenty of slugs in that combat shotgun he's gonna look to try and navigate these and catch players off-guard if a player behind 102 to the face that pony popper he is dead Nick can not build right here Zeke he just he's looking for anything here with seven eliminations and material the lure ammo he's got it all but so does airlocks these two o'clock and dillon francis dullness jarvis as well so many bats invades aid in here to symphony news out there's so many names juju getting dropped and look take a look down and walk took them down air walks is on ten eliminations he took out juju and he still go when he's got background nine hundred materials someone is behind them what's he gonna do spills up right now find a little moment to kind of gather he's got shadow bombs he's gonna start rotating he's got he's gotta go down after I let everyone down battle it out just ignore them all your one do away low and Aiden pulses slow down they go down the cross right it's a free-for-all right now here that's huge fine it's another one he's at someone else in the zone that's another tough situation that was lawful and he shuts him down right now airlocks in such a commanding and powerful position off on the high ground to prevent this storm look is just easy as entire zone there's only so much space these players to work with waiting [Applause] with the 14 elimination victory for the first game here's eat this grime at AER wax I mean those that lead absolutely no surprise there earwax way up at the top of a look at these second through tenth cloak and Dillon Francis T foo Josh Hart a tin lawsuit symphony do we expect anything different Nikkei 30s out there at eighth place is this is awesome for them they're so in top ten this is anyone's ballgame that's right it only you know if this is the first game even if you were eliminated one hunter in 100th excuse me it's not that big until you got three more games show up you just need a game like this where you get 26 points and you reach up to page number two more names don't forget everyone's gonna get a little bit of that pie for charity so many big names

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  1. these commentators are fucking retarded, saying Vik is a titan in the fortnite community? you have to be fucking dumb to think he is at the least bit relevant

  2. I was practically praying Jarvis would win because he’s been screwed over majorly twice by fortnite so he deserves it he’s such a good player

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