FINALLY WWE Did The RIGHT Thing! Multiple RELEASES GRANTED, Vince McMahon WEIRD New Plans – Round Up

what is up guys welcome back to the
roundup updating you on other latest and pro-wrestling and it is a hectic weekend not only else we are one week away from WWE TLC so of course we’re
gonna be talking all about it the full rumor masks are for the event what is
coming out for this week’s of Monday Night Raw the crazy Sunday that we just
had as WWE invincible men finally did the right thing to singles competitor
and attack team getting their release after asking for it which is unexpected
when it comes to WWE this year even more potential releases that we could be
getting two superstars already teasing the returned to in-ring competition
Vince McMahon latest weird philosophy and much more before we get into it
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never miss an update anyway so let’s dive into it it’s Sunday you know what
time it is it was a crazy one to say the least as WWE confirm four releases as of
me recording this they sent out the following statement WWE has come to
terms on the release of Luke Harper Sin Cara
Konnor and Viktor of the Ascension WWE wishes them all the best in their future
endeavors this was a long time coming especially
for a guy like Luke Harper who acts for his release publicly over on social
media and things only seem to have gotten worse as there were reports
indicating that Vince McMahon was attaching months into Luke Harper’s
contract because of past injury and that it was being extended for other reasons
so he wasn’t gonna be out of the WWE for at least another year or so but I’m very
happy that he got what he wanted obviously much like a lot of other
superstar he wasn’t happy there and as he said he wants to go somewhere else to
show off his wrestling talent he wants to continue wrestling much like Sin Cara
who also made a statement just a couple of weeks ago saying that he was unhappy
with the WWE he waited for the opportunity that never came but now he
is ready to just go somewhere else and showcase what he can do both of these
superstars were in the WWE for multiple years so of course it’s unfortunate to
see them go but we’re know they’re gonna be
at a better state of mind in regards to Sin Cara there was a lot of jokes
indicating that maybe Vince McMahon was already gonna be looking for another
Hispanic guy to become the new Sin Cara but that doesn’t seem to be the case
because based on the statement they released the character Sin Cara it’s not
like they didn’t make reference of it so looks like the character at least for
now is going to be retired and if someone replaces it it’s not gonna be
anytime soon the other releases was the Ascension
which is a bit unexpected but not necessarily because these guys haven’t
been used on television in quite a while and it was clear that much like other
superstars that we’re not happy with how they were not being used with WWE
grunting so many releases this week it looks like we might even get more like
Mike annales who also publicly asked for his release just a couple of months ago
moving into some other news and a quick preview for Monday Night Raw this
upcoming week as WWE confirm one match in one segment we’re gonna have Rey
Mysterio taking on AJ Styles for the United States Championship in a rematch
so much for no rematch clause anymore but at least I guess AJ Styles did won
the tag-team match this past week against Rey Mysterio so maybe that
accounts for something they also announced a segment where we’re gonna be
getting the divorce of rusev and Lana so oh how is probably gonna break loose and
let’s see how well the train wreck ultimately goes moving into some other
news and the opposite of superstars getting released from WWE will
ultimately be of course superstar returning to action and just this
weekend we got two superstars teasing and training for the return to
television and that is Laurie Sullivan and I at Jax large Sullivan posted a
video over on Instagram where we can see him training back at the gym and looking
fairly good for a return to the company he under one knee surgery back in June
and was expected to be out of action for six to nine months six months after all
of that he is already training from his injury that was ultimately worse than
expected his return day is not necessarily known but an early 20/20
return is predicted we also have Naya JAXA scene training in
the WWE Performance Center and getting back into ring shape so she is more
closer to her return after her recent injury based on other reports she more
than likely be back about the Royal Rumble so by the end of January or even
before that if WWE doesn’t decide to just save her I squat and quote one of
the surprises nya Jax posted the video herself this weekend with a caption
testing out the new niece and she’s looking pretty good running the ropes
moving into some other news and we’re gonna be talking a lot regarding TLC and
even plans that WWE could be having after that event itself but for right
now of course WWE is gearing up for that pay-per-view and as we cover they
already switched up the universal title match a bit in the process as now we got
the Miss battling Bray Wyatt at the event but of course WWE is already
making plans past that they have released a few matches that have been
advertised for the Cincinnati Ohio House Show on December 26 so two weeks after
TLC this will be the same night that the red brand takes over Madison Square
Garden for very interestingly in regards to the whole match car is the fact that
King Baron Corbin is set to face Roman reigns in a street fight which rate
Mavericks cornering of the King of the Ring winner so if we go by any of this
it looks like WWE is going to be testing out drink maverick as Baron Corbin’s
manager the big question is of course will it actually work out WWE usually
try a lot of things like this on how shows whether it is matches or just
seeming absurd superstars to see how well they are received with the crowd
and to see how well they do with each other
dream maverick has been a manager before and now that he is once again playing
the heel persona on WWE television it kind of does make sense if WWE won align
him would Baron Corvin after all he is also not doing anything right now itself
we’re asking Dana Brooke for a day and Dana Brooke continuously rejecting him
and a lie is coming in just to humiliate him so maybe all of this does happen
and Drake Mavericks Multan to align himself with the King to make Corvin
just become even more annoying than what he already is again we’re gonna have to
wait and see if WWE decide to actually go along with all of this but we are
talking about Drake maverick he is pretty good when it comes to the
microphone and when it comes to being a manager so the possibility are extremely
high in the end this is good because now that Drake maverick is not our Monday
night role he hasn’t been doing anything related to the 24/7 championship because
there’s none of that happening on Smackdown live so he really been needing
something consistent to do but yet again that’s the situation when it comes to a
lot of superstars on the main roster anyways sticking with TLC something
interesting about the pay-per-views nowadays is the fact that WWE seems to
just wait till the last minute to announce some of the matches and when I
mean some I pretty much means like 80% of it ISIF right now we literally know
only three matches are gonna be happening at the event and those were
literally made just a couple of days ago so like nine days before the actual
event even gets started which when you look at it it doesn’t seem to be the
right way to promote a pay-per-view but who are us to say because it looks like
Vince McMahon got a whole different mentality when it comes to this his
philosophy it’s a very weird one that really tell us where the focus is that
right now and recent reports are from wrestling your server indicates that the
reason why Vincent men have waited so long to just confirm many of the matches
is that his new philosophy is that it is all about the WWE Network sign ups and
less about pay-per-view buys these days and based on patterns of sign ups they
get them more sign ups on the day of the show and not before hence why most of
the time over the last couple of months we literally get about three to four
matches announced on the weekend of that actual show so because most people sign
up closer to the event the feeling is that they don’t need to rush anything
they did announce matches in advance of Survivor Series pay-per-view but there
were changes made to some of those matches and as you guys saw that weekend
ww we announced four matches three of which
were announced on the same day not to mention that they waited to the last
possible minute to announce team and XC the other big reason hinted at is the
fact that nowadays Vince McMahon just hasn’t made the final decision on what
exact matches he wants at the show which let’s be honest is not a surprise I mean
just to have an idea of how much think changing the WWE reports this week
indicating that the main event for Raw last week was changed just hours before
the show went on the air so they had production meetings and then in the end
it didn’t even matter because Vince McMahon ended up changing whatever was
supposed to close the show and it ran deal was supposed to team up with the
baby faces but I never really got on the way instead ricocheting that I’ve been
unlucky getting beat up by the OC and Randy aren’t coming in to close the show
with an RKO out of nowhere now as I said we do know three matches are gonna be
happening at the event but let’s go ahead and discuss the full rumour match
card for the actual TLC event since Vince McMahon don’t wanna tell us just
yet starting off with the confirmation so we got the Miss versus Bray Wyatt
this is not for the title and it is just Bray Wyatt so we’re not gonna be seeing
the Fein in this match Roman reigns versus Baron Corvin in a TLC match the
SmackDown Tag Team Championships will be on the line as the new they take on the
revival and then for the other Rumer matches which more or less gives us a
bit of an insight from some of the feuds that WWE got planned such as since can a
Kimura taking on braun strowman and some of the obvious one Kevin Owens at versus
Seth Rollins Randy oh and vs AJ Styles and the continuation of rusev
taking on Bobby Lashley the WWE women’s tag teams are expected to be taking on a
Becky Lantern Charlotte Flair and the last Bonelli’s which is a bit of
a surprise but the fiend Bray Wyatt might be pulling double-duty
on that night that’s right now there are bit of rumors indicating that he could
be taking on Daniel Bryan and this match wolf course ultimately and subpoena for
the Universal Championship would certainly be an interesting night if WWE
ends up giving us Bopha Bray Wyatt character Firefly
funhouse and defeat in action on the same night both character which are a
complete opposite to each other so if it happens it will be something that we
haven’t seen in quite a while from the days of like Mick Foley with his three
phases anyways guys that is what I got for you in this roundup episode if you
enjoy I found this informative don’t forget to elbow drop it and hit those
notifications to continue be up to date on all the latest we end over 200,000
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stay Savage

Michael Martin

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  1. I also think The Ascension could be pretty good in AEW if fully repackaged. At least AEW care about and pushes tag team wrestling

  2. I just hope nia don't come back and start injuring other wrestlers again what happened to drake being manager on 205 live?

  3. Shame that they were never utilized properly and that the WWE never recognized their full potential, talent-wise. One part of me is optimistic that hopefully, Triple H can hook them up with new contracts that are strictly exclusive to the NXT brand. Harper and the Ascension should've moved back long ago to be NXT mainstays, but what are the chances nowadays?

    Pray to God they don't give up on EC3 and let him, would've been a travesty…. Pointless to call him up without any clear direction whatsoever creatively.

  4. Thomas Latmer aka Bram aka Kenneth Cameron is currently wrestling for Billy Corgan's NWA so if Konnor & Viktor decide to go there then all 3 Ascension members can unite there.

    Sin Cara Negro (aka Hunico) is the only one the 4 I can believe of most likely going to AEW where Cara under his old name of Incognito could possibly team and unite with The Lucha Brothers in some kind of masked Mexican faction.

  5. 4:47 she’ll be the surprise entry in the 2020 Royal Rumble and win it just like at the 2019 Royal Rumble attacking R Truth and trying to win that

  6. They need to release wrestlers. They have too many. Ever since they took over wcw they have contracted as many wrestlers as possible in order to keep other organizations from getting wrestlers who could boost them up in the compitition.

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