First Things First – Vincent Report: CP3 demands trade from Rockets , relationship with Harden

Michael Martin

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  1. They both are drama queens and need to have the ball in their hands, two queens and one ball that's a recipe for disaster. they won't fight each other because both of them would be to busy flopping…….

  2. Cp3 is petty. Watch his post conference interviews when he is joined by his teammates. On seperate occasions he told Harden and PJ Tuck to "relax". Its jus a word but the way he said it to them. He was basically sayin "shut up". Watch it for urself

  3. I'm lost at how this stuff gets out to the media…anyway, idc what people have to say about Houston, I watched harden walking in crunch time in too many games. Forget him

  4. Beat the warriors and this drama never exists, when a teams expectation is championship or bust then bs like this is bound to occur…Imho I think the rockets should have made it a priority to keep last years team intact.

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