Florida Bisexuals and Gay Marriage Rights

Florida State should abolish Article I, Section
27 of the Florida State Constitution. Which defines marriage as one woman and one man.
Now me personally, I could care less about who you marry; Man or man, woman and woman,
doesn’t matter to me. And to add to that I don’t really give a damn about polygamy. You
know, that is up to the individuals within that relationship, to figure something out
between themselves. Especially during times of divorce, which will probably complicate
things. Either way that is a responsibility of those adults to choose who they wish to
marry and how many they wish to marry. That is speaking from a personal view and that
is also speaking from a Libertarian view. Government should not be in the place of who
you can marry or how many people you can marry. If you as an individual choose to marry another
man as a man, or another woman as a woman, or multiple people; That is entirely up to
you, and you should be given that right to choose who you want to marry. You are taking
a chance of bringing all your funds together, um, credit wise, property wise and all of
that in an institution of marriage. Course it should not be up to the government to choose
that for you. So, pretty much that’s it; They should allow Polygamy, and they should allow
same sex marriage under the Florida State Constitution

Michael Martin

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  1. I've a couple of mates who've been the children in Polygamist marriages and they said they were miserable, toxic and there was favouritism regarding wives which affected the children.  Both men said they would be the husbands of only one wife… and they are.

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